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Automatically Communicate with Your Subscribers

Automatically Communicate with Your Subscribers

Set up a series of automatic messages that begins at a specific time, such as weekly tips or a promotional offer as soon as a contact first subscribes. This allows you to connect with contacts without having to launch campaigns manually.
    "What I love about autoresponders is that, at least in the first 90 days, if I don’t hear back from someone I know that about three weeks later, it’s going to hit them again. And then after that, it’s once a month up to 18 months. It allows me to have a long-term conversation with people in a way that’s not invasive."
    Keith Groben

    Marketing Director, US Solar

    Using Autoresponders

    Here's a quick walk-through on setting up an Autoresponder message

    After logging in to SimpleTexting, click Autoresponders on the left-hand side, then New autoresponder. Next, give it a name—don’t worry, this won’t be visible to subscribers. Select the list you’ll be sending the message out to, then choose to send your Autoresponder as either SMS or MMS. Now you’ll compose your message. Set the delay time for the message (anywhere from minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months), click Save autoresponder, and you’re done!

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