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The Easiest Way to Send a Text Message When a Customer’s Food or Table Is Ready

Sending a text message when a customer's food or table is ready is just one of the ways to run a restaurant more efficiently with text messaging.

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A decade ago, ordering food typically meant choosing between pizza and General Tso’s chicken, with both options likely to show up at your doorstep lukewarm. The rise in online food delivery through apps like UberEats and DoorDash has changed this. 

Now, whether you fancy a steaming bowl of phở or lobster mac and cheese, chances are you can have it delivered within the hour without having to look up from your phone.

Beyond the new abundance of options, the growth of food delivery means that customers have come to expect a level of convenience from their dealings with restaurants. While successful restaurants have always prided themselves on high-quality customer service, technology is rapidly changing consumers’ expectations. 

In particular, the bar for convenience continues to rise. 

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You Need to Notify Your Customers the Convenient Way

Does your restaurant call people to let them know their table is ready? The problem is that your employee is likely drowned out by noise from a busy lunch or dinner service. Your customers then find themselves unable to hear, and you end up with two people shouting into their phones. It’s a frustrating experience for both parties.

Or, you might be using a clunky buzzer system to let customers know their food or table is ready. If so, then it’s also time to make a change. Not only are buzzers routinely lost and stolen, but when wait times are long, your customers are stuck standing awkwardly in your doorway, afraid to go out of range. It’s the complete opposite of convenience, and no one enjoys it, not you, and indeed not your customers.

Instead, you can make it more convenient for your customers by sending them a text message.

Most people walk around with a cellphone, so its the most efficient way to communicate with people while they’re on the go. Plus, you don’t have to worry about background noise or the range of a buzzer. Not only will your internal processes be smoother, but your customer satisfaction will also be high.

"Our restaurant’s survival [during COVID-19] would not have happened as well as it has without SimpleTexting."
Sheryl Kirchner
Sheryl Kirchner

CFO, Chamberlain's Steakhouse & Chop House

It’s Easy to Text Your Customers

Restauranteurs might think it’s complicated to text your customers when their food or table is ready. It’s really not. We’ll walk you through the entire process.

1. Create a SimpleTexting Account

Start your 14-day free trial and get 50 outgoing text messages, unlimited incoming messages, full access to all our powerful features, and dedicated support 7 days per week. You can use your trial account to test out the process.

2. Choose a Phone Number

You can add texting functionality to your existing number so that you or customers don’t have to learn a new one. In this case, calls go through as usual, and text messages go straight to the SimpleTexting platform.

All SimpleTexting accounts also come with a text-enabled toll-free number if you’d prefer to use a separate number for your text messages.

3. Create a Template and Send a Text From the Inbox

With SimpleTexting, you can create template text messages. Navigate to your inbox and then follow the steps in this article to create a reusable template text.

Once you have created your template, in this case, to let someone know their order is ready, you can send it quickly from your inbox. All you have to do is ask a customer for their telephone number and then let them know you’ll send them a text notification. 

Today 11:25 AM
Hi there – thanks for your order. We wanted to let you know that your food is ready. Please swing by the takeaway counter and pick it up. Bon appetit!
Awesome, thanks. Be there in 2.

We recommend having an open tab on your computer where you’re logged into SimpleTexting. You can input the number right away and when the kitchen lets you know the order is ready, all you have to do is click send! If your staff doesn’t have access to a computer, you can use our mobile app, which works on iOS and Android, as well as iPads.  

The same process could be applied to sending texts to let customers know their table is ready.

Today 11:50 AM
Hi John, your table for 5 is now ready. We’ll hold it for the next 5 minutes.

“Your Order Is Ready for Pick Up” Template

Need a little bit of inspiration for your text messages? Below are five “your order is ready for pick up” templates for you to use. You want these emails to achieve two basic goals:

  • Notify the customer that their order is ready for pick up,e.g., the order # or items
  • Let them know what needs to happen next e.g. where to go to collect their order

These elements are only the backbone. The devil (or, in this case, the power) is in the detail. Those details can be different. For example, you can include a:

  • Powerful thank you for their business
  • Limited-time offer for their next purchase
  • Invitation to follow your restaurant on social media
  • Request to leave a review

Usually, restaurants use these components for promotional messages. But if you can strike a balance between necessary and captivating information, you’ll turn the humble “your order is ready for pick up” text into another marketing tool. 

The “Your Order Is Ready for Pick Up” Templates

As you can see, the message starts with the thank-you note. It then reminds the customer what they purchased and what to do next. Most importantly, it asks them to leave a review.

Today 8:00 AM
Hello, thanks for your order. Your Fiorentina pizza is now ready for pick up. Head to the pickup counter and just give your name. If you enjoy your pizza, leave us a review here:

You could also tweak the message slightly to provide customers with a coupon.

Today 8:00 AM
Hello, thanks for your order. Your Fiorentina pizza is now ready for pick up. Head to the pickup counter and just give your name. Show this text next time you order and we’ll give you 15% off your pizza.

Bear in mind that “your order is ready” text has to speak to your customers with the same brand voice as your entire communication. It has to be well-optimized, and provide support and a smooth experience.

“Your Is Order Ready” Text Messages Are the Tip of the Iceberg

Sending your customer’s a text notification that their pick-up order or table is ready is just one way your restaurant can use SimpleTexting. A lot of restaurants also send marketing messages, such as weekly specials and notifications about limited-time offers. 

You can read about some of the ways restaurants are using text marketing here:

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