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Everyone reads their texts. Try SMS blasts to actually reach your contacts. Blasts are great for marketing, internal communication, stakeholder engagement, and so much more.

  • Send text blasts to large groups
  • Segment contacts to text small, targeted groups
  • Converse with individuals and reply one-on-one
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A community tree planting event is captured, where volunteers are engaged in teamwork, as a text blast message invites more participants. The message details the need for three teams for a city-wide event on Sunday at 12pm, advising to bring gloves. Below the photo, a user interface shows the 'Send to' list with three volunteer groups, and a confirmation that a total of 1,050 text blast messages were sent.
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SimpleTexting is your text blast software for every need

Elevate your reach, boost engagement, and talk to large or targeted groups using SMS blasts — all to directly improve your business operations and community interactions.

Love sweet deals popping up on your phone? We do, too! With our business texting platform, you can send discounts and coupons straight to your customers. 
  • Boost sales and brand affinity by creating and sending personalized offers to your audience.
  • Be the surprise hero! Send promotions at the perfect moment to get more repeat buyers.
  • Track the impact of each text blast campaign and refine your strategy for even more epic returns.
Keep your team in the loop and maintain an upbeat vibe. From the lengthy to quick, short meetings, text blasts have you covered.
  • Update your staff with company news and policies, promoting an open, trustworthy workplace.
  • Create a sense of community, and encourage active involvement in events, training, and meetings — with a single blast.
  • Get feedback, high-fives, and the occasional “You rock, boss!” directly through text responses.
Students use their phones all the time. Maximize student engagement by sending text blasts and bolster the school spirit. From class sign-ups to the can’t-miss homecoming game, texts are sure to keep students in the loop!
  • Send quick texts for fast sign-ups. No stress, all fun — easy-peasy!
  • Promote events that bring students together, enhancing their sense of belonging and school pride.
  • Quick polls? Feedback? Speak up with a text blast, they’re listening! Your phone’s your campus suggestion box!
Manage your team with blasts that get everyone pumped and in the right place at the right time — all while ensuring a positive, impactful experience for all. 
  • Swap chaos for kick-butt coordination by assigning roles, communicating schedules, and sharing critical updates promptly.
  • Spread the love in blasts! Easily acknowledge and reward volunteer dedication and achievements.
  • Streamline the onboarding process and provide compelling opportunities, ensuring volunteers’ time is valued and impactful.
Show your donors the love they deserve. With heart-to-heart texts, turn casual givers into lifelong friends of your cause.
  • Show genuine appreciation. Easily address donors by name and acknowledge past contributions.
  • Gratitude is only a text away. Reinforce donor trust and satisfaction with real-time thank-you messages.
  • Make the donation process quick and effortless, encouraging repeat contributions.
Ready to rally your troops and make some noise? Gather your people, strengthen community ties, and boost involvement through clear, timely SMS blasts.
  • Update everyone with quick reminder blasts for important dates and events.
  • Chat with your people and seamlessly build a two-way relationship rooted in trust.
  • Send love. Show gratitude. Thank your folks for their involvement and support in a voting process. Nothing beats instant appreciation.

What makes our SMS blast services stand out?

Find out why we have a 4.8-star rating on Capterra and thousands of paying customers.

Support from people who care
Our world-class customer care team is always available to provide the best support when you have questions or problems that arise!

Text blasts, simplified
Our platform was built with busy people in mind. You can create an account and launch your first campaign in less than 15 minutes.

Easy-to-understand pricing
All plans come with all our features. You just pay for the texts you send. And if you decide to cancel, you can at any time.

On-the-go access
With SimpleTexting’s SMS blast service, you can conveniently send your text blasts using our dedicated mobile app. This means you can manage your campaigns and reach your audience from anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone or tablet.

SimpleTexting’s SMS blast service offers automation capabilities, allowing you to streamline your messaging campaigns. You can set up automated triggers based on specific conditions or events, such as a customer’s birthday or a completed purchase, ensuring that your messages get out at the right time and with minimal effort.

