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Text Marketing for Spas & Salons

Read this guide to find out why spa and salon SMS marketing is the best way to reach clients.

 Text Marketing for Spas & Salons
 Text Marketing for Spas & Salons

This guide to text marketing for salons and spas will help you boost your beauty business. It includes tips for bringing in new clients, keeping your current ones, and promoting your brand.

As part of a fast-growing market, salons and spas have a big opportunity. One way to take advantage of it? Texting.

Text marketing can do a lot for spa and salon owners. We’ve seen it reduce missed appointments, keep seasonal visits high, and grow bookings.

Graph showing that SMS can reduce missed appointments by 28%
Source: GetTimely

At SimpleTexting, we’ve helped thousands of beauty business owners text their clients. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about salon and spa SMS marketing. This guide shares all that knowledge with you.

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Why Text Marketing for Salons and Spas Works

The average person receives 64 notifications on their phone every day—so the fact that 98% of SMS messages are opened speaks volumes to how valuable this channel is to marketers.

Better yet, clients don’t just open texts, they engage with them. The average click-through rate on text messages is 36%, and the conversion rate of SMS hovers around 45%. 

In comparison, spa and salon emails have an open rate of 28-33%. Plus, the average response time for a text message is 90 seconds—compared to 90 minutes for email

We’re not saying you shouldn’t send emails. But if you’re not sending text messages, chances are your customers are missing your messages.

High open rates and strong engagement are two of the advantages of SMS marketing. To get the most out of the channel, you’ll need to know how to create the best spa and salon texts for your business.

How Text Marketing for Salons and Spas Works

Like any communication, salons and spas uses text message marketing in different ways. 

One spa might send its promotion or offer out to a hundred customers, another may be looking to reach out to clients individually.

Your best bet is to pick a texting platform that gives you the flexibility to design a strategy that works for you. SimpleTexting lets you send mass texts, appointment reminders, and have two-way conversations, all at no extra cost.

You can customize your messages with trackable links, personalized information, and photos to create unique and engaging customer communication.

Mass Texting for Salons and Spas

Mass text messaging is a way to send SMS messages to thousands of your subscribers at the same time.

Sending one text to a large group simultaneously is useful for:

  • Increasing bookings and revenue with discounts
  • Filling empty spaces in your calendar
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Improving event attendance

Send announcements about your next big sale, new service, or latest hair products to your entire customer base with one click. 

One-on-One Texting for Salons and Spas

One-on-one texting lets salons send:

  • Booking confirmations
  • Appointment reminders
  • Review requests
  • Thank you messages
  • No-show rebooking text messages

Reminders for appointments and quick rebooking can help you bypass costly phone calls by as much as 50% and fill your schedule.

It’s important to note that texting any numbers that you have not obtained express written consent from is illegal. It’s also strictly against SimpleTexting’s anti-spam policy.

The good news is, it’s a lot simpler than you think to secure permission. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

💡SimpleTexting Tip: Before you send your first message, you need to make sure you have permission, or express written consent, from all your customers. 

Texting any numbers that you have not obtained express written consent from is illegal. It’s also strictly against SimpleTexting’s anti-spam policy.

The good news is, it’s a lot simpler than you think to secure permission. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

Other Beauty Salon Text Messages and Salon SMS Marketing Ideas

In addition to special offers, one-on-one texting, and appointment reminders, we have also seen salons send:

  • Images of manicured nails with new colors and designs
  • Skincare tips and tricks
  • Requests for reviews
  • Texts promoting refer-a-friend program
  • Messages asking for hair models
  • Notifications to employees
  • Hair care tips via a link to a blog

How to Attract and Keep Your Customers with SMS

The secret to achieving a picture-perfect blowout is just that, a secret. But your salon’s text marketing program should be shared far and wide.

Visibility is the key to earning a return on your investment into text marketing.

Most of our customers in the salon and spa industry choose to create and advertise an SMS keyword. This helps them spread the word and makes it easy for interested customers to sign-up for alerts. 

