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Import Contacts

If you already have a list of mobile phone numbers, SimpleTexting makes it easy to add them to your SMS campaigns. You can also include additional attributes like name, email, and personalized notes.

Confirming “Express Written Consent”

Before you add any numbers to your contact list, you have to confirm with SimpleTexting that you have received express written consent. It’s not enough to bury permission deep in a terms of service agreement. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires that the consent be clear and conspicuous.

To confirm that you received express written consent, email [email protected].

How to Import Contacts

After you confirm express written consent with SimpleTexting support, you can proceed to the online uploader tool. Ensure that your contact list is formatted as a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file. Open the SimpleTexting dashboard, and then go to Subscribers > Import CSV. Choose the file you want to upload and select the list you’d like to add to, then check the box to agree to SimpleTexting’s terms and conditions.

Screenshot of CSV import screen in SimpleTexting dashboard
On the next page, match your file’s fields to SimpleTexting’s, then click Import.

Congrats, your contacts are now added to SimpleTexting!

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