How This Social Media Coach Makes $4,000+ Each Month With a Texting Subscription Service

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Find out how social media coach Sydney McDonald earns more than $4,000/month with a texting subscription service (and you can too!).

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Sydney McDonald is a social media coach with 165k+ followers on TikTok, where she shares social media marketing strategy and insights.

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Sydney needed an SMS platform to power her texting subscription service and integrate seamlessly with her CRM.

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With SimpleTexting's help, Sydney generates thousands of dollars in extra income every month.

Sydney McDonald (@sydneyonsocials), a social media coach and strategist, keeps her clients up-to-date on social trends and content ideas.

In 2022, Sydney wanted to grow her business and share her insights with a wider audience, so she launched a paid texting subscription service. The service now earns her over $4,000 every month

How does she do it? Each day, Sydney sends three TikTok trends to hundreds of entrepreneur and content creators. After the subscription’s initial setup, she said it only takes 10 to 15 minutes of here time each day to create content and maintain the subscription list. Not a bad ROI!

I believe that I’ve had so much success with this because I am because I am texting my customers instead of emailing them. Honestly, I think email stresses people out, and we just get too many every single day to go through.
Sydney McDonald

Sydney McDonald

Social Media Coach

Because transparency and knowledge-sharing is central to her business, she shared with her audience the exact process and tools she used to create her texting subscription service.

Keep reading to learn how you can follow Sydney’s lead and generate passive income with your own texting subscription service.

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1. Picking a topic for your texting subscription service.

First thing’s first: You need to decide what kind of content you want to send to your contacts. 

For Sydney, the topic for her texting subscription service came naturally. 

“I looked at what people came to my account for — daily trend updates for TikTok — and realized that I could build a subscription off of providing that information daily,” Sydney said. 

To people creating their own texting subscription, she offered this advice: 

“I would recommend that someone look at what value they bring to their audience. Is it information? Inspiration? Tips and tricks? And can they provide those tips daily?”

2. Choosing the right platforms.

To set up her texting subscription service, Sydney needed to find tools that would help her manage customer information and billing and send hundreds of texts at once.

She landed on:

  • Stan* for collecting and managing her customers’ contact information and billing.
  • SimpleTexting (hey, that’s us!) for sending mass text message campaigns.

In Stan, Sydney created a membership service for her store and personalized the checkout page to collect customers’ names, phone number, email, and country.

Stan lets her know when customers unsubscribe, too, so she can remove them from her contact list in SimpleTexting. 

She then created a Zap on Zapier that sends contacts from Stan to SimpleTexting automatically, but she can also upload contacts manually if needed.

I personally chose SimpleTexting because I’m manually able to upload every contact. I’m also able to download spreadsheets of all the contacts from Stan and just upload them easily like that.
Sydney McDonald

Sydney McDonald

Social Media Coach

In SimpleTexting, Sydney schedules a bulk text message campaign for the following morning, so her customers receive TikTok trends in time to create content for the day. 

By creating her SMS campaigns in SimpleTexting, Sydney can message her customers in seconds without needing to copy and paste the same message hundreds of times.

“Directly communicating with and helping out my audience through texting totally set my business model apart from people who are previously providing value through emails. It just makes my service that much more enticing.”

*This is Sydney’s affiliate link, and she may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

3. Integrate Your texting service with an email marketing service.

Many texting services can only send messages to recipients in North America. 

If you’re planning on marketing your texting subscription to an international audience as well, it’s important to set up an alternate messaging channel just for those contacts. In Sydney’s case, email was the best channel to reach her international customers.

4. Promote and maintain your texting subscription.

Once you’ve set up your customer management and messaging tools, it’s time to promote your texting subscription service. 

“I would recommend people promote their services on social media,” Sydney said. “I specifically spend most of my time advertising it on TikTok, but Instagram is great as well.”

If you’re worried that you don’t have enough social media followers to start a texting subscription service, you’re in luck. Sydney said that because it’s a service that you grow from the ground up, you can grow your social media following along with it.

If you have a coaching or mentorship business, I highly recommend you look into SimpleTexting to communicate daily with your audience.
Sydney McDonald

Sydney McDonald

Social Media Coach

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