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Turn Your Website Visitors into Text Subscribers

With SimpleTexting, you can integrate your digital marketing platforms so that they work together to drive new business. Using our Web Sign-Up Forms, you can let website visitors subscribe to your text marketing campaigns by entering their information and clicking Subscribe Now.

Here’s what a web sign-up form looks like:

Setting Up a Web Sign-Up Form

Log in to SimpleTexting and navigate to Apps > Web Sign-Up Forms > Create sign-up form. Give your form a name for your own reference, then choose which list you’d like website visitors to subscribe to. The mobile phone number is automatically added to your sign-up form, but you can also select additional fields including email address, first name, and last name.

Screenshot of the webform setup in SimpleTexting

The Confirmation / Compliance options include a free compliance message and a double opt-in message. Double opt-in simply requires the user to respond Y or Yes to confirm that they want to subscribe—and it also lets you send an optional follow-up message to confirm their subscription. (This double opt-in message costs 1 credit to send.)