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Automate Your Responses

In a SimpleTexting campaign, you aren’t limited to your top-level keywords. Under each keyword, you can have several “sub-keywords” called triggers. You can set up triggers to automatically respond to common queries and requests for information. For example, you can set a “CONTACT” trigger, that will automatically reply with your business’s contact information when a subscriber texts that keyword to your shortcode.

Setting Up a Trigger

After logging on to SimpleTexting, Navigate to “Keywords” and either edit an existing keyword or create a new one. Select a list and compose your auto-confirmation message. Under the “Triggers” section, click “Add Trigger.” In the Trigger name field, type the text you want to trigger a response (usually all caps). Then, “Trigger Response” type the message that should be sent to whoever activates that trigger. Click “Add”, and you’re done.

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