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What Is A Text To Win Sweepstakes?

A Text to Win sweepstakes is a text messaging contest where contestants enter by sending a keyword to a phone number or SMS shortcode. Text to Win contests are easy to set up and allow contestants to enter with a single text.

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Just ask customers to text a keyword to your phone number to enter your SMS sweepstakes. They’ll receive a confirmation message and be added to your subscriber list. SimpleTexting automates the whole contest process for you.

Today 7:34 PM
Today 7:34 PM
Thanks for entering! We can’t wait to see who wins the grand prize. We’ll announce the winner on 12/08.

Why Host a Text to Win Sweepstakes?

Everyone loves free stuff, and you love growing your customer base. With text message sweepstakes, all you have to do is pick a prize and let your target audience know they can win it by texting in your keyword. Engagement and growth aren’t the only reasons to host a Text to Win contest:

  • You can get your contest set up in just minutes
  • People can enter with a single text
  • Customer information can be gathered
  • Winner selection is automatic
  • Unique, branded opt-in keywords are available
  • Contact info can be used for retargeting with follow-up texts

How Does a Text to Win Sweepstake Work?

Setting up and running a Text to Win sweepstake with SimpleTexting’s SMS contest software is easy. Once you’ve created your campaign and keyword, our clever system will do the hard work for you, including choosing your winner!

For a quick overview of how to set up your Text to Win sweepstake, watch our short video on text competition setup below. 

How to Set Up a Text Sweepstakes Campaign

After logging in to SimpleTexting, go to Apps > Text-2-Win > Add contest. Enter a campaign name for your own reference and select the keyword you’d like to use. You can also add users through a web form, or manually if desired.

Then, choose your auto-confirmation message and specify the number of winners. If necessary, you can also add age verification, which will require users to respond with their age to be enrolled.

You can then set up your autoresponse message to inform your contestant that they have successfully entered.

Click Save, and that’s it. You can now spread the word about your Text to Win contest.

Follow Up After Your Text to Win Sweepstakes with Autoresponders

By combining Text to Win with our Autoresponders feature, you can use your Text to Win promotion as an opportunity to automatically reconnect with customers. When a customer enters your sweepstakes, you can add them to a messaging flow. Send entrants automatic messages days, weeks or even months after they enter.

Wed 7:32 PM
You may not have won the grand prize, but we’d like to offer you 50% off our entire store! Shop now: http://txt.st/LGWZXF

Who Selects the Winners in an SMS Sweepstakes?

With SimpleTexting, you don’t have to worry about manually selecting a winner(s) for your Text to Win contest. Our system will randomly shuffle through the entrants and pick a random winner for you. Write the perfect congratulations message for your lucky winner and our platform will send it out.

Are Text to Win Sweepstakes Effective Marketing Campaigns?

We get it. Of course, the SMS software company is advocating for Text to Win campaign––but do they actually work?

The answer is yes, and we have proof.

Canadian brewery, Unibroue, founded their popular beer À Tout le Monde back in 2016. The beer was a collaboration between brewmaster, Jerry Vietz, and Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine.

To promote the new beer, Unibroue held a contest to win one of ten limited-edition electric guitars. The campaign took place across both an online form, and a Text to Enter contest , with five winners being pulled from each channel.

With SimpleTexting’s age verification option, the brewery knew its campaign would be both effective and legal. 

The Unibroue success story details the beer’s successful launch and why SimpleTexting’s Text to Win service was the best option for them.

Spoiler: They actually hosted three more Text to Win contests later in the year. 

Who Can Use Text to Win Competitions?

We’ve seen businesses across several different industries use our text contest software. Here’s a small selection of use cases:

  • Radio stations ask listeners to text in a keyword to a shortcode or toll-free number to win a prize
  • Restaurants use sweepstakes promo texts to give away free meals or vouchers
  • Salons and spas offer a chance to win free services
  • Sports teams use it giveaway season tickets, team gear, or other merchandise

Why Choose SimpleTexting for Your Text to Win Sweepstakes?

There are a lot of Text to Win companies out there. What makes our text marketing platform different?

We are all about making life easier for our customers. Our app has been set up specifically to make the process as simple as possible, with our text contest software doing all of the hard work.

When your customers or audience sign up to your text sweepstake, they’re also joining your SMS marketing channel, which makes Text to Win a great way to grow your subscriber list.

Even after your sweepstake is over, our business texting platform is loaded with text message marketing tools that you can use to engage the new subscribers you acquired. 

Send bulk text campaigns, multimedia content, surveys and more! Simple, fun, and engaging. Just the way we like our marketing.