MMS Marketing

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Send and Receive Rich Multimedia Content

With MMS marketing, you can send and receive rich multimedia via text without using external links. Just upload your content and send your message, and your subscribers can see and engage with your media directly in their text messaging application.

It’s easy to share just about anything you like—colorful coupons, pictures of your latest products, audio greeting cards, maybe even a quick video of the office dog doing some tricks.

Today 11:01 AM
Krispy Kreme – Quick! The hot light is on! Come in a get a fresh donut and we’ll give you a free cup of a coffee. Offer only good for the next three hours.

Write Up to 1,600 Characters

The ability to include rich media is pretty great all by itself, but MMS also lets you write up to 1,600 characters of text. That’s a lot of words at your disposal! Now you can create much more detailed messaging to accompany your vivid, shareable texts.

How to Send an MMS Campaign

It’s easy to send MMS messages with SimpleTexting. Just follow along with this step-by-step video:

Once you’re logged in, go to Messaging > New campaign and click the MMS tab. Here you can add your campaign name and compose your message.

Use the Media button inside the message field to upload or link to your content. (Or, just drag and drop from your filesystem.) You can include files as large as 1MB each, and our application will compress them for you. Once the files you wish to send are uploaded, compressed, and selected, you can click Insert. Note that the total size of all attachments, after compression, is limited to 500kb per message.

Below the MMS message field, you’ll notice a second field called the SMS Fallback Message. Since some mobile devices still don’t support MMS, you should use this field to write a just-in-case SMS message and add a link to your desired content.