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Our group text service helps you reach large groups of people with a single text. Coordinate teams, send alerts, or stay in touch with customers using group text messages.

  • Import your contacts or use our tools to build your list
  • Send personalized messages to groups of any size
  • Replies go only to you, not the entire group
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A flowchart illustrates how a single group text can be personalized for every individual recipient with their first name.
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What is a group text?

A group text is a message a sender distributes to many recipients at once.

Also known as group SMS, this form of fast and efficient communication gives your organization the ability to communicate or market to the masses with the simple click of a button.

A group text messaging service allows businesses to add people to group text messages and connect with assortments of people, large and small, all at once. Share special offers, announcements, all within a single text blast.

Recipients open 98% of text messages, making group texting one of the most effective ways to reach people quickly. But unless you want all of your recipients on one thread, you can’t use your phone’s built-in messaging app.

That’s where our group SMS marketing software comes in. Our service allows you to send a group text without reply all to any number of recipients. This means when an individual replies to your group text, only you will receive that reply (and not your entire contact list).

Plus, with our iOS and Android apps, you can send group texts while on-the-go.

How to send a group text

It only takes three simple steps to send a large group text message. Gather your contacts, send your message, then manage your replies!

example of a business using SimpleTexting group text message service

Build your list of phone numbers

Whether you need to share marketing or informational text messages, there are a variety of ways to populate your contact list.
  • Let contacts join your text message list right from your website with our customizable web sign-up forms.
  • Already have a list of contacts who have given you express written consent to send them text messages? Upload them directly into SimpleTexting!
  • Set up a text-to-join keyword that people can text in to your phone number to subscribe to your text list.
Send your SMS or MMS group text

Send your SMS or MMS group text

Your messages aren’t just limited to 160 characters. You can also share rich media such as photos, videos, and text up to 1,600 characters with MMS group texts!
  • Attach PNG, JPG/JPEG, TXT, or GIF files to any message.
  • Include emojis to capture even more attention. 🎉
  • Drive higher click-through rate than traditional SMS.
Picture of SimpleTexting group messaging results and summary

Check your results and manage replies

Is two-way messaging part of your businesses’ group texting strategy? Our platform allows you to reply to individuals right from your inbox.
  • Measure the success of your campaigns by monitoring click-through rates.
  • Our link tracking analytics also enables you to segment and follow up with leads based on click behavior.
  • Sort your replies in our inbox based on time waiting or time received. You can also annotate, snooze, and mark conversations as resolved.

Group texting by industry

Looking for examples of group texts within your industry? Here are a few ideas to get your business started.

When you have an important HR update or security alert, group text messages are the best way to make sure it gets seen by your entire team. With our group text messaging platform, you can send a mass text to employees. Import their numbers or ask them to text in a keyword to sign up for updates.
Example of a business communicating with SimpleTexting group sms service
Organic reach on social is declining and emails get ignored. On the other hand, texts have a 98% open rate and 36% click-through rate. Use SMS marketing for ecommerce to drive incremental revenue, rescue abandoned carts, provide customer service, collect reviews, and more.
Our restaurant texting service can help you reach your team and customers alike. Use SMS to send specials and discounts directly to your audience’s phones. You can also facilitate curbside delivery with two-way texting.
Running a successful fitness center requires regular participation and engagement with attendees. Gym text messages help you maintain a steady stream of customers with deals, upgrade offers, inspiration, perks, event notifications, and more!
Fitness centers & gyms
With our mass texting service for nonprofits, you can ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the noise. Send group texts to engage your donors, coordinate volunteers, and increase event attendance.
Make sure your students, parents, and teachers don’t miss out on critical information. With mass text messaging for schools, you can get our important updates in just a few seconds.

Examples of businesses using group texting

From increased sales to informed teams — these businesses demonstrate what's possible with group texting.

Image for Blue Baker Increases Its Coupon Offer Redemptions By 162% With SMS

Blue Baker Increases Its Coupon Offer Redemptions By 162% With SMS

Here’s how the multi-location bakery and restaurant uses SimpleTexting to promote its monthly giveaways.

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Image for NAPA Auto Parts Text Enables Regional Distribution Centers In Four States—And Growing!

NAPA Auto Parts Text Enables Regional Distribution Centers In Four States—And Growing!

Learn why regional NAPA hubs utilize texting to communicate with local shop owners across the country thanks to savvy marketing group Arthur Elliott.

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Image for The Internet’s Most-Loved Baby Carrier Uses Texts to Increase Sales

The Internet’s Most-Loved Baby Carrier Uses Texts to Increase Sales

Baby Tula is a cultural phenomenon that has attracted the attention of parents across the world. Learn more about how they use SMS to announce new products.

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How can group text messaging help your organization?

