How Entrepreneur Lindsey Eryn Uses Texts to Build Real Relationships

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Lindsey Eryn shows any entrepreneur looking to connect with their audience on a deeper level how to build real relationships through texting.

You may know Lindsey as the founder of the design studio “Third Story Apartment“. But beneath the surface, Lindsey is building out a lifestyle brand that speaks to self-starters around the globe.

While her bread and butter is her brand management and web design business, she also runs a successful Podcast—The Daring Romantics.

But what we’re here to talk about today is her daily Pep Talks program. Or as we like to call it, the gold standard for entrepreneur communication.

You need to know this: you’re doing a good job. don’t judge yourself or your work too harshly. you’re making progress and that’s what matters.xx, lindsey eryn

The Secret To Growing An Audience

The hallmark of any self-employed individual is an unparalleled work ethic. By day, Lindsey may be working with bloggers, influencers, coaches, and more to help them create a tangible brand and vision.

But by night, she’s mastering the art of creating a brand of her own. But the more Lindsey worked to grow her business, the more she noticed something was missing.

When it came to her client communications, it was all business. She wasn’t deeply connecting with people, a huge part of her roots as an entrepreneur. So, in March, Lindsey turned to texting to reconnect with the people who had helped her reach this point in her career.

Her focus wasn’t necessarily growing her bottom line or harnessing leads. It was instead aimed at highlighting the shared experiences people in her circle struggled with.

She wanted to find a way for her brand and vision to become a part of people’s daily lives. And so she started texting.

Every day after 5 pm (the time we all tend to need the motivation most) Lindsey texted out a “Pep Talk” to her subscribers. It started small. Five subscribers comprised mostly of supportive friends and family.

But within months her list had grown to over 1,000 kindred souls seeking her advice and motivation.

you are more than your work. remember: it’s okay to step away, to take a break, and to get some rest. you’ll be thankful you did. xx, lindsey eryn

Humble about her success, Lindsey chalks it up to the way texting lets you truly connect.

“The personal touch just means so much to people,” notes Lindsey. “It’s so easy to go on Instagram and Pinterest and see all these things. You’re scrolling and you see motivational words, but you scroll past them. It wasn’t sent to you directly.”

Her loyal but passive social audience now interacts with her daily, strengthening their bond in unthinkable ways.

“People are sharing these intimate details of their lives with me just because I showed up in their iPhone and I’m sending them a daily text through SimpleTexting.”

And, with time, these connections have led to more and more success with her brand and main source of income: Third Story.

Photo Credit: Third Story Apartment

Using Texting to Build a Real Bond With Your Audience

Lindsey doesn’t use texting to advertise or promote her business. Instead, she uses it as a way to authentically connect with people. And, as an entrepreneur, this has paid dividends.

By putting her authentic self out there she’s attracted customers who want to work with her because they know who she really is.

With a virtually nonexistent unsubscribe rate (despite DAILY messages) she reveals that her key to success is authenticity.

“A lot of businesses, when they show up, they’re asking for something instead of giving. But if you give what you have it will come back to you tenfold.”

Despite paying for text marketing services out of pocket, Lindsey has stayed true to her word, using her platform to only share the faith, hope, and joyful messages promised. And she has been richly rewarded by it through massive growths to her social platform— an army of loyal followers who have become her best marketers, and plenty of new web design clients.

“That simple 140 character message meant so much to them because it was sent to them. It wasn’t something that they bypassed while scrolling through Instagram. It was sent to them in a moment, it was meant for them, and it had that personal touch.”

– Lindsey Eryn

With ambitions to one day become an author, Lindsey maintains that her text subscriber list is one of her most valuable assets in the eyes of a publisher. In a world filled with noise, phone numbers have indeed become far more valuable than emails. And Lindsey has archives of contacts and interactions that would prove valuable to any publishing house!

“I’ve been doing emails for three years and my list is under 2,000. I’ve been doing SimpleTexting for less than 6 months and I’m already over 1,000 subscribers!”

Why SimpleTexting?

When it comes to Lindsey’s work as a self-starter, convenience is important. She needed a tool that allowed her to communicate on the go.

For Lindsey, this meant a mobile app. When it comes to how the service worked for her, we think she really said it best…

“I love everything so far. I use the app religiously, I schedule things, I use the web form, I use the keywords. What I signed up is exactly what I needed and more. I’m super happy with SimpleTexting. It’s such an amazing tool and I’m very thankful for it.”

At the end of the day, with how her following has grown, it would be impossible for Lindsey to manually text daily affirmations to her growing audience individually.

While Lindsey is still very active on social media, her podcast, and her blog, there’s just something about texting that has brought her closer than ever with her clients.

“Instagram is an amazing tool, but at the end of the day it can leave people feeling so isolated,” notes Lindsey. “Seeing everyone else give the best parts of their entrepreneurial journey…sometimes you just need to know someone else is struggling!”

Through Pep Talks, sharing that raw, honest truth is exactly what she does!

Our entire team at SimpleTexting is proud to play a small part in the change Lindsey is creating in the world. If you’re interested in learning more about her and her work, be sure to give her Instagram and Pinterest a follow. Because everyone deserves someone cheering them on daily!

Photo Credit: Third Story Apartment

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