An SMS API platform that turns ideas into reality

From marketing to CRM integrations to employee communications, our SMS API service can handle it all. If you can imagine it, our text message API platform can make it happen.

  • Experience peace of mind with our 99% uptime guarantee
  • Access SimpleTexting’s features from within your own platform or app
  • Get support from our API specialists seven days a week
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Businesses love SimpleTexting's programmable SMS API
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SimpleTexting's SMS API features

Send and receive messages, or utilize advanced features like keywords and custom data. Our trusted SMS API platform makes it easy to communicate with your audience.

Send one message or millions

High throughput for messaging at scale: send a campaign to a list or segment. Flexible plans for small businesses as well as enterprise solutions.

Send rich media with MMS

Send and receive media such as photos, videos, GIFs, PDFs and more using our SMS API. You can even take advantage of the 306 character limit of extended SMS.

Two-way SMS messaging

Have one-on-one conversations. Send and receive text messages via our SMS API. Plus bring messages to and from your customers into your CRM.

Real-time analytics

Quickly collect data. Keep an eye on list growth, your unsubscribe rate, and where people opt-in.

Multiple number options

Text-enable your current number or get and register a local number, verify a toll-free number, or provision a dedicated short code.

Searchable API transactions

A dedicated search page lets you quickly check whether your API calls are being accepted.

Auto opt-out and subscribe

Easily comply with industry regulations by automatically handling unsubscribe requests.

Carrier delivery reports

Find out whether your texts successfully made it to your contacts’ devices.

Easy-to-use webhooks

Integrate your web application with our SMS API using straightforward webhooks.

Powerful contact management

Batch create, update, or delete contacts (including list membership and custom fields). Just one of the many ways to manage contacts/lists.

Alerts and notifications

Set up notifications for changes to specific contacts and subscribe to events for all numbers on your account.

Two-way sync contacts

Never miss a beat when you share contacts bi-directionally between SimpleTexting and your CRM, HR system, or other apps.

SimpleTexting’s most popular SMS API use cases

Use our advanced API functions to programmatically add SMS to your communication strategy, or just log in to your dashboard to create campaigns, set up autoresponders, and more—all without writing a single line of code.

Keep accounts protected and eliminate unwanted access. Send password resets or one-time codes right to your users’ mobile devices.
When it comes to following up with a lead, every second counts. Trigger a text message to send to your leads the instant they reach out!
No one likes no-shows. Plug our API into your CRM or reservation system to notify your customers of upcoming appointments.
Stay connected with customers throughout the entire sales funnel using text messages. No extra charges if they reply. Incoming SMS messages are free.
Collect feedback from your audience the easy way by sending automated survey texts. You can even trigger a follow-up message based on positive and negative response.
Create unique digital products with the ability to send or receive text messages. Take your app or website to the next level with SMS.

Why SimpleTexting’s SMS API service?

Send and receive messages, or utilize advanced features like keywords and custom data. Our trusted text API platform makes it easy to communicate with contacts and drive your communication strategy.

Build and scale simply

Build and scale simply

With SimpleTexting, you don’t just get an API. You also get a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to monitor messages. Get started in minutes!
  • Our API is available for all paid plans
  • Request your token upon sign-up to unlock full API capabilities
  • Manage your text marketing efforts from anywhere

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99.95% uptime guarantees peace of mind

99.95% uptime guarantees peace of mind

Businesses that need to reliably deliver messages trust our platform to send them. Get up and running quickly and manage your messages thanks to our agile dashboard.
  • Airtight security and encryption
  • High speeds regularly tested and maintained
  • Redundant connections to help ensure network availability

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Get help when you need it

Get help when you need it

Our support team is available seven days a week to help you work through any problems. No waiting around for answers, we’re here for you.
  • Send us an email, chat, or call to get connected quickly
  • Get help from team members trained to service our API
  • Share feature requests for future updates

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Complete SMS coverage in the U.S. and Canada

Complete SMS coverage in the U.S. and Canada

SimpleTexting makes it easy to reach your target audience across all major wireless carriers. With reliable SMS messaging across the U.S. and Canada, you can cast a wider net and deliver your messaging faster to a bigger audience.
  • Reliable delivery within the United States and Canada
  • Receive incoming messages from your subscribers in both countries
  • Complete control over your sender ID in both the U.S. and Canada

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APIs for programmatic messaging

APIs for programmatic messaging

SimpleTexting’s API and software offerings provide businesses with easy-to-use tools to scale their messaging campaigns and connect with their customers more effectively.
  • Efficiently manage segments, messages, and more without using additional code
  • Enable commerce and customer support through SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and more
  • Use our comprehensive analytics tools to gain real-time insights into how your SMS campaigns are performing

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SMS API case studies

The possibilities are endless with our text API. See how organizations like yours use it.

