Mass texting service to send bulk messages for business

Text all of your contacts at once with a simple mass text app. Text everyone, personalize texts for specific contact groups, and automate texts based on contact behavior.

  • Send multiple (or hundreds) of texts at once — send immediately or schedule to send later.
  • Send the same text to multiple recipients separately with mass blind carbon copy (BCC) texts.
  • Automatically send texts when contacts trigger events in your integrated software.
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SimpleTexting is an industry-leading, award-winning mass texting service provider.

The simplest way to start mass texting

Save time and headaches by choosing a mass text messaging service that has all the features you need — without compromising on simplicity.

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Grow and manage your audience

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or bringing existing contacts into SimpleTexting, we have you covered.
  • Import a spreadsheet of opt-in phone numbers or enter them yourself.
  • Integrate your existing software with SimpleTexting to message your audience.
  • Grow your mass texting audience with our web signup forms or unlimited text-to-join keywords.

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“We used another texting service that was expensive and we would also get banned for having too many contacts. I found SimpleTexting and now I always recommend it.”
 Gabriel Ortiz

Gabriel Ortiz

Co-Founder of Primero Negocios

A photo of a small business owner holding packages. There are elements from SimpleTexting's mass texting service overlaid which demonstrate the ability to built a segmented audience list.

Send mass MMS or SMS messages in minutes

If you’ve ever sent a text, you know how to use our mass texting service. Simply select your mass contact list, write your message, and send it.
  • Send your mass text right away, schedule it to send exactly when you want your audience to receive it, or automate it to send based on integration triggers.
  • SMS replies are free and will appear in your inbox where you can respond (if you want to).
  • Choose MMS to include photos, GIFs, and audio clips in your mass messages.

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“SimpleTexting’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive. As our team is growing, we wanted a system that new hires would find easy to use.”
 Melanie Mathews

Melanie Mathews

Director of Market Development at IntelyCare

A photo of a small business owner holding packages. There are elements from SimpleTexting's mass texting service overlaid which demonstrate the ability to built a segmented audience list.

Personalize texts with a mass text messaging service

Want to personalize your text messages? Want to collect data from the people you message? Need to send mass texts on the go? You can do all that and then some.
  • Individualize mass text messages with first or last names to make them feel personal.
  • Use texts to collect people’s email, birthday, and other information with our Data Collection feature.
  • Send the right text messages to the right people with our segmentation tools.

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“Information is getting in front of those who need it, in a way that other communication strategies couldn’t do. If they’re contacted via text message there’s almost a complete guarantee that they’ll be reached.”
 Mike Billeter

Mike Billeter

Communication Director of Central Church

How to send a mass text message

There are six simple steps to begin mass texting: Choose a platform, register your number, gather phone numbers, write a mass text, send the text, and respond to replies as needed.

Choose your mass texting service provider
SimpleTexting is one of the best-selling mass texting service providers in the U.S. and Canada. Consider SimpleTexting if you need mobile apps, web-based texting, unlimited text-to-join keywords, unlimited contacts, and free incoming SMS.

Set up your business text number
You need a text-enabled phone number to send mass texts. We offer different number types to suit all budgets and needs: Toll-free phone numbers, dedicated short codes (DSC), and 10-digit long codes (10DLC), or you can text-enable your current business number.

Collect contacts’ phone numbers
Triage phone numbers (from customers, employees, volunteers, attendees, etc.) so you can market, support, and communicate via mass texts. Three reliable ways to collect phone numbers include text-to-join campaigns, in-store or event signups, and website opt-in forms.

Write your mass text campaigns
Keep it short and sweet or use MMS to include media like photos and up to 1,600 characters. You can also inject personalized fields (like “Hi %%firstname%%”), too. Or use SimpleTexting’s AI Assist to write mass text campaigns if you get writer’s block.

Send mass text messages through your service provider
There are four ways to send mass text messages: Automate them (like wishing contacts a happy birthday), send texts immediately, schedule them to send later, or schedule texts to automatically recur (like promoting a weekly Taco Tuesday campaign).

Check your text inbox to message 1-on-1
With SimpleTexting, SMS replies are free and will appear in your inbox. Individuals can reply to your mass texts, and those replies go only to you (and not the entire group). You can then reply one-to-one and automate out-of-office texts as needed.
"With text, we’ve been able to triple and quadruple our average cart value just by being able to get in touch with customers faster, especially when we’re doing flash sales. And with attention being the new currency, you need to be able to reach your customers fast because there are so many other people trying to do the same thing."
Lattice Hudson

Lattice Hudson

Owner of Lattice & Co.

