Import Contacts

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With SimpleTexting, you can easily import a list of existing contacts.

Not only can you import phone numbers, but you can also include additional contact information like name, email address, and personalized notes. 

You can then select these contacts as the recipients of your next SMS campaign. Here’s how it works.

How to Import Contacts

1. Log in to SimpleTexting and navigate to “Subscribers”.

2. Select “Import” from the left-hand corner.

You should see a popup screen that looks like this:

Click Browse to upload your file, which should be formatted as CSV, XLS, or XLSX. Then, use the dropdown menu to select the list you’d like to import to. (You can learn more about formatting your contact list here.)

We send a free compliance message as soon as you complete the import process. (In the example above, the company name “SimpleTexting” would be prepopulated with your company name.) To ensure you can legally text these contacts, please consult our Help Center articles about compliance, TCPA compliance, and express consent.

The second box is unchecked. You’ll need to check it to indicate that you’ve read and agreed to our terms and conditions.

Once you’ve got your file uploaded and your boxes checked, your screen should look something like this:

Now you can click Next to move to Step 2, where you’ll align the fields in your file with the fields in SimpleTexting’s app. This process is called “mapping fields.” 

Here’s what Step 2 looks like:

The gray uppercase text (CONTACT PHONE, FIRST NAME, etc.) represents the fields available in SimpleTexting’s app. The dropdown menus should contain fields from the list you selected for upload. Below is an example of how they usually appear in a spreadsheet.

For each available SimpleTexting field, simply select the relevant field in your list. Then, click Import.

Congrats, your contacts are now added to SimpleTexting!