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Scheduled Texts

Text Marketing Automation

With SimpleTexting’s text scheduling feature, you can send automatic text messages right from our dashboard. No need to wait up for the perfect time to send a text, you can schedule all of your important messages ahead of time. Text scheduling can be used in conjunction with autoresponders to automate text marketing even further. With this kind of freedom, you can create all the important texts in your calendar all at once.

Using SimpleTexting’s Text Scheduling

After logging on to SimpleTexting, navigate to “Messaging” then “New Message.” Select your intended recipients, then compose your message with body text and description. In the message Date and Time field, select “Schedule Campaign on a late date/time.” Then, select the date and time you want your message to be sent out. Take note of the time zone, which can be changed in the settings. After clicking “Continue”, review the details and confirm your message.

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