Automated Text Messages

Learn how automatic SMS messages can help your business or organization.

No credit card, no obligations, no setup fee.

What are automated text messages?

Automated text messages, also known as scheduled text messages, are SMS messages that you write in advance and schedule to send automatically to your subscribers.

Automated Text Messages

Text or SMS messaging is fast, fun, convenient, and personal. And thanks to automated text messages, it’s one of the easiest ways for businesses to keep in touch with their target audience.

With SimpleTexting, you can send an automatic welcome text when people join your marketing list. You can also create an automatic drip campaign with multiple texts scheduled to go out one at a time to your subscribers.

Send appointment reminders by text. Manage volunteers. Notify customers about deliveries. Engage with your customers. Reach large audiences with group texting. Send an automated mass text alert to all of your subscribers.

SimpleTexting can help you do it all with automated text messaging.

No credit card, no obligations, no setup fee.

Benefits of automated text messages

Here are just a few of the benefits you get when you send automated text messages with SimpleTexting.


Set up everything in advance. Sit back and watch the magic happen.


Reuse texts after you create them. Write once, send again, again, and again.


Save time and save money when you automate your text messages.


Get 99.95% uptime, guaranteed. Your messages will go through.

How to send automated texts with SimpleTexting

At SimpleTexting, we have two different features that let you automatically send SMS messages—Scheduled Texts and Autoresponders.

Scheduled Texts

Scheduled Texts

With scheduled texts, you can send individual messages at some time in the future. To use this feature, log in to your SimpleTexting account, navigate to Messaging, and click New campaign.

Write your message, select your recipient list, and then proceed to the second screen. Here, you can check the Schedule box and choose a specific date and time you’d like your message to send. Click Schedule campaign, and you’re all set!



Autoresponders let you easily create automated text messaging campaigns. To use this feature, log in to your SimpleTexting account, navigate to Messaging > Autoresponders, and click New autoresponder.

Select your recipients, write your message, and set a delay in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Click Save autoresponder, and repeat for as many autoresponders as you need. When people join your list, they’ll start receiving your autoresponders. Sweet!

No credit card, no obligations, no setup fee.