Group Text from Phone

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Send Messages on the Go With The SimpleTexting App

You don’t have to be by a computer to send group text messages to your list. With the SimpleTexting mobile app for iOS and Android, you can use group texting right from your phone. Access your full dashboard to send messages, reply within your inbox, and schedule campaigns right from your phone!

Setting Up Group Text from Phone

Don’t have a smartphone? You can still send group messages from your mobile device. Log in to SimpleTexting and click Apps, then click Group Text from Phone. You need to grant a phone permission before using it to send group texts, so click Add Cellphone to get started. The cellphone you add will receive a text requesting that you confirm by replying Y or Yes.

Once your number is confirmed, you can send group blasts in two easy steps. First, text the appropriate list name to the number associated with your SimpleTexting account. (To send a text to multiple lists, text multiple list names separated by commas.)

Then, you’ll receive a text back requesting your actual message. Reply with the message you’d like to send, and SimpleTexting will push it out to the lists you specified in Step 1.

Screenshot of iPhone with sample text message flow for setting up Group Text from Phone

Pretty nifty, right?