Text to Vote Surveys

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Collecting information for a research study? Want to get feedback on your services or products? Just want to make customers feel more included?

You can do all this and more when you reach people directly with our Text to Vote survey feature. 

We’ll break down all the details on sending SMS polls, including how to create a poll to send via text, and why they’re a great addition to your communications strategy.

How Do People Participate in Text Polls?

Text message polling is so effective because it only takes a second for people to send an SMS message. All your audience has to do is text a keyword to your 10-digit phone number or short code. (We have lots of information on the different phone number types you can use.) 

They’ll instantly receive an SMS text with multiple choice options. Then they just text in their choice and our platform will tally audience responses automatically. Facilitating text messaging voting is really that easy, and it’s cost effective too: our plans start at $25 per month.

Today 12:31 PM
How much do you like SimpleTexting?
A. Just a little
B. So much
C. I’m in love

Today 12:32 PM

Use Text Message Polling to Grow Your Audience

Text to Vote Polls isn’t just a tool for gathering feedback and opinions from text voters, it can also help you grow your SMS marketing subscriber list. When someone participates in your text poll, they share their number with you. You can use that number later on to send text message marketing campaigns, multimedia content, and more.

These polls are great for adding new subscribers to your SMS list. We also have a similar feature called Polling Subscribers—it’s designed for sending polls to people who’ve already joined your list. 😄

How to Share Text Poll Survey Results with Voters

There are a lot of SMS voting apps out there, but we’re one of the few that gives you the option to provide your participants with results in real time. You can use it as a live poll at a conference, for example. If you’d rather wait to share results, that’s cool too! With SimpleTexting’s vote SMS app, you’re in control.

Today 12:31 PM
Just a little 2 votes 3%
So much 10 votes 16%
I’m in love 52 votes 81%

How to Set Up a Text to Vote Poll with SimpleTexting

How does text voting work? Here’s how simple it is to poll through text with SimpleTexting.

After logging into your account, navigate to Apps > Text to Vote Surveys > Create poll to get started.

Enter a name for your poll and choose which keyword you want to use. Then, fill out the Poll question and Answer choices fields, being sure to put each answer on its own line. SimpleTexting will automatically assign a response value (A, B, C, D, etc.) to each of the choices.

Screenshot of the Text to Vote app with fields inside SimpleTexting

Finally, write a follow-up message that people will receive after submitting their answer. You can also send voting results to each participant if you’d like. Click Save, and you’re done with your text polling setup.

Text-to-Vote Surveys in the Real World

Our customers love using the Text to Vote feature to collect helpful information from their contacts without the hassle of sending out paper surveys or making phone calls.

Wake Forest University’s Department of Psychology used our SMS poll feature to gather data for a large-scale research project. Program Coordinator Ashley Hawkins Parham scheduled and sent survey questions to hundreds of participants over 9 months to get the information she needed quickly and efficiently.

At Auburn University, the Alabama Extension team of the school’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program–Education (SNAP-Ed) used text polls to review the results of their Body Quest nutrition course. 

When the 15-week program ended, the team sent polls to parents of children who had gone through the course to gather results, collect success stories, and fine-tune Body Quest for the future.

There are also many political campaigns that use SimpleTexting to poll through text and for peer-to-peer texting.

Text Message Polls Are Your New Favorite Tool

No one can run their organization from inside a bubble. Text to Vote campaigns help you hear from your audience in an efficient and affordable way. 

Ready to put SMS polls to work in your business? Get started with a free text to vote 14-day trialーyou’ll get full access to all our features, no credit card needed.