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Text Marketing App for iOS and Android

With SimpleTexting for iOS and Android, you can manage your SMS marketing efforts from wherever you are. Download the SimpleTexting app for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store, and for your Android device from the Google Play Store.

All the Features You Love, Now in Your Pocket

We built our mobile app to be just as robust, and simple, as our desktop version. Everything you need to grow your audience and send important messages is now available on the device you always have with you.

Stay on Top of Things with Push Notifications

Decrease response time and keep customers happy. With push notifications, you’ll find out right away when one of your subscribers sends you a text.

Create and Send Campaigns On-the-Go

Whether you’re on your phone or tablet, our mobile app gives you the power to send SMS and MMS campaigns to all your of subscribers or individual lists.

Add or Edit New Keywords

Growing your list doesn’t have to stop just because you’re away from your desk. Have a sudden campaign idea? Pull out your device and add a new keyword on the fly.

Collect Data and Build Segments

Need more information from your subscribers? No need to power up your desktop. With the SimpleTexting mobile app, you can use our data collection feature even when you’re out and about. Use the data you gather to create powerful audience segments.

Have 1-On-1 Conversations from Anywhere

Respond to specific inquiries and requests as soon as you receive them. Our app doesn’t just notify you right when you receive a new message, it lets you reply too.

Add or Edit Subscribers

Keep your list healthy and your contacts up-to-date. Add new subscribers or edit the information for existing ones in just a few taps.

Track Campaign Performance

Find out how your campaigns are doing. Our mobile app puts easy-to-read analytics in the palm of your hands.

Turn Your Device Into a Marketing Machine

Download the SimpleTexting mobile app and take your marketing efforts wherever you go. It’s now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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