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We’re all in on the idea that “teamwork makes the dream work.” That’s why we let you add teammates to your account. You can create teammates for individual employees or departments and locations.

  • Make sure the right text gets to the right person, department, or location
  • Provide individual customer service agents and sales reps with their own SMS-enabled number
  • Share the workload and let teammates respond to support and sales requests from a shared inbox
  • Admins can check-in on teammates, leave notes providing advice or context, and jump in if they need help

Once a teammate has accepted your invitation, you can assign conversations to them. All you have to do is select their name from the dropdown at the top of your conversations.

What Are Teammates?

Teammates are sub-accounts that live beneath your admin account. When you add a new teammate, you can select what number(s) your teammate should have access to.

You can also restrict list permissions, allowing a teammate only to receive new incoming messages from people within their list. (We recommend only restricting list permissions if you don’t plan to assign your teammate their own numbers.)

If you’d like to learn more about combining teammates and our multi-number feature, then we recommend reading this article.

How to Add Teammates

Whether you have one number or several, it can be helpful to add teammates to your SimpleTexting account. To do so, click Team.

Next, click the blue Invite teammates button. From there you can select what number you want to grant your new teammate access to.

Once you send an invitation, you’ll be able to see whether or not it has has been accepted.

Useful Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about our Teammates feature then here are some useful resources and answers to frequently asked questions: