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Automatically Communicate with Your Subscribers

SimpleTexting lets you set up a series of automatic messages that each user receives after subscribing to your list. This gives you the efficiency of creating a messaging program without having to launch campaigns manually.

With our autoresponder feature, you can create delayed messages with tips and tricks or coupons to bring in a steady stream of customers. Keep your customers engaged and make sure the newest additions to your list receive text messages that bring them back to your business.

Using Autoresponders

After logging in to SimpleTexting, navigate to Messaging > Autoresponders. In this view, you can see all your active autoresponders. To create one, click New autoresponder and give it a name—don’t worry, this won’t be visible to subscribers. Then, choose a list to send updates to, and set the delay time for the message (you can choose from minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months). Finally, compose your message and click Save autoresponder to make it active.

Screenshot of autoresponder setup in SimpleTexting dashboard

That’s it, you’re done!