Image for See How LEAP Used Our API To Create A Custom SMS Solution

See How LEAP Used Our API To Create A Custom SMS Solution

Learn how LEAP (Learning Enrichment and Assistance Program) took advantage of our API to integrate with their scheduling tool and send text reminders.

Read their success story
Image for Life is Beautiful Switched to SimpleTexting and Increased Deliverability by 366%
Entertainment /Events

Life is Beautiful Switched to SimpleTexting and Increased Deliverability by 366%

Life is Beautiful is a 3-day music festival hosted in Downtown Las Vegas. Find out how SimpleTexting helps them reach more fans, sell more tickets, and grow their SMS efforts.

Read their success story
Image for Learn How ViewSpark Helps Nonprofits See 5x Higher Response Rates

Learn How ViewSpark Helps Nonprofits See 5x Higher Response Rates

Learn how ViewSpark integrates with SimpleTexting's API to help nonprofits increase donor retention, reactivation, and monthly gift amount.

Read their success story

More Success Stories

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The API feature makes life simpler

“I love that SimpleTexting’ connects with API, which makes my life simpler as I can mix their system mix all my systems and use automation. I have bad email deliverability, SMS helps me contact the client and let them know they have an email from us but that it may be in junk. It also gave us a platform to chat with clients in real time.”
Tre W.
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Anybody can become a pro

“The interface is very friendly and the tools/features are pretty much standard and very helpful. Basically, anybody can become a pro and if you have access to a developer the API is also a great plus to integrate your current CRM system and keep customers well notified throughout the entire journey.”
Marcelo F.
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Lots of helpful features

“API capabilities were one of the greatest reasons we switched but as we’ve used it more and more there have been so many other reasons like assigning texts to other users, the SimpleTexting app, texting templates, and scheduling… the list could go on and on.”
Stephen H.
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Incredibly easy to use

“SimpleTexting is an incredibly easy service to use. The interface as well as the API options made this a great selection for our use case. I think the customer service provided is world-class and that has been a huge help as we got started and even when we had questions regarding SimpleTexting.”
Verified User

SMS service API FAQs

Still have questions? Explore these answers to the most common SMS API questions, or click the blue chat button in the corner of your screen to connect with a team member!

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is a special way for computer software to communicate with text messaging. It helps people add texting features to their apps or systems. This special software has a set of rules and functions that let people send and get text messages automatically.

There are SMS APIs for Java, HTTP, and PHP. Once you set up an SMS API, you can see the status of your messages, send and get different types of texts, and even see what people wrote back to you without needing a password.
Read our SMS API and REST API documentation to learn about the functions available with SimpleTexting’s API.
SimpleTexting provides unparalleled SMS and MMS coverage in North America. Our offerings help businesses reach customers and subscribers across the U.S. and Canada. We also cover Puerto Rico and some countries in the Caribbean.
You may actually already have access to our API and not even know it. 😄

To check if you have access to our API, log into SimpleTexting, navigate to your Dashboard, then click the person icon in the upper righthand corner of your account. From there, select Profile & Settings then select the API tab. If you have access to our API, you’ll see your token listed there. 👍🏼
If you don’t yet have access to our API, simply complete the four quick steps outlined below.
1. Submit a complete and verifiable user profile, including contact number, accurate time zone selection, physical address, and website address.
2. Submit a brief description of your use case, goals, and/or the business application associated with our API integration.
3. Submit a written acknowledgment that you have read and accept our terms and conditions, and the compliance terms.
4. Send an email to or click on the question mark in the upper righthand corner of your account to chat with a support team member. When chatting with us, you can indicate completion of these steps and request API access.
Our compliance team is usually able to review your request within 1-2 business days (or sooner!). We make every effort to strike a balance between compliance and client satisfaction, and we apologize for any minor inconvenience or delay related to our verification process. However, we are required to obtain and verify this information before granting access for compliance and record-keeping purposes under several state and federal laws.

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Published: April 10th 2024