2FA for SimpleTexting users

2-factor authentication for your SimpleTexting account helps you easily set up multiple layers of security so only you and your team members can access important data.

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Benefits of using 2FA for your SMS platform

Your SimpleTexting account hosts a lot of data. From customer numbers to your organization’s details, you’ll want to protect important details with multiple layers of security using 2FA (2-factor authentication).

Ensure that only you and your trusted team members can access your account with personalized passcodes.
Your subscribers want to know that their interactions with you stay private. With 2FA, you can guarantee confidentiality and boost your brand reputation.
A secure account doesn’t have to be a headache. Our 2FA system is easy, accessible, and user-friendly.
Manage 2FA settings for each team member on your account based on their role. This will keep your account access organized and easy to supervise.

How to set up SMS 2-factor authentication for your SimpleTexting users/team members

Setting up and managing 2FA on your SimpleTexting account takes just a few steps.

Click your picture at the top right of your account screen. From the profile tab, head to Overview.

The first step in SimpleTexting's 2FA process

Locate 2-factor authentication from the options on the page and enable it. For this step, you’ll need to give your preferred phone number as the SMS layer of authentication.

Entering a cell number for 2FA access in SimpleTexting

You’ll receive a code that you’ll enter into your SimpleTexting, and that’s all there is to it.

A fully enabled 2FA setting for SimpleTexting users

To all team members on your account to manage their 2FA settings, choose “Allow teammate access…” below.