Mass text messaging services

Mass Text Messaging Services

Published on September 16, 2015

Mass text messaging allows you to send one text message to tens, hundreds, or thousands of contacts without having to initiate each message individually. This service enables companies to engage their customers with useful information on the go.

Benefits of Mass Texting

Mass texting services can help your business or organization by:

  • Quickly communicating with large groups or customers
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Notifying subscribers of sales, upcoming events, or schedule changes
  • Improving emergency response and accountability

How Mass Texting Works

Businesses or organizations using SimpleTexting’s mass texting services first need to build a list of subscribers. To join a list, customers can either text a keyword to SimpleTexting’s easy-to-remember short code, 555888, or use our web forms on a website. An import option is also available for those who meet compliance requirements.

Next, through SimpleTexting’s web app, a business or organization creates a message to send to the subscribers on their list. They can either send the notice right away or schedule it to go out later. All subscribers on the list will then receive the text message on their phones. If a subscriber decides to respond to the message, their response is accessible in SimpleTexting’s web app, where the business can then reply and communicate with them directly.

Additional mass text messaging features provided by SimpleTexting include:

  • Autoresponders for subscribers who send texts to the business
  • Image attachments via tiny URLs
  • Threaded conversations
  • And much more …

Get started with SimpleTexting’s mass texting services by creating a free account today.

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