Mass texting service features

As you research the best mass texting service for your business, keep these key features in mind when you make your purchase decision. And yes, SimpleTexting’s mass texting software checks all of these boxes. ✅

  • Send bulk texts
  • Schedule mass texts
  • Set up recurring mass text blasts
  • Automate text messages
  • Create multimedia text messages: images, videos, etc.
  • Build unlimited text subscriber lists
  • Collect unlimited contacts
  • Text from your local numbers
  • Text from your existing business number
  • Set up dedicated short codes
  • Allow contacts to text your business number or landline
  • Automatically reply to contacts as needed
  • Personalize your texts: Name, birthday, interests, etc.
  • Reply to individuals’ questions: Two-way messaging
  • Grow your contact lists: Keywords, web forms, etc.
  • Segment your contact lists
  • Integrate mass texting with the tools you already use
  • Get award-winning customer service
  • Measure your success with easy analytics
  • Use mobile apps to text from your phone or tablet: iOS, Android
  • Start with a free trial

How to choose your mass texting service provider

Whether or not you choose SimpleTexting as your mass texting service, the following business and product qualities are important to your SMS strategy’s long-term success.

Fast speed to value
Look for a provider that helps you get up to speed quickly with implementation, onboarding, and customer service. A great service provider is responsive, provides on-demand training, and prioritizes you as a person, not another number.

Easy to use and adopt
Great software is easy to understand and intuitive. Some providers have more bells and whistles you may not even need that could distract you from getting the value you need quickly. Keep it simple.

Award-winning customer service
Great businesses provide great support. You should be able to ask questions and get answers in a variety of ways, like through text messages, chat, email, and phone calls — whatever is best for you.

Compliance with rules and regulations
Unlike most mass texting services, SimpleTexting automatically sends a compliance message without any cost to you. In some instances, AI also helps you understand if you may be writing messages or adding contacts incorrectly to avoid getting into trouble.

High deliverability rates
Great mass texting services collaborate with the aggregators and carrier networks so your messages get delivered to your contacts’ phones. While no provider is perfect, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the industry to help your messages reach your contacts.

Up-time and platform reliability
The best software always works. We know utopia can’t exist, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Your provider should minimize disruptions, message delays, and technical issues. They should communicate with you when hiccups happen.

Experience and maturity
Many texting services started during the COVID pandemic. SimpleTexting has been around since 2010. Our experience means we deeply understand the problems you’re trying to solve and have developed simple functionality to help you achieve your goals.

Large, diverse customer base
More than 17,000 businesses trust SimpleTexting for mass texting. You’ll be in good company with businesses of all sizes because SimpleTexting offers plans that suit small businesses to enterprise, along with easily understandable software that anyone can use.

Unlimited access
Some tools block or limit feature access unless you pay more. SimpleTexting provides all features to all plans so you get the functionality you need to achieve your goals. Plus, you get unlimited contacts and keywords, and mobile and web apps.
"I haven't found another guy out there that's as good as SimpleTexting. This has so much value for the money that we spend on it every month. Once you enter the system, it's super easy to use."
April Dossey

April Dossey

Digital Communications Specialist, Workforce Solutions

Why choose SimpleTexting as your mass texting service provider?

We’re not shy about the fact there are 101 mass texting services out there. Here’s why you should choose SimpleTexting.

We’re easy to implement
You’ve got a lot on your plate, so you want software that is quick to implement and easy to use. No training is required, and SimpleTexting works from any computer, tablet, or phone.

We’re best-in-class
With over a decade’s experience helping companies and organizations build powerful connections with their audiences, we’ve received hundreds of 5-star reviews from real SimpleTexting customers on

We're human
From setting up your account to sharing best practices, real humans are with you every step of the way. If you need help at any point, it’s easy to get in touch with an expert by phone, chat, text, or email.

1,000+ integrations
Connect your favorite apps and web services to SimpleTexting to save time and do more with your mass texts.

Automated texting
Automations help you send the right message at the right moment, without all the effort. The best part? Less work for you.

Conversational messaging
You have the option to do more than send mass texts. Use our inbox to have 1-on-1 conversations, too.

Text to win
Grow your list by hosting contests or sweepstakes that customers can send a text to enter.

Text to vote surveys
Gather valuable feedback from your audience by sending them surveys and polls via text.

See your results
Use our platform’s analytics to visualize contact growth and other important information with beautiful graphs and charts.

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Great, easy to use mass text service

I've used Simple Texting for over 3 years, and it's so user friendly and simple. I use it 3 times per year for client events/reminders to our real estate client database, and it's very functional to schedule new campaigns, duplicate/edit from past campaigns, and the customer support is very responsive and helpful.
Suzane F.
Verified Reviewer
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Excellent Product!

