Text to Vote Surveys

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Give People a Voice with SMS Polls

Ask your audience questions and build excitement with Text to Vote Polls. These surveys, sent to customers by text message, allow businesses to gather consumer responses. You can let anyone vote to decide on your next special, variety, or theme. When people know they have a stake in the decision, they’re more likely to feel engaged and support your business.

How Do People Participate in Text Polls?

Text message polling is so effective because it only takes a second for people to send an SMS message. All your audience has to do is text a keyword to your phone number. (You can learn more about the different phone number types here.) They’ll instantly receive a message with multiple choice options. Then they just text in their choice and our platform will tally the results automatically!

Today 12:31 PM
How much do you like SimpleTexting?
A. Just a little
B. So much
C. I’m in love

Today 12:32 PM

Gauge Customer Satisfaction using Text to Vote Surveys

You don’t have to be a detective to find out how your business can improve. 🕵️ All you need to do is ask your customers with a survey sent via Text to Vote Surveys. Ask them to rate their satisfaction from 1 to 10 or send more specific questions to identify opportunities for improvement.

Use Text Message Polling to Grow Your Audience

Text to Vote Polls aren’t just a tool for gathering feedback and opinions, they also help you grow your subscriber list. When someone participates in your text poll, they share their number with you which you can later use to send campaigns, multimedia content and more!

Text to Vote Polls are great for adding new subscribers to your SMS list, we also have a similar feature called Polling Subscribers—it’s designed for people who’ve already joined your list. 😄

How to Share Poll Results with Voters

There are a lot of SMS voting apps out there, but we’re one of the few that gives you the option to provide your participants with results right away. If you’d rather wait, that’s cool too! With SimpleTexting, you’re in control.

Today 12:31 PM
Just a little 2 votes 3%
So much 10 votes 16%
I’m in love 52 votes 81%

How to Set Up a Text to Vote Poll with SimpleTexting

After logging in to SimpleTexting, navigate to Apps > Text to Vote Contests > Add contest to get started.

Enter a name for your poll and choose which keyword you want to use. Then, fill out the Poll Question and Answer Choices fields, being sure to put each answer on its own line. SimpleTexting will automatically assign a response value (A, B, C, D, etc.) to each of the choices.

creenshot of the Text to Vote app with fields inside SimpleTexting

Finally, write a follow-up message that people will receive after submitting their answer. You can also send voting results to each participant if you’d like. Click Save, and you’re done.