How Just Roots increased efficiency and decreased costs with SMS

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Learn how Just Roots boosted efficiency and did it all without breaking the budget.

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Just Roots is a land-based food access and equity nonprofit in Massachusetts that sends local food to community members and pediatric patients.

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Texting each family was time-consuming and cost-ineffective. Just Roots needed a solution that could help them reach a large number of people without breaking their budget.

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Just Roots has saved significant time (more than 6 hours per week), improved delivery rates by 5%, and optimized overall communication processes that result in happier recipients.

Joshua Faller, the program manager at food access nonprofit Just Roots, was facing challenges in reaching families facing food insecurity and needed an efficient and affordable solution for mass communication.

The solution: Replace calls and emails with texts

Families facing food insecurity can be challenging to reach through traditional means of communication like phone calls and emails. Joshua found that texting directly was a more effective method to reach their program participants. 

Why did Just Roots choose SimpleTexting?

Just Roots decided to use SimpleTexting to address their communication needs. They were specifically drawn to SimpleTexting for the following reasons:

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Instead of sending individual texts, Just Roots could easily segment their groups and send mass messages quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. This saved them time and resources.

Ease of use

SimpleTexting was easy to use, even for organizations with limited technical expertise. It provided a low-barrier solution to initiate mass texting campaigns.

The results: time efficiency and better food delivery experiences

Since implementing SimpleTexting, Just Roots has experienced tangible results and return on investment. The key outcomes include:

Time savings 

SimpleTexting saves Just Roots approximately 1.5 hours per week that would have been spent on phone calls to CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick-ups. It also saves around 5 hours per week in calls by effectively preventing the need for duplicative routes to reach households that were previously unreachable.

Increased delivery rates 

By using SimpleTexting to communicate with delivery recipients, Just Roots has seen an increase in delivery rates by approximately 5%. Recipients now get targeted messages via contact segments, which keeps them better informed about when to expect their farm shares. This has helped increase the success rates for deliveries across the state.

I’d tell people that SimpleTexting is a low-cost, low-barrier-to-entry way to start mass texting your constituents. It’s easy to use and has worked well for us.
Joshua Faller 

Joshua Faller 

Food Access & Equity Program Manager

More results, less effort with SimpleTexting

To anyone considering SimpleTexting, Joshua recommends it as a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for mass texting a community. It provides a straightforward way to initiate mass communication efforts without the need for technical expertise.

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