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Welcome to the stress-free way to get a dedicated SMS short code. With our SMS short code services, you’ll be able to start your mobile marketing campaign by sending SMS and MMS from a memorable 5 or 6-digit phone number.

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What is an SMS short code?

A short code is a 5 or 6 digit phone number that is typically used for mass text messaging and SMS marketing. Short codes are easier to remember than traditional numbers and can send more messages per minute. To opt into your text message marketing program, your audience can text a word or phrase (known as a keyword) to your SMS short code. Then you’re ready to start sending text campaigns at scale.

A tale of two codes: types of short codes

There are two short codes for sending mass text messages: random and vanity. While they perform the same function, they differ in number and cost. Learn more below.

Random short codes

As the name suggests, random short codes give you no control over the number. When purchasing a random short code, you are assigned a randomized five or six-digit number. Businesses typically use random codes for short code texting because they are the cheapest of the two options.

Vanity short codes

A dedicated vanity short makes your number extra memorable, especially if you make it spell something out on a cell phone’s keypads. For example, 32623 spells out the word DANCE.

Some businesses prefer using vanity numbers because they are easier to remember and simplify functions like text-to-join.

Why choose SimpleTexting’s SMS short code service?

We’ve helped thousands of customers get started with short code texting. We’d love to bring you onboard, too!

No coding required

The SimpleTexting platform is designed to be easy for anyone to use, yet robust enough for advanced use cases. We offer an SMS API.

Dedicated account manager

We focus on delivering super fast and empathetic support. We are very responsive via all support channels: live chat, email, SMS chat, and by phone.

Enterprise-level performance

Expect high throughput with a dedicated short code from SimpleTexting. Send hundreds of messages per second from our web or mobile app.

The benefits of a dedicated short code

Short codes are an affordable way to expand your brand recognition and boost the performance of your marketing campaigns. Learn more about the benefits below.

  • Brand recognition: By using the same number every time, your subscribers will quickly remember where your messages are coming from. Customers will keep a watchful eye out for deals, promotions, and updates from your company.
  • Dedicated throughput: Supportive and scalable, you can send large text message blasts with dedicated short codes.
  • No keyword limits: You can use any keyword you’d like, as few or as many as you need for your mobile marketing program.
  • Avoid message filtering: Toll-free and 10DLC numbers are subject to filtering, while short codes are not. Every short code and its sender is subject to a manual review process with wireless carriers, meaning you can reach more customers without worrying about filtering.

How to get a dedicated short code

With SimpleTexting, you get expert help every step of the way. We’ll work directly with you and the wireless carriers to get your SMS short code up and running.

1. Complete service approval form

1. Complete service approval form

Cellular providers want to know what you plan on sending before giving you the go-ahead. We’ll work together to complete the necessary forms explaining your intended use case.
    2. Provision and test your number

    2. Provision and test your number

    Once we’ve secured your dedicated SMS short code, the wireless carriers will test it to make sure all of the information on the service approval form was accurate. Then they’ll issue their final approval.
      3. Launch your marketing campaign

      3. Launch your marketing campaign

      You’re ready to start using your new dedicated short code! Our easy-to-use platform gives you all the features you need to run a successful text marketing campaign.

        Try our short code messaging service

        Sign up for a trial to see how easy it is to send messages from our platform. When you're ready to get your own short code, get in touch.

        Competitive SMS short code pricing

        Send messages from a short code at a competitive rate. We'll do the heavy lifting so you can start promoting your short code ASAP.

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        Random short code

        $1,000/mo *

        Paid annually. Includes the leasing fee and hosting fee.

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        Vanity short code

        $1,500/mo *

        Paid annually. Includes the leasing fee and hosting fee.

        What’s included
        • 20,000/mo message credits **
        • Custom high volume plans upon request
        • Dedicated account manager
        • Enterprise-level throughput
        • Free incoming SMS messages
        • Unlimited contacts and keywords

        * Plans are paid annually. Short code leasing fees are set by the Common Short Code Administration, which oversees all short codes in the U.S. One-time set up fee of $2,500 not included.

        ** Use credits to send SMS and MMS messages. SMS cost 1 credit each. MMS cost 3 credits each.

        SimpleTexting Reviews on Shopper Approved

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        "Other solutions like Twilio, required additional expertise beyond our domain such as programming and setup. SimpleTexting took care of all of that for us."
        Kyle Huender
        Kyle Huender

        Digital Marketing Specialist at Life is Beautiful

        Why this music festival switched to an SMS short code texting service

        Reach More Customers With an SMS Messaging Service
        Life is Beautiful is a three-day celebration held in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. With their previous SMS service, they were only able to message a small fraction of their list at once.

