EcoWater Texas increased its response rate by an estimated 30% with SimpleTexting

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From scheduling in-home consultations to appointment reminders, text messages are the number one way EcoWater Texas communicates with customers.

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EcoWater is one of the world’s largest residential water treatment companies. Its filtration and softener systems can give you better-tasting water, lower energy bills, and even higher-performing appliances.

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As a Costco partner, EcoWater needed a better way to follow up with new leads and direct them to book an initial consultation. From there, they also wanted a way to send reminders to help cut down on missed appointments.

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The EcoWater team estimates that texting has led to a 25-30% increase in its response rate. This means new customers who otherwise would have simply ignored any outreach.

Does your water heater break down more than it should? Or maybe you’re left with dry, itchy skin after your shower. Do some of your glasses look a little like this after a run through the wash? 

All of these signs could point to significant hard water buildup in your water supply. It’s more common than you think: 85% of North American households are living in hard water areas.

Until your water is tested and evaluated by a professional, you can’t improve the quality of your home.

That’s why it’s a crucial part of EcoWater Texas’ marketing strategy to get leads to schedule an at-home consultation.

As a Costco partner, EcoWater staff are chatting up potential customers in the store daily. But they needed a reliable way to follow up the conversations and turn them into confirmed appointments. 

Thanks to incessant robocalls and overflowing email inboxes, phone calls, and email were less than optimal. That’s why Kristopher Yglesias and the rest of the marketing team use texting to get the job done. 

How to convert leads into customers

The in-person EcoWater reps at Costco talk to hundreds of people every day. They share a little about their services, and interested customers leave their contact information. 

In a perfect world, every person who left their information would move through the sales pipeline and become a customer. But as anyone in sales knows, that’s not the case. 

An analysis of over 11 billion phone calls found that over 52% go unanswered. Even worse, 65% of emails are ignored!

“I’ve been in marketing for over 20 years,” notes Kris. “When cell phones became more prevalent, and bulk text messaging apps came out on the internet, we started to see just how effective it is for getting responses from customers who don’t answer the phone.”

Customers prefer to text, and while he’s never run an official A/B test to gather the metrics, he estimates that texting has led to a 25-30% increase in customer follow-up after the first touchpoint.

It’s all pretty effortless. 

EcoWater employees get a phone number from a prospective customer as well as permission to text them.

Kris, or a team member, sends a follow-up message later that day with instructions to schedule their complimentary consultation appointment. 

Once the line of communication is open, they can also field customer questions, provide automated follow-ups, and more.

Hello Aaron, this is Sara with EcoWater at Costco. I am reaching out in regards to your recent interest in a home water filtration system. If you are ready I can assist in getting you scheduled for your complimentary water test and consultation. Please give me a call at 469-351-9805. Thank you!

Why Did EcoWater Choose SimpleTexting?

Texting has been part of Kris’ marketing strategy for years, but they weren’t always utilizing SimpleTexting to do it. 

Ultimately, it was the ease of our interface and general reliability that won him over. 

“I think your platform is really stable. We were using EZTexting, and they seemed to have pretty frequent outages. The website would go down, and their UI is kind of clunky. It doesn’t segregate your conversations as cleanly.”

With our new teammates feature, Kris can give his employees access to their accounts under the umbrella of his main profile. While they all share the same number, conversations in their inbox can be sorted, filtered, and assigned to different salespeople to keep conversations with clients consistent. 

Kris was able to decide on SimpleTexting after giving us a 14-day trial run. If you want to give text-enabling your sales team a try, feel free to sign-up today risk and commitment-free. 

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