Toll-Free Text Messaging

Toll-free SMS allows businesses to get a new toll-free number or text-enable an existing number.

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Stand out in the crowd

Send texts from a toll-free vanity number that people will easily recognize.

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Message more effectively

98% of texts are opened, so you’ll be sure to get eyes on your campaign.

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Hit the ground running

Toll-free numbers are instant to set up, unlike dedicated short codes.

How does toll-free SMS work?

Toll-free text messaging works in three simple steps.

Customers text you

A customer or lead sends a text to your toll-free number.

You get their message

The text lands in your SimpleTexting inbox.

You reply

You reply from your inbox, and the customer gets it as an SMS.

With stats like these, you need your toll-free number to be text-enabled.

Mobile devices that can receive texts.

Texts that are read within 3 minutes.

Average response rate to texts.

Toll-free texting features and benefits

With toll-free texting, you can run large-scale marketing campaigns as well as communicate 1-on-1 with customers and subscribers. It’s a hybrid of short code and long code SMS... the best of both worlds.

Get a new toll-free number or text-enable your existing number.

Get up and running in mere minutes, not hours or days.

Improve customer support by letting people either text or call you.

Start capturing inquiries from customers who are already texting you.

Send mass text campaigns and use keywords just like you would on a short code.

Send personal, 1-on-1 texts just like you would on a long code.

Differentiate yourself and enhance perception with a branded toll-free number.

Take advantage of high delivery rates and fast, reliable sending.

Enjoy access to all of the features in our text marketing suite.

A comparison of different types of texting

Here’s a chart comparing the main characteristics of short code, long code, and toll-free texting.

Toll-free Dedicated short code Long code
Format 10 digits 5-6 digits 10 digits
Primary Use Hybrid Mass texting 1-on-1 comms
Throughput Medium High Low
Setup Cost Low High Low
Setup Time Minutes Weeks Minutes

How you can use toll-free texting

  • Customer support.

    Texting is much more convenient because it gives customers control over their time. Plus, it reduces call volume on your end. They send you a text, and you send a response when a real human is available.

  • Reservations and appointments.

    With toll-free texting, you can give your customers an easy and quick way to make reservations and schedule appointments.

  • Order tracking.

    Send shipping and delivery notifications directly from your toll-free number.

  • Marketing and promotions.

    In addition to 1-on-1 communications, you can use toll-free texting to send mass campaigns to everyone who’s opted in to your list. You can’t do that kind of texting with a regular long code number.

Common questions about toll-free texting

  • Can I keep my existing number?

    Yes, we can text enable your existing toll-free landline or VOIP number. All your voice functions stay the same, and you get the benefit of texting. No need to start over.

  • How does toll-free texting work?

    Toll-free texting is similar to regular texting, except the texts are routed through your SimpleTexting inbox. To the customer, it looks just like regular texting.

  • How is toll-free texting different from short code and long code texting?

    Toll-free texting is actually a special form of long code texting. Like regular long code texting, toll-free texting uses a 10-digit number as opposed to the 5-6 digits seen with short codes. And, you can run marketing campaigns with toll-free texting—which isn’t permitted with regular long codes.

  • How much does toll-free texting cost?

    Toll-free texting costs the same as regular texting. Plans start at $25/month. View pricing and plans here.

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