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8 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Text Alerts

Using text alerts can be a great way to generate instant results for your business, reaching your audience faster than ever to share important notifications.

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From home office startups to Fortune 500 companies, what each business has in common is a need for strong marketing tools. Without them, it doesn’t matter that your product can magically find anything you’ve ever lost, or that it tells you the precise moment your avocado is ripe before it spoils. If people can’t access your services, your business will plateau.

Whether your goal is to drive sales, increase visibility, or streamline a tedious process, a text messaging service for your business is a solution to stagnation. We present to you: 8 ways your business can benefit from an SMS text alert service.

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1. You Can Reach Your Audience Faster

Mass texts are delivered to customers almost immediately, even in cellular coverage areas without internet connectivity. Whether you’re sending out an alert or scheduling a promotion for later in the week, your audience receives your message the instant you want them to. Which brings us to how you can…

2. Cut Directly Through Marketing “Noise” with SMS Marketing

Data has shown that consumers are far more likely to engage with messages sent to them through business text alerts compared to other channels. According to a 2010 survey by Frost & Sullivan, over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, compared to 22% for email, 29% for tweets, and 12% for Facebook posts. Not to mention, 75% of customers have reported that they would like to have offers sent to them via texting.

3. Your Campaigns Are Highly Targeted

When you send a campaign through SimpleTexting, you can make sure it only gets delivered to an audience who’s truly interested in your message. You can segment your audience based on custom data imported from your CRM or information you request via text message. Our platform even lets you send automated text messages based on whether or not your subscribers clicked a link in your campaign. This means that the people receiving text messages from you are already interested, they’re just waiting on you to tell them more!

4. Directly Communicate Sales and Special Offers

An SMS text alert service for business is the easiest way to communicate sales and special offers. Unique link tracking gives you the power to track what offers resonated with your subscribers and allows you to protect your bottom line by reducing the number of superfluous discounts and perks you offer.

5. Provide Fast and Convenient Customer Support

Great text message marketing brings new clients in the door, but exceptional customer service is what keeps them there. Forbes consumer satisfaction report indicated that nearly 75% of customers who leave a business do so because they aren’t satisfied with the customer support they received. Text enabling your business solves this by providing automated, direct, and immediate channels to serve your customers.

6. Easily Collect Feedback

Identifying pain points for your customers is another way to improve customer retention. Send links to surveys quickly and easily. With dynamic links, you can even autofill your forms, saving you and your customers valuable time. Collecting responses is far more effective when it’s sent through a preferred channel like texting.

7. Business Text Message Alerts Integrate With Your Other Marketing Efforts

The key to increasing conversion rates is to make all of your marketing channels work together. Our integration with Zapier makes it possible to pass information between SimpleTexting and the apps you already use. For example, you can send a text alert anytime a new lead is created in Salesforce.

8. Increase Employee Engagement

Text alerts for business can also be a great tool for internal communication. Inform your team members about company outings, important workplace policies and events, or send an emergency text alert to keep employees safe during critical situations.

When considering the right tools to grow and maintain your business, a text alerts service provides you with hundreds of possibilities to optimize your organization both internally and externally. Wondering how to set up text alerts for business? Sign up for a free trial and connect with us via phone or chat, we’re happy to get you started!

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