Text marketing: Bella Santé’s secret to growing SMS lists and stellar campaigns

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Check out how Bella Santé found its ideal text marketing match with maximum results and minimum effort.

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Bella Santé Spas is a chain of day med spas in the Greater Boston area.

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When looking for a text marketing platform, the team found that most of their options were too complicated or difficult to use.

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Since signing up with SimpleTexting, the Bella Santé staff has seen thriving subscriber lists and successful campaigns.

Jackelyn Dacanay works at Bella Santé Spas, a day med spa in the Greater Boston area.

The team’s search for a text marketing solution started off a bit rocky.

The challenge: Finding an easy-to-use SMS platform

The Bella Santé team was having trouble finding a text marketing service that was a little bit more entry-level. There was a lot of noise in the marketplace with some flashy yet hard-to-grasp feature sets for some of the tools they considered.

This platform will work no matter what stage you are. It’s been awesome to see the analytics that SimpleTexting offers to give you an idea of which campaigns are more successful than others and to see how you can nurture your audience in a different way.
Jackelyn Dacanay

Jackelyn Dacanay

Marketing Director

The solution: SimpleTexting’s beginner-friendly suite of tools

After signing up, Jackelyn and her team found SimpleTexting easy to set up and use and perfect for their text marketing needs. She also notes the benefit of using an intimate communication form like texting to build trust with customers. 

The result: Growing lists and successful campaigns

Bella Santé’s text contact list has grown to more than 200 subscribers in just a few months. They’re using email, social media, and texting together to create unified campaigns that are winning customers.

If you’re considering SimpleTexting, I highly recommend it. As a marketer, and someone who consults with multiple different types of businesses, the support that you get is wonderful. And I find the design of the platform allows you to move and experiment very quickly.
Jackelyn Dacanay

Jackelyn Dacanay

Marketing Director

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