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Chart your growth with analytics

SimpleTexting allows you to track your campaign performance with our built-in analytics tools. At a glance, see how many new subscribers you’ve gained, the number of users clicking links in your texts, and the number of messages sent per list. With data like this, you can tweak your campaigns for optimum performance.

Viewing analytics

To view your analytics, log in to SimpleTexting and click on the Analytics tab. The three available reports are divided into tabs for Subscriber Report, Volume Report, and Link Stats. Each report can be formatted as raw numbers, a chart, or a grid. Use the date range selector to drill down on specific time periods.

In Subscriber Report, you can see how many people have subscribed and unsubscribed from a given list. Watch for changes in the unsubscribe rate to see how your messages are being received by your customers.

In Volume Report, you can view how many text messages have been sent by list. Watch to make sure volume is consistent. Peaks in activity can annoy subscribers, and customers sometimes forget about their subscription during troughs.

In Link Stats, you can see how many subscribers clicked the links in your texts. Watch for high click-through rates to determine which texts have been most successful in grabbing your subscribers’ attention.

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