Keywords are a short word or phrase that customers can text to subscribe to your messages. 

You’ll want to promote your keyword in as many places as possible.

  • On a window display or on the tables in your waiting area
  • On stickers with your keyword and number on salon mirrors
  • Advertise it as a way to sign up for special offers or enter an SMS sweepstakes
  • Pin your keyword or phone number to your social media profiles

You can use our free graphic generator tool to make sure you’re creating keyword ads with all the necessary and correct marketing language.

Sample Spa and Beauty Parlor SMS Messages

If you’re excited about texting your clients but don’t know what to say, take a look at these sample messages for some inspiration.

Today 8:25 AM
Stylez Salon appointment reminder: 4:00pm Tuesday, December 3. Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, 3 to reschedule.
Today 2:00 PM
Hi Krysta, we hope you’re feeling refreshed! If you have 30 seconds we would love it if you could fill out this survey and let us know how we did. Namaste!
Today 9:05 AM
Is anyone available for an updo consultation for a bride on Wednesday at 12?
Thanks Reagan, I’ll text you a calendar link!
Today 1:43 PM
Please review and sign these forms prior to your appointment tomorrow at Nature’s Spa for a 90 minute hot stone massage.
Today 11:00 AM
This is Tom. I’m here for my 4pm haircut.
Thanks for letting us know. You can come on it. Don’t forget your mask!
Today 12:00 PM
New Leaf Spa – Today only! Get a FREE deep-tissue cleansing facial with any massage.
Today 2:00 PM
Learn how to look younger for less at Dr. Linn’s FREE seminar at the New Look Spa, this Saturday at 2pm! All guests will be entered to win a facial package
Today 1:20 PM
VIP Salon Beauty Tip of The Week: Sunday scaries hitting you hard? Eliminate dark circles and puffiness by applying a chilled spoon under your eyes 🧖‍♀️
Today 9:36 AM
Congratulations Leah on your 50th massage with us! We ❤️ helping your skin shine, so enjoy 15% of your next full body treatment. You deserve it!
Today 8:00 AM
Happy birthday Lisa! Show this text next time you’re in the salon to redeem your birthday surprise!

How to Get Started With Spa & Salon SMS Marketing Software

Getting started with us is simple (it’s in our name, after all), and we’ve created some comprehensive videos and guides to walk you through it. But here are the basics of getting started with at a glance.

1. Text-Enable Your Number

Your clients are probably already familiar with your phone number. We allow you to text-enable your existing 10-digit landline. You’ll still receive calls as usual, but can send and receive messages from our SimpleTexting dashboard or mobile app.

We can also set you up with a text-enabled local or toll-free number. The latter is great if you want to send text blasts and for messaging clients one-on-one.

This article covers how to pick the right number for your SMS marketing efforts.

2. Gather Subscribers

The most important step in designing your text marketing strategy is gathering subscribers. 

Do you already have a list of phone numbers from people who have given your spa or salon permission to text them? If so, you can upload it directly into your SimpleTexting dashboard. 

If you’re building your contacts from scratch, no worries. We’ve written a guide on how to collect phone numbers if you’re unsure where to begin. Keywords, our mobile sign-up widget, and a click-to-text button are great places to start.

3. Start Sending Messages

Once you’ve attracted your subscribers, you’ll want to begin communicating with them. 

You can set up your marketing campaign for mass texting with your entire subscriber base. You can also focus on one-on-one messaging for individual appointments (and everything in between). 

Check out all the ways SimpleTexting makes building your campaign easy on our features page.

Take the Next Step With Salon and Spa SMS Marketing

If you’re ready to give text marketing a try, we encourage you to sign up for a free 14-day trial account

You’ll get 50 messages, plus you can create a keyword. And yes, it’s free—no credit card, no contract. (We’re confident you’ll love your texting experience.)

When you’re ready to upgrade to a paid account, simply change your billing plan from the dashboard.

Still have questions? Start a chat with our customer service team or check out a demo of the platform here. You’ll get a sneak peek into your new favorite tool.