It is so easy to use! I also like the campaigns feature and, the ease of importing contacts. I am able to contact multiple people with ease and it separates each conversation so I can still keep track of who I am talking to!
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The easiest, most effective SMS tool

It is very easy to set up your lists of people. It is very user-friendly overall - everything is clear and makes sense. You get your own phone number - great for businesses who are trying to implement SMS marketing! Honestly, everything I wanted is in SimpleTexting.
Ashley S.
Business Owner
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Great software, plays nice with others

We implemented one-way texting with our main marketing automation software and it greatly increased booking rates. Adjusting our stack to include SimpleTexting and two-way texting capabilities has increased it dramatically yet again. We're using it to quickly and easily communicate with large numbers of clients at once.

How real businesses use mass text messages

It’s no surprise that the channel with 98% open rates helps businesses and organizations of all sizes. Here are just a few ways our customers have benefited from mass texting.

Image for How St. Jerome’s Catholic Youth Organization uses texting to help families stay on schedule and in the loop

How St. Jerome’s Catholic Youth Organization uses texting to help families stay on schedule and in the loop

Check out St. Jerome's Catholic Youth Organization's strategy for getting families registered on time each year.

Read their success story
Image for How Just Roots increased efficiency and decreased costs with SMS

How Just Roots increased efficiency and decreased costs with SMS

Learn how Just Roots boosted efficiency and did it all without breaking the budget.

Read their success story
Image for How the Guatemalan Mayan Center Reaches Its Community Using SimpleTexting

How the Guatemalan Mayan Center Reaches Its Community Using SimpleTexting

The Guatemalan Mayan Center’s mission has been focused on empowering victims of violence and building community since 1992. Here's how they use SimpleTexting to stay connected to their community.

Read their success story

What is mass texting?

Mass texting definition: Mass texting is the practice of sending a message to a large number of contacts at the same time.

Mass texting is also known as:

  • Mass text messaging
  • Bulk texting
  • Mass SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Mass MMS
  • Bulk MMS

With mass texting, you may send business messages to a handful of people or thousands of contacts simultaneously.

Business leaders use mass texting to communicate effectively with their audiences at scale. This could mean sending bulk text messages to groups like customers, employees, volunteers, or supporters.

Companies of all sizes and many industries use mass texting to send special offers and promotions, emergency alerts, staff communication, daily text message updates, surveys, sweepstakes, and more.

Mass texting service definition: A mass texting service is a type of software that helps you collect text subscribers, send bulk text messages, reply to individual subscriber responses, and measure your texting performance.

SimpleTexting is an example of a mass texting service.

With SimpleTexting, you can:

  • Grow and manage your audience
  • Send mass MMS or SMS text messages
  • Respond to contact replies from your mass texts
  • Measure and analyze your text messages
  • And more!

💡 Here's a shortlist of the best mass text apps.

Mass texting benefits

Why use mass texting?

That's why your business needs to try mass texting.

Benefits of mass texting include:

  • Wide reach: 85% of adults use smartphones in the United States.
  • Strong consumer interest: 91% of people are interested in receiving text messages from businesses.
  • Mass opt-in rates: 79% of consumers have already opted in to receive texts from businesses.
  • High open rates: 98% of texts are opened compared to just 17-28% of marketing emails.
  • Fast delivery to read rates: 80% of people check their incoming texts within just five minutes of getting them.
  • Improved engagement: 60% of consumers like having the ability to text businesses back.
  • Strong conversion rates: Text message conversion rates to purchases can be as high as 45%.

Mass texting use cases

Inspiration for your first mass text campaigns begins with these well-established ideas, examples, and templates.

Welcome new subscribers
"SimpleCo: Thanks for joining us! As a way to show our appreciation, use code WELCOME at checkout for 25% off your order. Discount ends 4/30."

Send flash sale promotions
"MerchShop: Flash sale! Get 15% off all merch orders when you order today. Use promo code 15MERCH at checkout."

Celebrate customers’ birthdays
"Happy birthday, Charlie! Stop in at Wurst Bier Hall for a burger anytime in your birthday month and we’ll give you 20% off. Show this text to your server."

Upsell additional products
"Jump River: Add a grill kit to your campsite reservation for just $5/day. Tap to reserve."

Notify subscribers of new products
"Mobile club members: We just received some rare additional Record Store Day releases from T-Swift. These won’t last long so stop in at Orange Records soon!"

Gather survey responses
"I’m looking for recommendations on new products you’d love to see in Birch Bookstore. I’d appreciate your opinions in this quick 2-minute questionnaire."

Generate customer reviews
"Hi Nathan, thanks for visiting Luna Cafe! Google Reviews from awesome customers like you are the best way to share the love. Could you help us out?"

Alert audience of event changes
"Due to extreme demand, Autumn Brew Review will open at noon tomorrow instead of 3 p.m. Come with your ticket, some friends, and thirst."

