SMS Marketing for Entertainment Venues

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Learn about SMS marketing for entertainment venues.

If you operate an entertainment venue, giving people a good time is what you’re all about.

An epic action movie, a Broadway play, an exhilarating DJ, an irreverent comic, an ear-splitting concert, a breathtaking performance.

Yes, there’s no business like show business … But what if no one shows up?

Whether you run a concert venue, a nightclub, or a theater, your business is in for a tragic turn of events if you don’t attract enough of an audience.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to draw in the crowds.

Uses of SMS for Entertainment Venues

With text message marketing powered by SimpleTexting, it’s much easier to keep your venue full.

Here are just a few ways that you can use text messaging:

Event reminders
Keep your audience updated with weekly or monthly texts about your upcoming events.

Exclusive offers
Reward returning showgoers with exclusive text coupons and special discounts.

Exciting ticket giveaways
Hold a text messaging sweepstakes for free tickets to build a buzz about your business.

Getting Guests Signed Up

You’ve seen how text marketing can keep your seats full. Event reminders, text coupons, and giveaways are great ways to ensure your entertainment venue is a hit.

But before you can start texting your patrons, you’ll need their permission. People have to opt in, or subscribe, to your text campaign first.

So, how do you get subscribers? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be selling out the show in no time.

1. Draw them ingive your visitors incentives to subscribe.
2. Get the word outlet people know about your text campaign.

Let’s take a closer look.

Draw Them In

Some people will be happy to subscribe simply because they appreciate your venue. Your goal, however, should be to collect as many subscribers as possible: The more numbers you have, the more effective and profitable your texts become.

The key to getting subscribers is offering them attractive incentives.

Here are three incentives proven to provide contacts:

Sweepstakes and giveaways
Probably the most popular and powerful campaign, a Text-2-Win sweepstakes is a great way to bring in subscribers. First, choose a prize: perhaps free tickets to your events or special backstage access with a special guest. Then, have visitors text your keyword to 555888 to enter and subscribe. It’s that simple!

Check out our Text-2-Win feature for quick and easy SMS sweepstakes. 

Free stuff
Who doesn’t love it? Offer guests an inexpensive-yet-exciting item just for joining your campaign.

Some ideas: a free small soft drink, a commemorative pin, a bite-size candy bar.

Instant discount
Your guests will love receiving discounts by text in the future. They’ll love a discount now even more. Offer 20% off their ticket price for subscribing on the spot.

Use this incentive just before a purchase for maximum effectiveness.

Don’t forget what you’re using your texts for in the first place: event reminders, exclusive offers, text coupons … these are often incentive enough to attract subscribers. Market these uses as what they are: friendly services.

Let’s move on to promoting your incentives.

Get the Word Out

It doesn’t matter how enticing your incentives are if no one knows about them.

Your audience is already receptive: People come to your entertainment venue to watch, listen, and experience, so it shouldn’t be a challenge to get your message across.

Here are just a few ways to spread the word:

Word of mouth
While the crowd waits for the show to start, announce your promotion over the PA system.

With such simple instructions (“Text CINESTAR to 555888”), it’s easy to place prominent displays anywhere and everywhere.

  • Got a line? Put a sign! A flashy sign gives people standing in line something to see and do
  • Chances are you already advertise upcoming events somewhere. Place your text promotions here to let people know they can receive regular updates about events
  • Put a clear and concise notice on the tickets themselves! Guests often keep them as memorabilia

Follow these simple steps and start texting your way to a full house!

Start Texting for Free

If you’re ready to give text marketing a try, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial account with us.

You’ll get 50 messages plus your own custom keyword.

And yes, it’s really free. No credit card, no contract, just free.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a paid account, just change your billing plan from the dashboard. Simple!

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