Recurring text scheduling
SimpleTexting enables you to schedule recurring reminders or notifications to be sent automatically at specified intervals. Whether it’s weekly updates, monthly reminders, or annual event notifications, you can rely on us to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Real-world applications of our SMS blaster

Need inspiration for SMS blasts use case scenarios? These ideas, examples, and templates will help you out so you don’t break a sweat.

Text blasts are ideal for announcing sales, launches, events, polls, deadlines, and emergencies. Here are some examples:
Brand: FLASH SALE! Next 10 customers get 50% off their entire purchase! GO! [link] Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info.
Brand: Sneak peek! Our Winter Collection launches in 3…2…1… Check it out! [link] Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info.
Hi, Nicole. You’re invited! VIP night at our new Brand store this Friday (123 Main St). Freebies, fun, and fab people! Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info.
Brand: Help us improve! Take our 30-sec survey and get 20% off your next purchase. Win-win! [link] Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info.
Brand: Heads up! Early bird pricing for membership renewals ends tomorrow. Lock in your savings! [link] Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info. Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info.
Brand: Attention! Because of the severe weather, our stores will be closed today. Stay safe, everyone! Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info.
Brand: Happy Birthday, Anna! Enjoy a sweet treat on us with this birthday coupon! Show this text at checkout for a free sundae. Reply STOP to opt out; HELP for more info.

How to send a text blast

Sending a successful text blast is about fostering engagement and building relationships via SMS messages. Here’s how to do this effectively:

Step 1: Find your text blast service

A perfect text blast service is one that can meet your organization’s ongoing needs. When looking for one, ensure the SMS blast service meets these criteria:

  • Has scheduling, automation, contact management, and detailed analytics features.
  • Is user-friendly, scalable, and affordable for your organization’s usage expectations.
  • Gives you access to dependable customer support.
  • Has great customer reviews.

SimpleTexting fulfills these requirements and the best part is you can try our service free.

Step 2: Choose your text-enabled business number

Select a business number that can handle as much mass text communications as you need. This could be a dedicated short code, a toll-free number, or a text-enabled existing business number. 

Step 3: Determine your text blast segmentation information (if any)

Have a diverse audience? Segmenting them based on specific criteria like location, first-time buyers, and past purchases can make your messages more personalized and relevant. 

Step 4: Collect phone numbers

Gather numbers from your audience with their express written permission to ensure compliance with laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act guidelines. Two effective ways to do this: 

  • Use sign-up forms on your website or in your physical store.
  • Promote your text program via email or social media to invite more subscribers.

Include a box below your forms so subscribers can tick as proof of consent.

Step 5: Create your text message blast

When writing your SMS message, keep it clear, engaging, and convey your point quickly. Also, include a call-to-action (CTA) so recipients can respond or take the next step.

Step 6: Schedule your text blast

Set up your text blast to go out at an optimal time when your audience is most likely to read and engage with it. Use your scheduling feature to automate this process.

What is a text blast?

A text blast is a method of sending a single text message to a large group of people simultaneously. This helps businesses to convey the same information to multiple recipients quickly.

Text blasts are all about efficiency and broad reach. They ensure your message goes out to many people at once and also stand a high chance of being read — given the immediacy and personal nature of text messages.

An “SMS blast” is another term for a “text blast”. SMS stands for Short Message Service, which is widely known as texting. It is also the process of sending a single text/SMS message to a large group of recipients at once. 

MMS, on the other, stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. It expands upon SMS and allows for the sending of messages with multimedia content (like images, GIFs, videos, and even files such as PDFs) in addition to text. 

MMS messages can also be longer, supporting up to 1,600 characters. However, not all devices support MMS, and it typically requires a mobile data connection to send and receive.

Text blasting vs. group texting

Group texts and SMS blasts are similar, but markedly different.
Group texts typically involve sending a message to a select group of contacts and allow for interactive conversations among everyone in the group.