Activate volunteers
"Hi David, this is Josh from the Minnesota States 100 Ultramarathon. I’m looking for aid station volunteers for Saturday, August 26. Please reply if interested!"

Check workforce availability
"Bella servers: We’re looking for someone to crew Friday’s shift from 7 p.m.-close. Reply if you’d like to pick up some hours!"

Remind staff of HR impacts
"BSE team: A reminder, we’ll be closed Monday for renovations. Reply if you have questions about your regular shifts or hours. Thanks!"

Update with emergency notifications
FNR Energy: Outages may be impacting your location. We’re assessing the issue and will send updates within an hour.

Announce news
"Watford Brewing: New concert coming to WB! See bluegrass legends Trampled by Turtles LIVE on Saturday, June 23. See website for details."

FAQs about mass texting

Want to find out more about mass texting? Are you wondering how much it costs? Or if you can text existing customers? You can find the answers to these questions below.

How does mass texting work?

Mass texting involves sending short message service (SMS) or multimedia message service (MMS) messages.
  • SMS stands for short message service. SMS messages are 160-characters long.
  • MMS stands for multimedia message service. MMS messages may contain videos, images, and other formats and be 1,600 characters long.
Yes, you can send a mass text message with a service like SimpleTexting.
Companies send mass text messages through service providers like SimpleTexting.
Anecdotally, we have seen mass texting perform well for direct-to-consumer (DTC) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. That said, there are business-to-business (B2B) applications, too. Companies that use mass texting range from solopreneurs to enterprises. Finally, many industries benefit from mass texting, such as nonprofit organizations, gyms and fitness centers, and auto dealerships to name a few.
As far as we know, there are no completely forever-free mass texting services. You can start mass texting for free with a trial. After that, mass texting is affordable, starting at just $39 per month.
At SimpleTexting, our 14-day free trial allows you to try out texting. With a paid plan, you can send as many messages as you’d like! There are no contracts, so you can upgrade to a higher plan as you scale your efforts.
Mass texting costs as little as $39 per month. One thing that surprises people about mass texting is just how affordable it is. Pricing for our mass texting service is based upon the number of messages you plan on sending. The best part is that the more messages you send, the cheaper they are! Our plans start at a very affordable $39 per month and include dedicated support 7 days a week and unlimited keywords.
When it comes to the number of mass text messages you can send through SimpleTexting, the limit does not exist! You can send as many messages as you pay for as long as you abide by our Terms and Conditions.
Text send limits range from 1,000-2,000 messages per day.
Group texting involves three or more recipients and can be done with a software. However, there are limitations depending on your mobile device and carrier service. Additionally, group texting raises privacy concerns because everyone within that message can see the conversation.
Mass text messages are used to send a text to many recipients simultaneously. Mass text messaging is powered by an SMS text software, allowing you to send as much as thousands of text messages at once. This can be helpful for appointment reminders, delivery updates, and business texting. A platform that offers inboxing functions allows recipients to reply to mass text messages while separating their replies into a private inbox.
Group texting is great if you have a small list of recipients and the time to message them one-by-one. Mass texting is better when you have a large list of recipients and you need to quickly send them all the same message.
Yes, you can send a mass text without it being a group text. A mass texting service like SimpleTexting allows you to send many text messages to a contact list simultaneously. Individuals can reply and only you, the sender, will receive their responses. This way, the whole group won’t receive each reply but the sender can still communicate with individuals as needed.
You can definitely text message your existing customers. However, you do need to get their permission first. SimpleTexting provides several ways to turn existing customers into SMS contacts, including web forms, keywords, and other free tools.
Mass texting requires express written permission from each individual contact before you send any messages. Without adding contacts into a service like SimpleTexting, there will be no phone numbers to which you may send bulk messages.
Yes, mass texting is 100% legal. Sending a mass text message or mass SMS is only illegal if you message people who have not given express written consent to receive your texts, i.e., you must provide clear and conspicuous disclosure of what the user is consenting to and who they’re consenting to get it from.
Yes! However, it’s not done in the same way you send a text message to a group of friends about dinner plans. This is because your phone’s default messaging app only lets you text around 10 people at once and provides no way for recipients to opt-out of your messages. Free of these limitations, our mobile app gives you the power to send and schedule messages to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people right from your phone or tablet.
Yes, you have several choices of phone numbers. You can select a number with a local area code, or a memorable 5- to 6-digit dedicated short code. Our highly competitive short code pricing starts at $1000/month and we’ll assist you in getting your short code two weeks faster than the industry standard!

Ready to try mass texting for your business?

Text yourself today to see how our mass texting service works. 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Published: March 24th 2024