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  • Import an existing list of phone numbers or build one from scratch
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  • Schedule and automate text blasts to send whenever you want
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SMS Blast & Text Blast Services

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What Is a Text Blast?

A text blast is a mass text message sent to a large group of people at once, often for marketing or communication purposes. It's like launching a message into the sea of mobile phones and gives you a quick and easy way to reach a large audience.

How to Send A Text Blast

1. Build or Import Your List
Upload a list of contacts from a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. Don’t have one? Use text-to-join, web forms, and sign-up widgets to collect phone numbers.

2. Write Your Text Blast
Keep it short and sweet, or use MMS to include photos and up to 1,600 characters. Take advantage of our other features like personalized fields, tiny links, and more.

3. Click Send
Send your text message blaster right away or schedule it for later. Replies are free and will appear in your Inbox. You’ll be able to track delivery and click-through rates, too.

How Businesses Can Leverage SMS Blasts

Learn more about the different ways businesses can use text blasts below:

Mass Communication
Use text blasts to send important updates, announcements, promotions, or reminders to numerous recipients simultaneously.
Marketing Campaigns
Text blasts are an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience directly and quickly, promoting new products, sales, discounts, or special events.
Customer Engagement
Help engage customers by sending personalized messages, exclusive offers, or surveys to gather feedback and improve customer satisfaction.
Appointment Reminders
Send text blasts to remind customers of upcoming appointments, reservations, or service deadlines, reducing no-shows and improving overall scheduling efficiency.
Order Updates
Use text blasts to notify customers about order confirmations, shipping updates, delivery status, or any issues related to their purchases.
Event Invitations
Send text blasts to invite customers, partners, or employees to attend corporate events, conferences, webinars, or workshops, ensuring broad reach and maximizing event attendance.

Here’s Why Customers Love Our Text Blast Services

Find out why we have a 4.8-star rating on Capterra and thousands of paying customers.

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Support from people who care
Our world-class customer care team is always available to provide the best support when you have questions or problems that arise!

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Text blasts, simplified
Our platform was built with busy people in mind. You can create an account and launch your first campaign in less than 15 minutes.

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Easy-to-understand pricing
All plans come with all our features. You just pay for the texts you send. And if you decide to cancel, you can at any time.

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On-the-go Access
With SimpleTexting’s SMS blast service, you can conveniently send your text blasts using our dedicated mobile app. This means you can manage your campaigns and reach your audience from anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone or tablet.

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SimpleTexting’s SMS blast service offers automation capabilities, allowing you to streamline your messaging campaigns. You can set up automated triggers based on specific conditions or events, such as a customer’s birthday or a completed purchase, ensuring that your messages get out at the right time and with minimal effort.

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Recurring Text Scheduling
Never miss an important update with our recurring text scheduling feature. SimpleTexting enables you to schedule recurring reminders or notifications to be sent automatically at specified intervals. Whether it’s weekly updates, monthly reminders, or annual event notifications, you can rely on us to keep your audience engaged and informed.

What Can SMS Blast Software for Text Marketing Do For You?

Why are we one of the highest-rated text blast marketing software? For starters, we're one of the few SMS blast services equipped with all these powerful features.

Reach Thousands of People at Once

Scheduled Text Blasts

Reach Thousands of People at Once

98% of texts are opened (compared to just 20-30% for email). Use text blasts to drive purchases, reviews, bookings, and more.
  • Drive more business with promotions
  • Get the word out about important info
  • Reach specific groups or your entire list

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Keep Your Audience Engaged Automatically

Automated Text Blasts

Keep Your Audience Engaged Automatically

Cut down on busywork. Schedule your text message blasts or set up automated texts to be sent anytime after a new sign-up.
  • Send weekly tips and tricks
  • Onboard new customers
  • Boost brand loyalty

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Create Stunning, Must-Click Messages

MMS Blasts

Create Stunning, Must-Click Messages

Need more than words to get your marketing message across? With MMS you can include photos, GIFs, audio clips, and more.
  • Attach photos and other files
  • Increase click-through and open rates
  • Bring your brand to life

