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Bring Personalization to Conversational Commerce With Two-Way Messaging

Looking for a way to create a frustration-free experience for your customers while saving time and boosting sales? Learn how to use two-way text messaging.

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It’s no secret that businesses need to be able to communicate with their customers in order to succeed. However, simply sending mass texts isn’t enough.

When you’re talking to a customer, the last thing you want is for them to feel like they’re just another number. Your audience will quickly become frustrated if they can’t respond directly to your texts and interact with a human. That’s why two-way text messaging is so important.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of two-way text messaging and how it can help you improve your customer experience and increase sales.

What Is Two-Way Text Messaging?

Two-way messaging is a conversation between two people, also known as conversational support. The ability to reply back and forth allows for a more personal interaction that can build trust and rapport. 

This is in contrast to one-way messaging, which is a one-sided conversation. With one-way messaging, you can send out mass texts, but your customers have no way to respond. This can quickly become frustrating for your audience.

There are a variety of options to implement two-way chat, including live chat on websites, live phone calls, and email. Each of these may seem like an easy route, but can leave a customer feeling disjointed and unattended to.

Then there’s two-way text messaging. While some companies offer basic SMS capabilities, not every platform is equipped with two-way text messaging, leaving business owners and marketers at a disadvantage.

Why Two-Way Text Messaging Is Vital to Your SMS Strategy?

With so many brands competing for customers’ attention these days, anything you can do to deliver a more personal service will help you stand out. Two-way texting can help you do just that.

Most importantly, it allows you to build trust and rapport with your customers.

When you can have a conversation with someone, they are more likely to trust you. This is especially true if you’re able to address their specific needs and concerns. Two-way SMS gives you the ability to do just that.

Another reason why two-way messaging is important is because it can help you save time.

If you’re able to have a conversation with your customer and address their needs right away, they are less likely to need to call or email your business. This can free up your time, so you can focus on other tasks.

Additionally, two-way messaging can help you increase sales and conversions.

When you can have a conversation with your customers, you can build a relationship with them. This can lead to increased sales and conversions because they are more likely to trust and do business with you.

The Benefits of Two-Way Messaging

There are many benefits to using two-way messaging, including:

• Allowing customers to get their questions answered quickly and easily

• Reducing the need for customer support calls and emails

• Building trust and rapport with customers

• Increasing sales and conversions

Two-way messaging brings a new level of attention to customers, making for a smoother and easier onboarding process and ongoing troubleshooting. These interactions feel more personal, give customers the ability to address their questions in an easy and effective way, and reduce the amount of time spent on calls. 

This is beneficial for both your customers and your customer support team and sales teams, bringing convenience and connection to the forefront of interaction.

Practical Ways to Use Two-Way Texting For Your Business

Businesses can use two-way messaging to their advantage, making communication and operations flow smoother and easier than with phone calls. Here are a few examples.

Appointment Reminders

If you’re a service-based business, each missed appointment costs you money. Two-way SMS can help solve the problem. You can send appointment reminders to your customers and prompt them to confirm in the text. This also allows them to reply with any questions or concerns.

Delivery Updates

Keep your customers updated on the status of their orders with shipping and delivery updates. Customers can reply with any questions or concerns, which will free up your team’s time from long support phone calls, so they can focus on new sales.

Customer Support

Providing customer support for easy-to-answer questions can help save your team time and keep your customers happy. Call centers can become bombarded with simple support queries, costing your company time and money. 

Two-way messaging gives customers an easy way to get in touch and get their answers in a timely manner without wasted resources. 

Not to mention, your customer service team will be happy. Just be sure to introduce the idea of SMS to the team the right way. See an example of a two-way text messaging conversation with a customer below.

two-way text messaging example

Integrating Two-Way Messaging With Other Tools

Two-way messaging is even more powerful when it’s integrated with other tools. For example, you can integrate SimpleTexting with your CRM, so there’s a record of every customer interaction. 

This is important because it gives a track record of previous communication and keeps your whole team informed on activity in that customer account, even if they’re interacting with them through a different channel.

SimpleTexting also has thousands of other integrations that are ready to go. If you’re on the $229/month plan or higher, we’ll create and maintain custom integrations for you at no extra cost. This can help reduce the manual actions associated with one-to-one communications.

Getting Started With Two-Way Texting

Looking for a way to create a frustration-free experience for your customers while saving time and boosting sales in the process? Make sure the SMS platform you choose has two-way messaging. It allows you to have more personal interactions that can build trust and rapport. It can also help you save time and increase sales and conversions.

Ready to start using two-way messaging to improve your customer communication? SimpleTexting has you covered. We offer a wide range of business text messaging services that make it easy to have conversations with your customers. 

Sign up today for a free 14-day trial to get started!

Dani Henion
Dani Henion

Dani Henion is the content team lead at SimpleTexting and is continuously looking for ways to make text messaging strategies and tips more accessible to SMBs. When she's not writing or planning new SMS content, you'll find her decorating elaborate sugar cookies or thrifting in Atlanta.

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