MMS Marketing for Business

Find out what MMS marketing is and why so many businesses are using it to enhance their mobile marketing strategies.

What Is MMS Marketing?

MMS marketing is a method of mobile advertising that uses MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, to send enhanced text messages. It’s the smarter, stronger, splashier cousin of SMS marketing.

  • With MMS, you can add all kinds of rich media right inside your messages, including images, gifs, videos, and audio files.
  • Plus, you can write up to 1,600 characters in a single message.
  • That’s not possible with SMS, which only allows for regular text and up to 160 characters in the U.S.
  • MMS marketing is also known as photo messaging, video messaging, and multimedia messaging. But what you call it doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you can do with it.

Learn more about the difference between MMS and SMS.

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Why MMS Marketing Makes Sense

There’s power in pictures

MMS creates a richer mobile experience for your customers or subscribers. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all, and the video and audio options speak volumes, too.

Campaign opt-ins are 20% higher

Thinking about a Text-2-Win campaign? Turn it into a picture contest. Or, use gifs to spiff up your autoresponders. MMS is simply more engaging than SMS, which is why opt-ins are 20% higher.

The setup is crazy simple

If you can swing email attachments, you’ll be fine uploading files to your MMS messages. Just like SMS, setting up a campaign is easy, subscribing is easy—everything is easy.

It plays nice with mobile devices

98% of mobile devices can handle MMS just fine. For the tiny slice of the mobile pie that can’t, we’ve built in a handy little feature for sending fallback messages via SMS.

You get 1,600 characters

With MMS marketing, you can kiss that pesky 160-character limit goodbye. How does 1,600 characters per message sound? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Shares are 8x more likely

Did you know that people are 8 times more likely to share MMS content on social media? If you’re looking for a bigger impact, MMS just makes a lot of sense.

MMS Marketing Success Stories

MMS services from SimpleTexting can have a big impact on your business. Check out the stories below to see how some brands succeeded with MMS marketing.


"Women’s fashion retailer Avenue ran a national campaign that used rich media to drive some really impressive results. Instead of sending plain texts, Avenue pushed out coupons and promotional messages with compelling images meant to entice shoppers. They reported a 97% open rate—and a 6,600% ROI for the campaign!"


Chicago Shakespeare Theater

"In a bid to increase ticket sales, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater performed ”Sunday in the Park with George” in front of the famous Seurat painting that inspired their play. Except the painting was a clever fake—it left several characters out of the original picture, and the actors simply stepped in to play their replacements. Afterward, CST invited the audience to text for more information about those missing characters. They received 8 million media impressions in 24 hours and recorded the most first-time visitors in theater history."

—Chicago Shakespeare Theater


"To remind drivers about the importance of using winter tires, BMW sent targeted MMS messages that were customized according to each owner’s vehicle. Each message included a personalized greeting and a suggestion about which winter tire to buy. The campaign cost $60,000—and it brought in a cool $45 million in revenue."


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