Send High-Volume SMS From a Local Number

Send High-Volume SMS From a Local Number

Reach the world, and keep your area code. With 10DLC (10-digit long codes) you can message millions of people at once using a local, 10-digit number. Say hello to open rates like never before.

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10DLC is the Future of Text Marketing

10DLC gives businesses and organizations the power to send bulk text messages from a local number. In the past, high-volume text messaging was reserved for short codes and toll-free lines. Not anymore. With SimpleTexting, you can reach millions of people using a local, 10-digit number.

Why Use a Local Number?

Have you ever gotten a call from a number with an unfamiliar area code? You probably let it go to voicemail. Well, your customers prefer to interact with local numbers, too! Yes, even when it comes to texting.

Dedicated short codes are expensive to provision.

Toll-free numbers can be unfamiliar to customers.

A local number is reliable and personal.

What Can You Do With 10DLC?

Unlock the power of text message marketing with a local number. Get access to all of these features and more by text-enabling your current 10-digit number, or acquiring a new one. We can help you with both!

Reliable Delivery

With 10DLC, your messages are sent from numbers sanctioned for A2P messaging. This means you can count on them to be delivered.

Send One Message or Millions

Whether you need to message a few hundred people, or your entire customer base, you can do it quickly and easily with 10DLC.

Two-Way SMS Messaging

Built for more than just bulk texts, our platform lets you hold one-on-one conversations with your customers using your 10-digit long code.

Real-Time Analytics

Find out how many people are subscribing to your messages, how they’re opting in, what links are receiving the most clicks, and more.


Take the busy work out of your communications strategy. Set up automated text messages to keep your audience engaged.


MMS lets you enhance your messages with coupons, product images, and other rich media. You get up to 1,600 characters of text, too!

10DLC vs. Other Alternatives

More and more businesses are choosing to use 10-digit long codes for their text messaging needs. Find out why.

NameShared Short CodesDedicated Short CodesToll-Free Numbers10DLC
Approved for A2P MessagingNoYesYesYes
Avg Monthly Number Hosting Fee$0$1,000+$0$0
Voice EnabledNoNoYesYes
Local Area CodeNoNoNoYes
Number of Msgs Per SecondHighHighMediumHigh

Frequently Asked Questions About 10DLC

We're here to help you make the right choice for your business. With us as your trusted partner, you can count on reliable, accurate answers to all of your SMS-related questions. Here are a few we get often.

Frequently Asked Questions About 10DLC
10DLC stands for 10-digit long code messaging. It’s a technology that enables A2P, high-volume SMS messaging on landlines and other 10-digit numbers.
A2P stands for application-to-person. It’s often referred to as enterprise or professional SMS. Previously, local 10-digit numbers were reserved to person-to-person messaging. Soon, you’ll be able to use SimpleTexting to send A2P bulk messages.
A shared short code is a 5-6 digit number that is shared between multiple businesses. A 10-digit long code is a number (with your area code) that’s all yours. No one else can use it.
Absolutely! In just a few days we can text-enable your current 10-digit number. Yes, even if it’s a landline. Incoming calls will go to your phone, as usual, and texts will be routed right to our platform.
Before 10DLC, you could only send a few messages per minute on a 10-digit number. Now, you can send around 100 per second!

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