How Nuclear Care Partners prevents internal communications fatigue with contact segments

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See how Nuclear Care Partners uses contact segments and two-way messaging to keep hundreds of employees informed.

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Nuclear Care Partners is one of the largest healthcare providers for former atomic workers & uranium miners.

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The internal communications team needed a texting service that could segment hundreds of employees by job role and state.

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SimpleTexting’s contact segments noticeably increased Nuclear Care Partners' internal communication engagement.

With hundreds of employees across the U.S., medical service provider Nuclear Care Partners uses texting to keep everyone in the loop.

But if they send text blasts to all employees at once, they risk communication fatigue that can lead to missing important updates.

The solution: Segment employees by location and job title

To prevent employees from receiving a flood of irrelevant messages, Nuclear Care Partners turned to SimpleTexting’s contact segments feature to improve their internal communication SMS strategy.

Nuclear Care Partners increased employee engagement by:

1. Importing employee contact information

In a few clicks, Nuclear Care Partners’ internal communications team imported hundreds of employee names, phone numbers, locations, and job titles into SimpleTexting.

SMS contact importer in SimpleTexting's text messaging platform

2. Segmenting employee contacts by location

Using SimpleTexting's segment feature, they divided their contact list into specific groups by employee locations and roles. 

Segments feature in SimpleTexting's text messaging platform

3. Sending targeted SMS campaigns

These contact segments allow Nuclear Care Partners to create text message campaigns for timely updates, relevant employee programs, and new policies.

The results: Improved engagement and collaboration

SimpleTexting’s contact segments have noticeably increased Nuclear Care Partners' internal communication engagement. They’ve seen higher levels of participation in contests, events, and programs since sending more targeted SMS campaigns. 

Why choose SimpleTexting?

Based on their experience, Nuclear Care Partners wholeheartedly recommends SimpleTexting to businesses looking for a reliable and efficient texting solution. 

If someone was considering SimpleTexting for business purposes, I would absolutely recommend it…It's just really great and convenient, and you can get really granular with who you're going to text and what type of campaigns you're going to send.
Kellsie Wells

Kellsie Wells

Nuclear Care Partners

Here are a few SimpleTexting tools that stand out to them:

  • Segments: SimpleTexting's segmenting feature lets you group your contact list by details like location and job title. This way, you can send targeted messages to the right people at the right time. 
  • Two-way texting: SimpleTexting's two-way texting feature allows for interactive communication, making it easier to engage with your staff and foster collaboration.
  • MMS messaging: SimpleTexting goes beyond basic text messaging with MMS marketing—which allows you to include GIFs, videos, emojis, and images within your text message.

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