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Get a dedicated short code number with SimpleTexting so your business can stand out in the crowd.

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A short code that's all yours

Short Code Services for Mobile Marketing

Short codes are short, recognizable numbers that let businesses instantly send and receive SMS or text messages. Short codes can be used for high-volume messaging as a way to build brand awareness and provide an easier way for customer or supporters to interact with your business or organization.

These short numbers are available as either shared short codes or dedicated short codes. While some businesses get by just fine with a shared SMS short code, there can be a better solution—a dedicated short code that nobody else can use, just you.

Provisioning a dedicated short code can be a long journey with plenty of potential roadblocks along the way.

SimpleTexting is here to help with that. We’ll take the wheel to make sure the whole trip goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Not quite sure about dedicated short codes? Take some time to read about what a text short code is and how it works.

"We started out using SimpleTexting’s shared short code but later made the switch to our own dedicated short code. We’ve always had a great return on investment, and we’re really happy with the service. Definitely recommended!"

—R H, Our Jobs Services

Dedicated support

Our customer support team wants you to be happy, and they’re pretty good at making people happy. What else would you expect with a dedicated short code?

Guaranteed compliance

Compliance is a tricky trail to blaze, but you can breathe easy when we’re leading the way. From application to carrier checks and beyond, you can count on us to get it right.

Big performance

Expect high throughput with a dedicated short code from SimpleTexting. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, too, so you know your message will get across.

Increased brand value

A dedicated SMS short code gives your brand a boost in marketing and advertising. You’ll stand out more because those numbers are yours, and yours alone.

Any keyword you want

Need to run a campaign with the keyword HOORAY? It’s yours, no questions asked. HIPHIPHOORAY? Also yours. There’s no more competing for keywords here.


In the wireless communications industry, text short codes are leased, not sold. What you’re paying for is the exclusive right to use a specific 5 or 6-digit number to send and receive text messages.

You can request a randomly generated short code or select a custom short code that’s easier to remember. Here’s what it costs:

Random short code


Vanity short code


One-time setup fee $2,500**
Entry pricing plan $500/month
10,000 messages

* These fees are set by the Common Short Code Administration, which oversees all short codes in the U.S. With SimpleTexting, you’ll pay the same fee the CSCA charges. We don’t mark up the actual short code cost.

** This fee is to cover our costs incurred for registration, carrier setup, and deployment.


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