How Primero Negocios Uses Text Message Automation to Empower Their Clients and Community

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Discover how Primero Negocios founder, Gabriel Ortiz, leverages SimpleTexting for his thriving business and expanding client base in this interview.

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Discover how Primero Negocios founder, Gabriel Ortiz, leverages SimpleTexting for his thriving business and expanding client base in this interview.

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Previous SMS platforms could not handle the volume of contacts and messages that the Primero Negocios team needed to manage promotional campaigns.

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170,000 contacts imported and dozens of local Hispanic businesses now use texting to communicate with their customers—both Spanish and English speaking.

Typically, when you book a meeting online or call a business’s phone number you speak to a company representative. But when you reach out to the team at Primero Negocios, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to speak directly to Gabriel Ortiz, one of the company’s two founders. 

Even after years of tremendous growth with his marketing agency, Gabriel continues to enjoy being the primary contact, mainly because he is deeply passionate about his work educating and promoting his clients: primarily Hispanic small business owners. 

Primero Negocios and EVHCC

What originally began as a paid ads agency now boasts services ranging from call center staffing to mobile app development. Why? Because from Gabriel’s perspective, “New problems are just opportunities”. And it’s this exact ambition that led Gabriel to seek out SimpleTexting after experiencing disappointment from other sms platforms that couldn’t scale to support his thriving business. 

Not only did Primero Negocios need a texting platform that could support over 170,000 contacts, but they also wanted an option they could quickly master and share with their clients. 

We caught up with Gabriel to learn more about how he uses SimpleTexting, not only for his own successful business but also for his ever-growing list of clients. 

My job is to make more money, affordably. We used another texting service that was expensive and we would also get banned for having too many contacts. I found SimpleTexting and now I always recommend it to my clients. It’s affordable and more effective than the other tools.
Gabriel Ortiz

Gabriel Ortiz

Co-Founder of Primero Negocios

Building Community Through Text

Aside from the broad range of services offered by Gabriel and his team, Primero Negocios is also unique in its deep commitment to the Phoenix-metro Hispanic community. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Gabriel to continue helping local Hispanic businesses with text and social media services, even in his free time. 

“A lot of people misunderstand the Hispanic community. They’re incredibly hard-working. They’ll have multiple jobs if that’s what it takes. Oftentimes these businesses don’t even get the same tax benefits.” 

Gabriel’s agency helps to promote businesses that also market directly to the Hispanic community—creating an exchange of knowledge and pouring into one another, including which marketing technique works best. Of his regular clients, one of the most successful is the East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (EVHCC). Gabriel attributes their success to embracing SimpleTexting and promoting events via text. 

“Every time they want to share an event we get a text to create their text send. Now they’re always asking “Can we send a text blast?” and at events, they’re letting attendees know “We’ll add you to our text blasts.” And afterward, they can see the link clicks and reports.”
Gabriel Ortiz

Gabriel Ortiz

Co-Founder of Primero Negocios

But being able to mass text groups about upcoming events isn’t the only reason the EVHCC loves using SimpleTexting. Gabriel also helps them add a field for language preference to create segments for their Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audiences. This is especially useful considering that Phoenix is considered the 8th most bilingual city in the country. Now, Gabriel and his clients can always know they’re sending texts that reflect their audience’s specific needs. 

Appear Responsive, Even When You’re Short-handed

Like most business owners, Gabriel’s clients are heavily involved in the day-to-day operations. In these instances, Gabriel emphasizes the power of text automation. 

Another client Gabriel works with manages their barber shop operations with the help of SimpleTexting. When customers text the company number, they receive information on services, hours, etc. Previously, the barber shop owner used their personal number and disliked the way this blurred their business and personal life. Now, with SimpleTexting they can provide a prompt response and also no longer have to use a personal phone number. Instead, the barber shop uses a toll-free number from SimpleTexting. 

Like the barber shop, Gabriel also enjoys using automated texts and scheduling texts for his own promotional efforts. From including pictures, adding short codes, and automating his workflows, SimpleTexting provides Gabriel and his team with the tools they need to expand their business and support their local community. 

Primero Negocios’ clients appreciate their in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, but what truly sets them apart is their dedication to building lifetime connections through communication. And we’re proud to play a small part in their ongoing story. 

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