Main Squeeze Juice Co. Uses Text Messages to Sell More Smoothies

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In just two years, this smoothie and juice bar chain has opened 10 locations across Texas and Louisiana. Here’s the story behind their impressive growth.

When the first Main Squeeze Juice Co. was built back in 2016, no one anticipated it would grow to over 20 locations around the country in just a couple of years.

That couldn’t have happened without the help of Main Squeeze Juice Company CEO, Thomas Nieto. On his way to a business meeting in Lake Charles, LA, he stopped by the first location of Main Squeeze, and a few taste tests later, and he was sold. Thomas joined the team and brought on his long-time friend Jessie Williams to oversees franchise sales and technology. We spoke to Jessie about the success of Main Squeeze, and how text marketing plays a role.

Putting the Customer Experience First

According to a market research report by IBIS, there are 5,200 juice bar locations through the U.S. How is it that Main Squeeze is experiencing such huge growth in such a highly competitive market? What are they putting in those smoothies? We asked Jessie.

For Main Squeeze, it’s about having a good understanding of what the customer wants, a clear idea of what an experience in their stores is supposed to look like, and then sticking to that vision.

“The customer experience is everything,” Jessie explains. “You can have a great product, but if you don’t have the employees in the store to service those customers with incredible customer service, they’re not going to come back.”

Of course, you need both aspects to be successful. As Jessie puts it, “On the other side of the coin, you can have employees in the store who are unbelievable people, but if you don’t have a product, they’re not going to come back either.”

And Main Squeeze definitely has both of those things. Their menu includes chef-designed cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies, one, two and three-day juice cleanse programs, wellness shots, açaì bowls created from organic and wild-harvested berries from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, and more.

As for the customer service, just check out the hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews on Facebook or Google. The comments range all the way from, “Fresh ingredients, amazing customer service,” to “This place has changed my life.”

Sending Enticing Offers by Text Message

People love the products Main Squeeze has to offer, and they’re eager to find out about special discounts or events. Main Squeeze needed a way to quickly send out promotional messages to customers, and make sure those messages were read. The high open rates led them to use SMS.

"Text messages are the best way to drive your customer through the door. Period."
Jessie Williams
Jessie Williams

Director of Technology

Main Squeeze currently has five locations using text marketing, with more franchisees planning to implement it soon. But with so many locations, how do they handle writing and scheduling messages?

It’s actually pretty simple. Franchise owners let the marketing team know they want to do an event and what the offer includes. Then, Jessie’s team puts together a message and schedules it to go out in SimpleTexting. This process allows them to ensure each outgoing text includes all the necessary info, like the Main Squeeze name, location address, and necessary disclaimers. Here’s what one of their messages may look like:

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION WEEK 4/15 – 4/21, $3 off bowls, $2 off smoothies, $1 off juices @ Main Squeeze Webster 820 Bay Area. While supplies last.

We asked Jessie if he sees an increase in sales when text promotions go out: “We see a tremendous impact almost every time we send out a text message,” he tells us.

What’s Next for Main Squeeze?

Don’t be surprised if a Main Squeeze Juice Co. location opens up near you! They currently have over 40 locations in development throughout the country. Plus, they recently partnered with the New Orleans Saints’ former wide-receiver and Super Bowl XLIV Champion Marques Colston and current Saints’ Pro-Bowl Punter Thomas Morstead to continue growing the brand. They’re currently focusing on growth throughout the Southeast region, but have plans to expand nationwide, and are currently awarding franchises.

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