Text and SMS blasts are mass messages sent to numerous recipients separately and simultaneously, making them ideal for one-way communication and broadcasting information.

This means your contacts can reply to you (and not everyone who receives the blast).

It also means that your text blasts are like BCC text messages — recipients do not see the contact information from other people who receive your blasts.

You can use a business number to send a text blast. Unlike personal numbers, a business number acts as a shield, ensuring your private life remains just that — private.

Text blasting services are also game-changers for team collaboration. No longer tethered to a single device, a business number on a text blast platform allows shared access among team members. This fosters cooperation and ensures no message goes unnoticed.

Why are text blasts effective?

Text blasts help businesses get information out to their audiences quickly. Here’s why they’re so effective and why your business should consider them.

1. They get attention quickly.

Almost everyone carries a phone around. Texts shoot straight to these phones, no WiFi needed. So, your words find people wherever they are, ready for quick action.

2. They’re versatile.

Text blasts are great for sharing all kinds of information quickly:

  • Urgent warnings
  • Valuable offers
  • Quick sales
  • Don’t-forget reminders
  • New business updates

3. They feel personal.

People often only give their numbers to people and brands that they trust. This trust can help you create a personal connection with your audience.

4. They have an improved open rate.

SMS blasters significantly boost open rates for text marketing by delivering messages directly to recipients’ mobile devices, ensuring instant accessibility and increasing the likelihood of messages being seen and opened.

Ensuring compliance with our SMS blast service

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CTIA have regulations surrounding texts blasts. We make it hassle-free to follow them.

Approved opt-in methods

Secure express written consent to send your contacts promotional texts with text-to-join, web forms, and sign-up widgets.

Free compliance guides

Our Ultimate Guide to SMS Compliance breaks down everything you need to know, from writing your calls-to-action to crafting your text message blaster.

Automated compliance text

We’ll auto-send new contacts all the required disclosers with your text blast, for free. Think of it as the unsubscribe footer in an email.

No charge for compliance

We’re the only SMS blast service to send the compliance message as a separate text. We don’t charge a penny for it, or for STOP and HELP replies.

Easy unsubscribe

No need to manually remove uninterested contacts. To unsubscribe, all they have to do is reply STOP or HELP to your text blast.

Effortless privacy policies

If you use our mobile sign-up widget to build your subscriber list, we’ll automatically create an extensive privacy policy and even host it for you.

Frequently asked questions about our text blast app

After nearly a decade sending text blasts, we’ve received a lot of questions. These are the most common.

💵How much does it cost to send a text blast?

The cost of a text blast depends on how many texts you plan to send. The more you send, the cheaper it is. Our plans start at $29 per month for 500 credits and incoming SMS messages are free. You can visit our pricing page for more info.
By default, every SimpleTexting account is set up with a 10-digit local number that can send and receive messages in bulk. If you already have one for your business, we can text-enable it. (Yes, even if it’s a landline.) You can also provision a short code.
Yes! Our text blast app for iOS and Android makes it easy to send text blasts from your phone. You can download it for free right now from the App Store or Google Play.
If past clients have given you express written consent to send them text messages, then you can upload them to our platform and send away! If not, you can text them on an individual basis.
Absolutely! However, it has to be done within certain guidelines. You should never purchase a list of phone numbers and you must have consent from your contacts to text them. After all, why would you want to spend money sending texts to people who aren’t interested? Especially when we have countless methods to build your list.
SimpleTexting exists to help businesses make an impact with the most reliable and straightforward way to reach people. We do this by enabling organizations to communicate via text.
Yes–after creating your text blasting campaign, you can choose whether you’d like to send it one time, schedule it for a set date and time, or set it to send multiple times as a recurring message. If you send a text blast through our Autoresponder feature, you can schedule your autoresponder to go out at a time that you choose.
By signing up for a text blast free trial with SimpleTexting, you can try out our platform for 14 days–no credit card required.
Published: December 28th 2023