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Reach All Of Your Customers at Once with Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS, or mass text messaging, is a way to communicate with hundreds or thousands of contacts at once.

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Works for Everyone
See results with mass SMS no matter your company’s size, budget, or industry.

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Reach Your Entire Audience
With bulk texting, you can save time and effort by sending the same message to specific segments of your audience.

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Say Anything
When using an SMS service, you can send marketing messages, promotional offers, critical alerts, and more.

What Is Bulk SMS or Mass Texting?

Bulk SMS or mass text messaging is a communication tool that allows an organization or business to disseminate a large number of SMS messages to thousands of contacts’ mobile devices at the same time.

Organizations of all types use SMS services to help communicate with their target audience. Bulk texting saves time and effort by sending the same message to a large number of contacts, customers, employees, or supporters.

SMS can be used across several industries to send marketing messages, critical alerts, and more. With our SMS service, you can even schedule your texts in advance.

Get the Most Out of Your Bulk SMS Service

From sending customer promotions to employee updates, there are many ways you can use bulk SMS. SimpleTexting has all of the features you need to ensure you're set up for success.

Reach Thousands of People at Once with Bulk SMS Marketing

Scheduled Messages

Reach Thousands of People at Once with Bulk SMS Marketing

Craft the perfect message ahead of time and schedule it to send out exactly when you want your audience to receive it.
  • Drive more business
  • Send time sensitive alerts
  • Segment your list for targeted communication

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Automate Your Bulk SMS Campaigns

Automated Bulk SMS

Automate Your Bulk SMS Campaigns

When you set up text automation, SimpleTexting works for you, even when you're not working.
  • Set up a welcome series
  • Text people on big days like their birthday
  • Send weekly tips and tricks

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Enrich Your Bulk SMS Messages

Bulk MMS

Enrich Your Bulk SMS Messages

Create engaging, must-click bulk messages by including photos, GIFs, audio clips, and more.
  • Add more color to your brand
  • Attach files
  • Write up to 1,600 characters

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Learn What's Working with Your Mass Text Campaign


Learn What's Working with Your Mass Text Campaign

Wish you could know more about what’s working and what’s not with your bulk SMS campaigns? You can.
  • Keep track of click-through rates
  • Track the growth of your contacts
  • Download detailed reports about your opt-outs

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Personalize Your Mass SMS Messages

Custom Fields

Personalize Your Mass SMS Messages

Add first or last names to your bulk text messages to make them feel personal. You can also create custom fields unique to your industry!
  • Customize your campaigns
  • Make each contact feel special
  • Send relevant, targeted messages

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Connect Your Favorite Platforms


Connect Your Favorite Platforms

With SimpleTexting, you can use our bulk SMS API or Zapier integration to connect your favorite tools.
  • Connect your sales or customer service software
  • Automate repetitive workflows
  • Drastically improve productivity

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How to Send a Bulk SMS Message

Bulk SMS works the same way for everyone—from small businesses, to large enterprises. Engage with your customers, employees and prospects in three easy steps.

Grow Your Audience
Easily add your contacts from a spreadsheet or use keywords to drive more contacts.

Write Your Message
Keep it short and sweet, or use MMS to include photos and up to 1,600 characters.

Send It
Send your message right away or schedule it for later.

Try our Bulk SMS Service for Free

It’s easy to get started. And it’s free for 14 days. Two things that are pretty great.

How Bulk SMS Can Work For Your Business

Send text messages to staff, customers, and prospects at scale with our mass SMS service. See how your business can benefit with these examples.

Send Promotions & Drive Sales
Send promos and offers to your entire customer base with just a few clicks.

Communicate To Your Staff
Easily send important information and announcements to your staff.

Keep Customers In The Know
Automate notifications and updates to keep your customers up-to-date.

Not Sure If Bulk SMS Is for You? Here's What Others Are Saying.

Trying to Decide If SimpleTexting Is Right for You?

See how SimpleTexting stacks up against the competition or start a conversation with one of our experts. We’d love to learn more about your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk SMS

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about bulk SMS. If the answer you're looking for isn't here, we would be more than happy to help. Just use the chat at the bottom of your screen.

📱 Can I send a bulk text from my phone?
Yes! While your phone’s default messaging app only lets you text around 10 people at once (and doesn’t provide the legally required ability to opt-out of your messages), our mobile app gives you the ability to send bulk SMS to as many people as you want. Pretty cool, right?
Existing customers are some of the best people you can send a bulk SMS to. However, you do need to get their permission first. From web forms to keywords, there are a ton of convenient ways your customers can subscribe to your messages.
Our bulk SMS platform gives you the power to send and schedule messages to hundred, thousands, or even millions of people.
Bulk SMS is very affordable, which surprises a lot of people. There are no set-up costs and no need to hire developers. The cost of a bulk SMS campaign depends on the number of messages you plan on sending. The more you send, the cheaper each SMS is. Our lowest plan is $29 and comes with 500 SMS, dedicated support 7 days a week, and unlimited keywords.
It only takes a moment to insert a first name, last name, or custom field to your SMS messages. This doesn’t just make your audience feel valued, it also increases the effectiveness of your campaign.
Yes, there are several free SMS services available, like Google Voice. But it if you want to send bulk texts, you'll need an SMS platform that allows you to send and manage your messages and contacts.

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Published: August 11th 2023