2-Way Messaging

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What Is Two-Way SMS Messaging?

Easy! It’s a software or online platform—like ours—that lets you send and receive messages. Thousands of businesses choose our two-way SMS service to provide support, close deals, and connect with customers. Why? Because everyone knows how to text. So why not reach people with the channel most familiar to them? With SimpleTexting, you can text-enable your current business landline, switch to a number with a local area code, or get a new number just for text messaging.


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Receive and Reply to Messages

Receive and Reply to Messages

Our 2-way text messaging service makes it easy to strike up a conversation. Every plan comes with unlimited contacts, and all incoming SMS messages are free!

  • Schedule replies for a specific date or time
  • Add emojis to your messages 🎉
  • Create reusable templates for standard replies
Keep Your Team In-The-Loop

Keep Your Team In-The-Loop

Stay organized and provide a better customer experience. Leave private notes or comments only you and your team can see.

  • Have behind-the-scenes conversations
  • Collaborate on tough questions
  • Never forget important details
Stay on Top of Conversations

Stay on Top of Conversations

Chat with multiple customers at once, and don’t let anyone fall through the cracks. Our 2-way messaging features are designed to optimize your workflow.

  • Snooze conversations until later
  • Filter by time-waiting or time-receieved
  • Mark completed conversations as resolved
Send Photos, Documents, and More

Send Photos, Documents, and More

Whether you need to share a sales one-pager, ZIP file, or a single photo, you can easily upload it and text it via our 2-way messaging service.

  • See higher click-through and reply rates
  • Close more sales
  • Facilitate customer support