        Here’s what happened when they switched to a dedicated SMS short code:

        • Deliverability increased by 336%
        • The team gained access to powerful analytics and reporting
        • Texts now account for around 25% of their ticket sales

        Learn how they did it →

        Case study: SmileDirectClub

        SmileDirectClub wanted to create a compelling and interactive experience to capture the attention of nearly 380,000 daily pedestrians in Times Square. They got help from Tiger Party New York, known for their creative marketing campaigns for major brands like Disney and Pepsi, to develop a unique solution. 

        The innovative answer was to text-enable a Times Square billboard, a move that would instantly engage viewers with their advertisement.

        The strategy involved using an SMS keyword — a word or phrase that, when texted, subscribes the user to receive messages. People who texted the keyword were invited to send their own messages, designed to make people smile, to display on the big screen. 

        Tiger Party used an API that automated sending user-submitted messages to the billboard, giving them total control over all content to maintain the positivity of the campaign.

        The campaign was a great success, using a short code that customers could easily text to engage with the advertisement. In just 10 hours, over 1,580 people participated, and nearly 300 smiles were collected and displayed on the billboard. 

        The text-enabled billboard, with its easily accessible short code, not only facilitated user interaction but also resonated with thousands of additional people who passed by, reflecting on their own smiles.

        This SmileDirectClub’s creative approach, using SimpleTexting for their Times Square debut, highlights the power of interactive elements in marketing campaigns. By integrating texting, they transformed a conventional advertisement into a dynamic and engaging experience, demonstrating that SMS marketing can be a perfect fit for brands looking to capture audience attention in novel ways.

        Compliance & regulations for SMS short codes

        Compliance is crucial when it comes to using short codes for text messaging. Playing by the rules and following best practices can safeguard your business, and it’s not hard to do so. The governing framework for short code text messaging includes two major components: the CTIA’s guidelines and the rules under the TCPA.

        CTIA short code compliance guidelines

        The CTIA operates as a nonprofit trade organization that works on behalf of wireless companies, creating and upholding the highest standards for short code texting. The CTIA routinely inspects all SMS short code initiatives within the U.S. to ensure that companies comply with regulations and protect the consumer’s best interests. This involves ensuring that:

        • Recipients of texts have willingly subscribed through opting in
        • The proper compliance language is used in SMS marketing initiatives
        • No content is transmitted that breaches their established guidelines.

        Regulations under TCPA short code compliance

        TCPA, or the “Telephone Consumer Protection Act,” constitutes the legal framework that oversees all text messaging in the United States, including but not limited to SMS short codes. The primary aim of the TCPA is to shield consumers from undesirable texts and unsolicited phone calls. There are significant legal fines for sending texts to individuals without giving them the option to opt in, so your short code texts must be directed exclusively to those who have openly agreed to receive them.

        Dedicated SMS short code FAQ

        We have over a decade of experience helping brands across the United States and Canada acquire short codes. If you have any other questions, get in touch!

        Can I send MMS from a short code?

        Yes, you can send MMS messages from a short code. Even if you don’t anticipate needing to send picture messages, we’ll work with carriers to enable your short code for MMS—just in case you change your mind in the future.
        At this time, we only dedicated SMS short codes in the United States and Canada.
        The cost of short code depends on whether you want a randomly selected number or a vanity short code. (i.e. A specific number that spells out a word.) For random short codes, leasing and hosting fees total $1,000/month, with a setup fee of $2,500. For vanity short codes, leasing and hosting fees total $1,500/month with a setup fee of $2,500.
        Brands used to be able to send text messages from shared short codes. In other words, multiple companies could split the cost of a short code. This is no longer permitted by wireless carriers. However, there are inexpensive alternatives! You can use a toll-free number or a 10-digit local number. Both of these are available with SimpleTexting.
        It can take between six to eight weeks to provision a short code. The process involves filing paperwork with the wireless carriers and the Common Short Code Administration. We’re here to make every step as easy as possible for you.
        A short code must be either five digits or six digits. Five-digit codes range from 20000 to 99999. Six-digit codes range from 200000 to 999999.
        Published: October 11th 2023