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Collect More Numbers for Your SMS Blasts

Unlimited Keywords

Collect More Numbers for Your SMS Blasts

Create keywords customers can text to your number to subscribe to text message blasts, join sweepstakes, or vote in polls.
  • Make it a breeze to subscribe
  • Grow your list quickly
  • Collect phone numbers and emails

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Give All Your Text Blasts a Personal Touch

Custom Fields

Give All Your Text Blasts a Personal Touch

Add first or last names to your messages to make them feel personal. You can also create custom fields unique to your industry!
  • Effortlessly customize campaigns
  • Make each contact feel special
  • Send relevant, targeted messages

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Delight Contacts with Relevant Text Blasts


Delight Contacts with Relevant Text Blasts

Divide your list into groups of people with common traits, then create text message blaster campaigns unique to each of them.
  • Reach exactly the right contacts
  • Tailor messages based on custom data
  • Improve engagement rates

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Get a Dedicated Short Code

Dedicated Short Code

Get a Dedicated Short Code

Every account comes with a complimentary 10-digit number that can send text blasts. We also offer memorable 5- to 6-digit short codes.
  • Our highly competitive short code pricing starts at $1000/month
  • Get your short code 2 weeks faster than the industry standard
  • Select between a random or a vanity short code

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Trying to Decide If SimpleTexting Is Right for You?

See how SimpleTexting stacks up against the competition or start a conversation with one of our experts. We’d love to learn more about your needs.

Real Results from Customers
Who Use Our SMS Blast Software

From reminders to alerts and beyond—our text blast software has made it possible for thousands of businesses to communicate effectively.

Image for How Toroe Eyewear Generated an Extra $7K in 30 Days with Our Mobile Sign-Up Widget

How Toroe Eyewear Generated an Extra $7K in 30 Days with Our Mobile Sign-Up Widget

Using SimpleTexting’s Mobile Sign-Up Widget to advertise a 10% discount, Toroe Eyewear generated an extra $7,028 in store revenue in a month. That’s a 156x return on its text marketing channel.

Read their success story
Image for Life is Beautiful Switched to SimpleTexting and Increased Deliverability by 366%
Entertainment /Events

Life is Beautiful Switched to SimpleTexting and Increased Deliverability by 366%

Life is Beautiful is a 3-day music festival hosted in Downtown Las Vegas. Find out how SimpleTexting helps them reach more fans, sell more tickets, and grow their SMS efforts.

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Image for How Delta Sonic Got More Than 50,000 Text Subscribers
Professional Services

How Delta Sonic Got More Than 50,000 Text Subscribers

With a text marketing club nearly two years old, Delta Sonic communicates with thousands of their customers each week to promote deals and share important updates.

Read their success story

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Why Use Text Blast Software
Instead of Group Text Apps?

There’s a text blast app around every corner, but here's why SimpleTexting is a better bet.

All our plans come with unlimited contacts. With other apps, there’s typically caps on the number of people you can simultaneously contact. Plus, you’re often limited to contacts who have the same app as you installed on their device.
Text blast messaging software gives you a lot more coverage. Only 68% of mobile devices support email or messaging apps, but all mobile devices come with texting functionality pre-installed. You don’t need data for text blast software to work.
Gain valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not. With SimpleTexting, you can instantly see detailed delivery reports, click-through rates, and replies.
SimpleTexting’s text blast app is available for iOS, Android, and as an online platform. Send or schedule text blasts–and manage replies while on-the-go.

The Difference Between Group Texts & Text Blasts

Group texts and SMS blasts are similar, but there are some differences that can affect your messaging strategy.

While group texts typically involve sending a message to a select group of contacts and allow for interactive conversations, text blasts are mass messages sent to numerous recipients separately and simultaneously, making them ideal for one-way communication and broadcasting information.

Businesses can also personalize text blasts for different customer segments.

Why Text Blasts Are So Effective

Text blasts are gaining popularity because they help businesses engage with a broader audience and various customer segments.

SMS blasts have exceptional open rates compared to other communication channels, such as email or social media. Text messages are typically opened within minutes of receipt, ensuring that your message is seen promptly by a large portion of your audience. This high open rate translates into increased visibility and engagement with your content.

