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Integrate SimpleTexting’s Features into Your Apps

With SimpleTexting’s SMS API, you can access many of SimpleTexting’s features from within your own platform or application. You can check on your account, send text messages to your lists, and configure campaign settings all from your own platform.

Using the API

To access the SimpleTexting API, you first need to open an account and request token access. Once token access is granted, see our API documentation for the relevant parameters and return values for each available function. Most of our functions accept GET and POST requests.

Popular functions in our API:

  • Send SMS Message
  • Receive Incoming Messages
  • Check Messages Count
  • Check Keyword Availability
  • Rent a Keyword
  • Configure a Keyword
  • Remove Keyword
  • List All Keywords
  • Configure Forwarding
  • List All Contacts
  • Add Contact To List
  • Delete Contact From List
  • Update a Contact
  • List All Sent Messages
  • List All Scheduled Messages
  • Show Message Info
  • Remove Message by Id

For the full list of available functions plus code samples, view our documentation.