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January 12, 2017
AdWords Now Permits Click to Text Message
Back in October, Google announced it was rolling out a helpful SMS marketing tool for the AdWords platform that had previously been in beta testing—the click-to-message extension, available to anyone marketing on AdWords. Click-to-message is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. As with its older sibling, the call extension, it allows any user viewing your mobile […]
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August 4, 2016
43% of Drivers Ignore No-Texting Laws
At, we’re always interested in finding out about how and where people are using their phones to send and receive text messages.  One of the most controversial times for people to send and receive text messages is while driving. To find out how often people are texting while driving we conducted a study amongst […]
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June 17, 2016
SMS Marketing Strategies to Reach Millennial Clients
It’s no secret that Millennials have a unique relationship with technology. For the generation who came of age during the rise of social media and the surge of cell phones, it can be hard to remember a time when friend requests and text messages were not part of daily life. In fact, Gen Y may […]
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May 17, 2016
Donald Trump Campaign Faces Lawsuits for Unwanted Text Messages
The Donald Trump presidential campaign has been charged with violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending unwanted political text messages to cellular phones. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed in 1991 under President George H.W. Bush to protect the public from receiving unwanted telemarketer calls. Today, it equally applies to unsolicited text messages. […]
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May 16, 2016
Enter “The Nice Guys” Movie Sweepstakes!
Here at Simple Texting, we love implementing text message marketing in new and innovative ways. From customer surveys to Facebook and Twitter integration, SMS offers endless ways to engage with customers. We were thrilled when we were asked to help with a sweepstakes campaign for The Nice Guys, a new movie coming out in American […]
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May 6, 2016
How Text Messaging is Being Used in the 2016 US Presidential Campaign
If you’ve been a longtime observer of politics and text messaging, you might have heard about Barack Obama’s historic text in 2008, announcing he had chosen his Vice-Presidential candidate. Obama’s text message was hailed as a landmark moment in politics and technology, and analysts observed a connection between Obama’s use of technology and his support from younger […]
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