All-In-One Business Text Messaging

SMS messaging services help your business enhance marketing and communication strategies by enabling 1-on-1 texting on an existing line or a new dedicated number.

  • Have 2-way conversations
  • Text large groups at once
  • Keep your number or get a new one

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All-In-One Business Text Messaging

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What Is Business Text Messaging?

Business text messaging is a service that allows organizations to utilize SMS messaging for customer support, recruiting, sales and more. Business SMS messaging helps scale processes and simplify internal communications.

Provide Support

Quickly solve customer issues without keeping anyone on hold.

Eliminate Phone Tag

Cut back on missed calls. Follow up with text messaging instead.

Maximize Sales

Stay on top of leads, prospects, and clients with built-in features.

Recruit Candidates

Connect with job leads and send interview reminders.

Reach Employees

Send announcements to team members in the field or office.

Send Alerts

Have time-sensitive info? Send texts to large groups instantly.

Business SMS Is Better for Customer Support

Today’s consumers want brands to have a simple mobile messaging option for customer support. Take a look at these numbers from Market Strategies International.


66% of consumers either prefer mobile messaging or consider it their second choice for communications when compared to phone and email.


70% of consumers want to use mobile messaging for troubleshooting, and nearly two-thirds want to use it for purchases or reservations.


85% of Millennials and 54% of non-Millennials would pay more for a product/service that has mobile messaging support.

Start Sending Texts as Soon as Today

Start Sending Texts as Soon as Today

We built our business text messaging service to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools. You don't even have to get a new number. Unless you want one, of course.

Use Your Existing Number

Give people the option to text directly with your business’s existing landline, VoIP, or toll-free number. You’ll still be able to receive calls, as usual.

Get a New Number

Don’t want to use your current number? Instantly get a brand-new 10-digit number with your area code, just for texting.

Everything Your Business Needs to Start Texting

Powerful enough to handle support at scale, and simple enough for new agents to jump in right away. SimpleTexting's features empower your team to provide amazing customer service.

Schedule Messages

Schedule Messages

Send your messages at the perfect time. Write your texts now and schedule them to send later.

Start texting

Leave Notes

Leave Notes

Annotate each conversation with helpful information about your chat, visible only to you and your team.

Start texting

Create Templates

Create Templates

No more tedious copy and paste. Save time by reusing your frequently used messages with the click of a button.

Start texting

Send Files

Send Files

Whether you need to send photos or a PDF, it’s easy to upload files to our platform and attach them to messages as a link.

Start texting

Set an Away Message

Set an Away Message

You can create an away message that sends 24/7 or just outside of your office hours.

Start texting

Choose the order in which incoming messages appear to you by filtering them by time received, or time waiting. You can even enable desktop push notifications so you’ll never miss a message.
Prioritize Conversations

Hide conversations for a set period of time. When the snooze period ends (or if someone replies) the conversation will appear at the top of your Inbox.
Snooze Conversations

Importing data from your CRM is a breeze. All of your customer info is safely stored on our encrypted platform.
Import and Export Contacts

Create separate lists for customers, leads, employees, or any other groups of contacts.
Organize Your Contacts

Talk to your customers without sounding like a robot. 🤖 Make your messages feel more human by adding emojis.
Add Emojis

Happy Customers Who Use Our Business Texting Services

Business texting drives real results, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from people who put it to the test.

Image for The Internet’s Most-Loved Baby Carrier Uses Texts to Increase Sales
The Internet’s Most-Loved Baby Carrier Uses Texts to Increase Sales

Baby Tula is a cultural phenomenon that has attracted the attention of parents across the world. Learn more about how they use SMS to announce new products.

Read their success story
Image for How The Christian Connector Drove 5x More Conversions with Texting vs. Email
How The Christian Connector Drove 5x More Conversions with Texting vs. Email

The Christian Connector pairs high school students with Christian universities. Sending information by SMS encourages students to take the next steps.

Read their success story
Image for Why This Nonprofit Turned to Texts to Help Families and Children In Need
Why This Nonprofit Turned to Texts to Help Families and Children In Need

Since 1982, Any Baby Can has helped thousands of families with children facing disabilities. Find out what role texting plays in keeping their organization running smoothly.

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More Success Stories

Businesses Love SimpleTexting for SMS Services

Starbucks is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Cisco is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
LEGOLAND is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Century 21 is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Samsung is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Stanford University is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Chick-fil-A is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Marriott is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Kaplan is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services

Reach More Customers With an SMS Messaging Service

Reach More Customers With an SMS Messaging Service
With the rising popularity of mobile apps and extensions like click-to-text, there’s a good chance your customers are already trying to text your business, and you just don’t realize it. All of their questions, comments, feedback, and sales inquiries are going… nowhere. Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

Business texting and our SMS customer service platform are great ways to let people skip the headaches and simply send a text to receive immediate service or support

With a business SMS number, there’s no need for anyone to install an app on their phone—as far as your customers are concerned, it works just like regular text messaging.

Business Texting Can Simplify Internal Communications

Business Texting Can Simplify Internal Communications
You can also use business text messaging to streamline internal communications. Keep your managers, employees, contractors, and other stakeholders up to date on corporate news and events by sending texts instead of—or in addition to—sending emails.

  • Set up a convenient texting network for your entire staff to use
  • Send notifications about important updates via text blast
  • Stay connected with your field staff or outside sales team

How Businesses Can Benefit from an SMS or Texting Service

SimpleTexting makes business texting a snap, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s simple, convenient, affordable, and secure. Do it all right from your computer, phone or tablet, in real time.

Hotels can simplify bookings with reservations by text. Offer greater convenience to your guests by adding text-based room and concierge services.

Speed up dinner reservations by letting people text in to claim their spot. Easily manage reservation changes and cancellations with 1-on-1 texting.

Allow your congregation to submit donations to a dedicated church number. Maintain a 24/7 text helpline to allow people to submit prayer requests and seek counseling.

Manage your assistants and office staff through a single business texting dashboard. Make appointment reminders more personal by sending them from your office phone number.
Doctors Offices

Manage orders, shipping notifications, and returns with a text-enabled toll-free business number. Add texting as a customer support channel that people can access anytime.

Business Texting FAQs

How is business text messaging different from other texting services?

SMS messaging for businesses is primarily used for 1-on-1 purposes such as customer service or informational messaging. Mass text messaging, on the other hand, involves high-volume marketing campaigns usually sent over a short code. With us, you get the best of both worlds on one easy-to-use dashboard.

How does consent work with business texting?

As long as you’re texting just one individual, it’s the same thing as texting someone from your personal cellphone. In other words, you don’t need to request permission beforehand. If you plan on sending promotional texts to large groups, you must have express consent from each contact before sending your message.

Who can use business texting?

Anyone that needs to reliably connect with an audience can benefit from business texting. Our customers use it for support, sales, marketing, recruiting, internal communication, and much more. Get some inspiration by visiting our success stories.

What numbers can I use?

We set up every account with a complimentary toll-free number that’s approved for 1-on-1 messaging and mass texting. If you’d prefer, you can use a 10-digit number with your area code! These are capable of 1-on-1 messaging and texting groups under 50 people.

Can I keep my current number?

Absolutely. Our customer support team is happy to help you connect your landline, toll-free or VoIP number to SimpleTexting.

What if I want to keep receiving calls on my number?

You still can! When you connect your current number to our platform, calls will go to your phone and texts will be routed to your SimpleTexting Inbox.

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