Group texting is a highly effective communication tool for organizations of all sizes, ranging from businesses and nonprofits to numerous other groups. Here’s why:

Streamline communications

Streamline communications

Group texting allows you to send a single message to a large audience, whether it’s a promotion or a critical reminder. This ensures quick dissemination of information, keeping everyone in sync. A well-organized group texting strategy keeps your company agile, responsive, and competitive.
    Enhance marketing efforts

    Enhance marketing efforts

    A diversified marketing strategy is vital to staying relevant, and text messaging is a channel that commands your customers’ attention. Many customers overlook emails; however, nearly 98% of group texts are opened and read within minutes.
      Broadcast emergency alerts

      Broadcast emergency alerts

      In case of emergencies like natural disasters, fires, or other safety threats, rapid communication is essential. Group texting provides a quick and straightforward way to communicate important alerts. Its user-friendly interface enables swift action, reducing chaos and enhancing safety during critical events.
        Improve employee communication

        Improve employee communication

        Email fatigue is a real issue among employees, causing vital communications to go unread. Group texting bypasses this problem by delivering your messages directly to employees’ phones, ensuring essential updates and resources are noticed and acted upon.

          Benefits of group text messaging for business

          Chances are, if your business only relies on email marketing, you are missing out on capturing a large portion of your audience. In fact, emails typically only see a 21% open rate on average, meaning many of your customers are likely overlooking deals, promotions, and important newsletters. On the other hand, brands that use group text messaging for their marketing efforts typically enjoy an impressive open rate of 98%.

          Non-profits, educational institutions, religious organizations, and businesses across different industries are increasingly relying on group text messaging to reach large audiences simultaneously.

          Group SMS messaging is a highly effective way to inform, engage, and market to your customer base. Learn more about these benefits below:

          • User-friendly: You don’t need to be a tech-savvy designer to navigate group texting. Platforms like SimpleTexting offer intuitive interfaces that users can access from any device with an internet connection.
          • Cost-effective: Sending a group text is inexpensive, often costing just a few cents per message. Given its high responsiveness, text messaging offers businesses a robust return on investment as part of their broader mobile marketing strategies.
          • Highly efficient: Given that mobile phones are almost always within arm’s reach, they’ve become one of the most dependable channels for organizational outreach, making them a potent marketing tool for businesses across many industries.

          Legal requirements for group text messaging

          The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 is the primary driving force behind the legal landscape for group text messaging. The TCPA has been updated periodically since then, most notably after the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) overseeing compliance.

          Additionally, it is advisable to follow the Mobile Marketing Association’s Code of Conduct, which is applicable even for non-commercial text messaging. This Code outlines best practices aimed at maintaining the integrity of mobile communications, minimizing consumer grievances, and averting the need for further regulations.

          In addition to these legal guidelines, telecom carriers that facilitate the delivery of text messages also set their own rules on acceptable content for group texts. Most carriers prohibit texts that include:

          • Violent content
          • Illicit drug use
          • Adult themes
          • Offensive language
          • Hate speech
          • Any other content deemed unsuitable

          Why choose SimpleTexting to send group text messages?

          You've got your choice of group texting services. Here's why SimpleTexting might be the right one for you.

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          Support from people who care

          Our world-class customer care team is available seven days a week to provide the best support when you have questions or need expert guidance.

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          Unlimited keywords & contacts

          At SimpleTexting we want to give you every opportunity to grow and succeed. That’s why we offer unlimited keywords and contacts at no extra charge.

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          Easy-to-understand pricing

          We don’t make our group SMS pricing complicated. You pay for the messages you send. And if you decide to cancel or pause your account, you can at any time!

          Group SMS FAQs

          Still have questions? Explore these answers to the most common queries, or click the blue chat button in the corner of your screen to connect with a team member!

          What is a group text message or group SMS?

          A group text message is a single message that you send to a large number of people at once. The group size can be small, medium, large, or huge—it all depends on the number of contacts you have. Everyone in the group will receive the message as an individual, unaware of the other recipients.
          Unlike other apps, our group texting platform doesn’t limit how many contacts you can text. You can send to a small list with a few contacts or to tens of thousands of people at once.
          Nope! With our group texting service, you don’t have to worry about creating a giant thread where contacts can see everyone else’s number. People can text back, but only you can see replies.
          All incoming SMS messages are free. If you ask your contacts to reply to your group text with a photo, this is considered an MMS message. Each incoming MMS costs 1 credit.
          With iMessage or WhatsApp, your group text is sent as one thread where all contacts can see who received the text. These threads are limited to 25 people. With SimpleTexting, replies are only seen by the sender. Plus, there’s no limit on contacts and you gain access to advanced features like link tracking, automated messages, and more.
          There are four popular ways to build your list. Use a text-to-join keyword. Add a web form to your site that lets people sign up online. Import an existing list. Create a mobile-sign up widget.
          Our plans start at $29 for 500 credits per month and go up from there based on how many messages you intend to send. All plans come with unlimited keywords and contacts, reliable support from top-notch humans, and free incoming SMS messages.
          Yes, there are rules and regulations. For instance, you must obtain express consent from people before texting them. Be sure to educate yourself about SMS compliance.
          You can send a group text from your phone to message multiple people at once. The downside of this is that everyone in the group will receive each other’s replies.

          If you want to text multiple people and keep their replies private, you can use a texting service like SimpleTexting.
          How many contacts you can text at once depends on your wireless carrier. For instance, AT&T will allow between 10 and 30 contacts per group chat, depending on your device.

          If you need to text more than 30 contacts at once, check out our mass texting services.

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          Published: January 30th 2024