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Mass Texting

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Mass text messaging services allow you to send one text to tens, hundreds, or thousands of people at once. Learn more about how ours works.

What Is Mass Text Messaging?

Mass text messaging is a communication service that lets an organization or business send SMS messages to thousands of subscribers at the same time. Organizations of all types are using text messaging to help communicate with their target audiences. Mass texting saves considerable time and effort by allowing one consistent message to be broadcast to a large number of customers, employees, or supporters.

Mass texting can be used across several industries to send special offers and promotions, emergency alerts, staff communication, daily text message updates, sweepstakes, and more! With automated text messaging, you can even schedule your texts in advance. Below is one example of a mass text from Baby Tula, an e-commerce store and SimpleTexting customer. For more, check out some of our success stories.

Today 3:30 PM
Shop the Drop! A new collection of Limited Edition Signature Carriers are live on!

How to Send a Mass Text Message

It’s incredibly easy to send a mass text message with SimpleTexting. In just a few minutes you can conveniently and effectively communicate with all of your subscribers. All you need to do is…

  1. Sign up for an account
    Try our mass text messaging service for free for 2 weeks. We’ll set you up with 50 messages and a text-enabled number. No strings attached. We don’t even ask for your credit card.
  2. Import any existing contacts
    Do you already have a list of contacts who have give you permission to send them text messages? It’s easy to import them directly to our platform.
  3. Build your list
    Even if you have no experience with text marketing, it’s easy to collect numbers. Just add a web form to your site or invite people to text a unique keyword to your number of short code.
  4. Send your message
    Once you’ve got everything set up and ready to go, it’s time to write your special promotion, appointment reminder, emergency alert—whatever you want, really—and then send or schedule it for later.

Watch the video below and we’ll walk you through each step:

Thanks to custom fields, you also have the option to customize each text with, say, customer first names or any other collected data. It’s a great way to make your mass texts sound more tailored and personal. Take a look:

Today 3:20 PM
Hi James, tomorrow is bring a friend day at Ledge Rock Climbing center! Bring a climbing partner and get 50% off your entrance fee.
Do they need shoes?
We’ll provide them!

Notice that in the example above, the mass text received a reply. Keep in mind that even if you start with a mass text, you can still have one-on-one conversations with individual subscribers in real-time as they respond. The best part? All incoming SMS messages are free.

Benefits of Sending Mass Text Messages

Mass text messaging is efficient, affordable, and easy to set up. Businesses and organizations everywhere are taking advantage of mass texting on a daily basis. With our service, they can quickly and easily send SMS messages or alerts to all of their subscribers. Mass texting services like SimpleTexting help keep people engaged by providing scalable solutions for sending personalized messages to your entire group. 

Here are a few ways you can use mass texts:

If you want to… Send a mass text with…
Grow your sales A special offer and link to your online store
Capture customer feedback A poll or link to your reviews page
Increase attendance at events A reminder of the event time and location
Reduce no shows A reminder about appointment purpose and time
Keep employees informed Important or time-sensitive information such as schedule changes
Start more conversations An invitation to reply directly by text
Increase foot traffic A unique discount that must be redeemed in-person

These are just a few common uses cases. With our mass text messaging service, you can leverage subscribers who are eager to receive updates from your business or organization and turn them into active audience members or engaged stakeholders. A single mass text message can be the easiest way to alert your audience about a new sale or instantly broadcast a message to your employees who are in the field.

Why Add Mass Texting to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

From Fortune 500 companies to local nonprofits, the power of mass text messaging has transformed digital marketing strategies and changed the way brands communicate with their audiences. Here’s why:

  • Captive audience: Today’s consumers eat, sleep, and breathe mobile, constantly checking their beloved devices.
  • Sky-high open rates: 90% of mass text messages are opened within 3 minutes, and almost all of them are opened at some point.
  • Rock-bottom costs: Mass texting is super affordable, especially considering the super high engagement you get in return.
  • Ease and efficiency: Instead of messaging everyone individually, save yourself some time and effort by firing off a quick mass text.

If you’re a SimpleTexting user, you can add a reliable, mobile-friendly text messaging platform to the built-in advantages of our best-in-class mass texting service. The responsive design of our messaging platform plays nice with every screen size, and the inbox is intuitive. You can even download our app for iOS and Android to manage your efforts on the go.

Plus, we’ve got flexible pricing plans, enterprise solutions, and superior customer support. We even offer a 14-day free trial to try the best mass texting messaging service for yourself!

The Most Common Mass Texting FAQs

Want to find out more about mass texting? Are you wondering how much it costs? Or if you can text existing customers? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.
Yes! However, it’s not done in the same way you send a text message to a group of friends about dinner plans. This is because your phone’s default messaging app only lets you text around 10 people at once and provides no way for recipients to opt-out of your messages.

Free of these limitations, our mobile app gives you the power to send and schedule messages to hundred, thousands, or even millions of people right from your phone or tablet.

Yes, mass texting is 100% legal. It is only illegal if you message people who have not given express written consent to receive your texts, i.e., you must provide clear and conspicuous disclosure of what the user is consenting to and who they’re consenting to get it from.
When it comes to the number of messages you can send through SimpleTexting, the limit does not exist! You can send as many messages as you pay for as long as you abide by our Terms and Conditions found at
This is a question that we get all of the time. You can definitely text message your existing customers. However, you do need to get their permission first. We provide several ways to turn existing customers into SMS subscribers, including web forms, keywords, and more.
At SimpleTexting, our 14-day free trial allows you to send out 50 complimentary text messages. With a paid plan, you can send as many messages as you’d like! There are no contracts, so you can upgrade to a higher plan as you scale your efforts.

One thing that surprises people about mass texting is just how affordable it is. Pricing is based upon the number of messages you plan on sending. The best part is that the more messages you send, the cheaper they are!

Our plans start at a very affordable $25 per month and include a free number, dedicated support 7 days a week, and unlimited keywords.

Why Choose SimpleTexting’s Mass Texting Services?

SimpleTexting comes packed with powerful features to help you get the most out of mass text messaging. Here are just a few of the features you’ll get when you choose the best mass texting service:

Who Can Use Mass Text Messaging?

Mass texting works like a charm for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Here are just a few that can benefit from using it:

Are you ready to use a mass text message app to open the door to instant engagement with more people than ever before?

It doesn’t get much simpler than mass texting with SimpleTexting.

See for yourself! It’s free for 14 days—no strings attached.

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