Since almost everyone carries a mobile device with them at all times, text messages are a reliable and direct means of communication. Unlike emails or social media posts that require internet access or app usage, text blasts can reach individuals instantly, regardless of their online connectivity. This means your message will reach many recipients no matter what and allows for immediate action or response.

The direct nature of text messaging also plays a significant role in their impact. With a limited character count, text blasts force you to convey your message in a brief and impactful manner. This brevity eliminates unnecessary information and focuses on delivering essential details effectively.

As a result, text blasts are particularly well-suited for:

  • Time-sensitive alerts
  • Promotions
  • Flash sales
  • Appointment reminders
  • Event updates
  • Other important announcements that require immediate attention.

Finally, text blasts offer businesses a way to personalize their customer interactions. People tend to perceive messages they receive on personal devices as more personal and important, creating a sense of urgency and engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and customer response.

Finding a Text Blast Service

When looking for the perfect text blast service, it’s crucial to look at several factors to find the right fit for your organization.

Look for an SMS blast service that offers robust features such as:

  • Scheduling options
  • Automation capabilities
  • Contact management
  • Detailed analytics

Ease of use, scalability, and reliable customer support are also essential considerations. Explore pricing models and packages to ensure they align with your budget and expected usage. Reading customer reviews and comparing different providers will help you make an informed decision that suits your specific SMS marketing needs.

Of course, SimpleTexting meets all of these criteria, so we’d love to see you try out our text blaster service for free.

Text Blast Compliance Made Easy

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CTIA have regulations surrounding texts blasts. We make it hassle-free to follow them.

Approved Opt-In Methods
Secure express written consent to send your contacts promotional texts with text-to-join, web forms, and sign-up widgets.
Free Compliance Guides
Our Ultimate Guide to SMS Compliance breaks down everything you need to know, from writing your calls-to-action to crafting your text message blaster.
Automated Compliance Text
We’ll auto-send new contacts all the required disclosers with your text blast, for free. Think of it as the unsubscribe footer in an email.
No Charge for Compliance
We’re the only SMS blast service to send the compliance message as a separate text. We don’t charge a penny for it, or for STOP and HELP replies.
Easy Unsubscribe
No need to manually remove uninterested contacts. To unsubscribe, all they have to do is reply STOP or HELP to your text blast.
Effortless Privacy Policies
If you use our mobile sign-up widget to build your subscriber list, we’ll automatically create an extensive privacy policy and even host it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Text Blast App

After nearly a decade sending text blasts, we’ve received a lot of questions. These are the most common.

💵How much does it cost to send a text blast?
The cost of a text blast depends on how many texts you plan to send. The more you send, the cheaper it is. Our plans start at $29 per month for 500 credits and incoming SMS messages are free. You can visit our pricing page for more info.
By default, every SimpleTexting account is set up with a 10-digit local number that can send and receive messages in bulk. If you already have one for your business, we can text-enable it. (Yes, even if it’s a landline.) You can also provision a short code.
Yes! Our text blast app for iOS and Android makes it easy to send text blasts from your phone. You can download it for free right now from the App Store or Google Play.
If past clients have given you express written consent to send them text messages, then you can upload them to our platform and send away! If not, you can text them on an individual basis.
Absolutely! However, it has to be done within certain guidelines. You should never purchase a list of phone numbers and you must have consent from your contacts to text them. After all, why would you want to spend money sending texts to people who aren’t interested? Especially when we have countless methods to build your list.
SimpleTexting exists to help businesses make an impact with the most reliable and straightforward way to reach people. We do this by enabling organizations to communicate via text.
Yes–after creating your text blasting campaign, you can choose whether you’d like to send it one time, schedule it for a set date and time, or set it to send multiple times as a recurring message. If you send a text blast through our Autoresponder feature, you can schedule your autoresponder to go out at a time that you choose.
By signing up for a text blast free trial with SimpleTexting, you can try out our platform for 14 days–no credit card required.


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Published: August 11th 2023