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How to Send Daily Inspirational Text Messages

Learn step-by-step how to set up a daily text message program as well as real-world examples from our inspirational text case studies.

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There are a lot of reasons why you may want to share daily motivational texts with your audience. They can:

  • Build and strengthen relationships 
  • Help you construct your brand 
  • Lay the groundwork for future sales 

Whatever your reasoning, we’re here to tell you that it’s more than possible to send these daily inspirational messages. Better yet, it’s easy to do! 

We’ll walk you through the process of setting up a daily text program, share a case study of one of our clients who saw tremendous success with her daily text program, and break down your most frequently asked questions! 

How to Set Up And Send Daily Inspirational Text Messages

With help from a program like SimpleTexting, it’s possible to send group text messages without reply all. Which means, it doesn’t matter if you’re sending your message to five or five hundred people. Your text will show up in their inbox as if they were the only recipient!

This is key for a daily text program because if your goal is to grow the program, it shouldn’t mean any extra work for you. 

When you’re not manually texting each individual, the effort you have to put forth to send your messages stays the same no matter the number of recipients! 

But first, in order to send your daily texts, you’ll need to sign up for a SimpleTexting account.

Here’s the link to our free two-week trial. Feel free to log in and follow along with the steps below to get a better sense of how everything works! There’s no commitment or strings attached to give us a try.

1. Gather Your List of Contacts

Before you begin to sow your seeds of inspiration, you’ll need to grow your list of recipients. One of the easiest ways to do that is through a keyword. 

An SMS keyword is a word or phrase that your customers can text to your phone number in order to sign-up to receive future messages. 

To create your first keyword, go to ‘Keywords’ on the left-hand side of your dashboard, and click the blue ‘Add keyword’ button. Next you’ll give your keyword a name.

For example, if you worked for a religious organization and wanted to send daily devotional messages to your parish, you could choose the keyword DEVOS. 

Next, you’ll want to type out the message that anyone who texts in your keyword will receive. We call this an auto-confirmation message. 

You can customize the message however we like, but we suggest including:

  • Your name
  • The purpose of your messages
  • What they can expect to receive from you 

Finally, you’ll want to select the frequency of messages you plan to send per month. For a daily text program, you would want to select either 30 or 31.

This tactic is excellent if you’re looking to reach new people with your inspirational messages and want to give them an easy way to connect to you. 

However, if you want to send mass text messages to people who have already given you express written consent to send them texts, you can upload them directly in your dashboard. 

You can do this by going to Contacts on the left-hand side of your SimpleTexting dashboard. Click ‘New list’ and give the list a name. Click Save. Then, click on the Add contacts button and select the file you want to upload. For the smoothest upload, put your list of phone numbers together in a spreadsheet and add a header row to the top that says, “Phone Numbers.” Add additional rows for details like your contacts’ first names if you plan to personalize your texts.

2. Write Your Daily Inspirational Texts

Now that you’ve got your list going, you’re ready to kickoff your daily text program! To send your first message, go to Campaigns on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Select New, and give your message a name for your reference. 

For a daily text program, you may want to make the name the day’s date for easy reference. 

Finally, type out your message, and you’re good to go!

3. Schedule Your Inspirational Text Messages or Click Send Now

When you’re ready to send your message, you have two options. You can schedule your text for a specific time and date in the future, or just have it send immediately. 

Even though your one message is going out to a group of people, know that all responses will go only to you! 

Case Study: How Entrepreneur Lindsey Eryn Uses Texts to Build Real Relationships

Lindsey Eryn is the founder of the design studio “Third Story Apartment“ and the woman behind the daily “pep talks” inspirational text messages. 

As an entrepreneur, her inspiration behind starting a daily text program came from the disconnect she felt between the people she touched with her consulting work and the people she wanted to reach with her passion projects. 

So, she turned to texting to connect with people out there who, like her, could use a daily pick me up!

Her focus wasn’t necessarily growing her bottom line or harnessing leads. It was instead aimed at highlighting the shared experiences people in her circle struggled with.

She wanted to find a way for her brand and vision to become a part of people’s daily lives. And so she started texting.

Every day after 5 pm (the time we all tend to need the motivation most) Lindsey texted out a “Pep Talk” to her contacts. It started small. Five subscribers comprised mostly of supportive friends and family.

But within months her list had grown to over 1,000 kindred souls seeking her advice and motivation!

“The personal touch just means so much to people,” notes Lindsey. “It’s so easy to go on Instagram and Pinterest and see all these things. You’re scrolling and you see motivational words, but you scroll past them. It wasn’t sent to you directly.”

Since starting her daily inspirational text program, she’s been able to grow her business through the relationships she’s formed, but more importantly, she’s created a community that radiates positivity and reaches people often in their darkest moments.

You can read Lindsey’s full story here, or check out some more of our daily text success stories here.

You are more than your work. remember: it’s okay to step away, to take a break, and to get some rest. you’ll be thankful you did. xx, lindsey eryn

How Much Does It Cost to Send Daily Inspirational Texts?

This depends on how many people you plan to text every day. With SimpleTexting, you pay for the messages that you send out. Naturally, the larger your contact list, the higher the cost. Plans begin at $29 a month for 500 SMS messages, and go up from there! You can view our full pricing options here

Can I Include Photos in My Daily Inspirational Text Messages?

Yes! In fact, sometimes including photos can boost your open and click-through rates. When you use SimpleTexting to send repetitive text messages, you can attach rich media like photos and GIFs. 

What Phone Number Will My Daily Text Come From?

Every SimpleTexting account comes set up with a complimentary toll-free number capable of sending and receiving messages. Do you already have a phone number, like a business landline, that you’d like to use for your text subscription service? We can text-enable it for you without affecting your voice service. 

💡SimpleTexting Tip: Know that it’s not possible to connect your personal cellphone to SimpleTexting.

Ready to get started and start your journey with daily motivational text messages? We’re here to support you each step of the way! 

If you haven’t already, start your free trial, or click the blue chat-button at the bottom right of your screen to chat with a member of our team to go over your options!

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

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