Natural Born Organizers Helps People Get Control of Their Life With One Text a Day

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Learn how Tanisha Porter turned her in-person professional organizational services into a virtual program available anywhere in the country.

When the Marie Kondo special hit Netflix, thrift stores around the country saw increased donation rates as high as 367%. Read between the lines and one thing is clear, Americans are seriously in need of some organizational help.

That’s where Professional Organizer Tanisha Porter comes in.

Her business, Natural Born Organizers, goes into the homes and businesses of people and creates systems that transform their spaces from chaos to organized.

Tanisha was the keeper of organizational secrets that could help people around the country, but for a while, she was only serving the greater Los Angels area. That is, until she started texting.

Texting Your Way Into Virtual Organization

Over the last year, Tanisha expanded her portfolio by piloting a new, virtual organizational program. Clients are able to purchase a subscription to her year-long program that features one daily action prompt per day.

All someone needs to join is a cellphone.

The prompts may seem like small actions, but for Tanisha’s clients, they have a big impact. “The goal is, if you follow my prompts every day of the year, then you’ll be able to de-clutter and have an idea of what to do in order to control your spaces.”

It’s no accident that Tanisha chose texting as her communication medium. In fact, it was because of the personal touch SMS provides that she felt comfortable extending her services. Her brand is all about friendliness and compassion.

“I wanted it to feel like you hired me and I’m your girlfriend who just happens to be a professional organizer,” notes Tanisha. “Tapping you on the shoulder, helping you get a little more organized.”

She also chose texting because she knew, if she was communicating daily with clients, she needed to reach them in a space they were actually checking. She didn’t want to add what she refers to as “digital clutter”, to people’s already saturated email inboxes.

2/15-Still in the closet. Find 1 item that’s missing a button or has a broken zipper you haven’t repaired. Text me proof. -Tanisha

How To Feel Like A Close Friend From Thousands Of Miles Away

An unexpected perk of Tanisha’s virtual organizational program has been her ability to chat back and forth with her clients as they work through her daily prompts.

Not only can her clients send her photo proof of their progress, but Tanisha accepts feedback from them regularly which helps her better tailor her system to fit their organizational needs.

“The texts are like instant encouragement back to my clients.” She encourages them to let her know if a prompt cuts too close to home or if it doesn’t really apply to them. For example, someone who saves a lot of paper may not need tips about how to organize their closet so much as they need help letting go of old documents.

And thanks to tools like data collection, even her automated texts never feel too far from a nudge from an old friend. If you’ve never heard of data collection, it allows her to ask her subscribers for info like their first names automatically and use it to later personalize her texts!

2/5 – Find that product that is NEARLY empty. Yep, that lotion bottle. The hair product. Let it go! Text me photo proof. -Tanisha

Turning a Pilot Program Into a Mainstay

While Natural Born Organizer may be new to texting, it hasn’t stopped Tanisha from dreaming big. She hopes one day to spread her program world-wide offering services to anyone who needs a little expert TLC.

As of today, her program is already reaching a handful of folks around the United States, a giant leap from her once LA-exclusive clientele.

Of course, if we had one word for what Tanisha is doing it would be visionary. If there’s anything any retailers, e-commerce, or service providers out there could learn from here, it’s that technology knows no bounds.

If you have a vision on how to reach people, there should be nothing stopping you from achieving it!

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