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Example of using bulk SMS messaging for a promotional campaign.

Reach your audience and grow your business with our bulk SMS service. The country’s top brands rely on our platform for their bulk text messaging needs.

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How to Send Bulk SMS Messages

In just minutes, you can write your first text message campaign and send it out to thousands of interested customers from our bulk SMS desktop application or mobile app. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you how easy it is.

Step 1

Create a new campaign

Step 2

Select the list you want to send your message to

Step 3

Schedule your campaign for later, or send it now!

Why Use a Bulk SMS Service?

Any business that regularly needs to communicate with customers should send bulk text messages. Bulk messaging is not only affordable, but it’s also highly effective at engaging your subscribers and driving more interaction from your customers or supporters.


of consumers who opt-in for text messages find them useful.


of US consumers say texting is the fastest way to reach them.


of consumers would view a business more positively if they offered SMS.

Bulk SMS Features Built for Business

There are a lot of bulk SMS providers out there, but few can do all this. Set your bulk text messaging efforts up for success with our powerful marketing features.

Schedule Bulk SMS Campaigns

Craft the perfect bulk SMS ahead of time and schedule it to send out exactly when you want your audience to receive it.

Automate Your Bulk Messages

With autoresponders, you can automatically add your new subscribers to a messaging flow and send them personalized drip campaigns.

Learn About Your Customers

Send a bulk SMS to your customers requesting more info such as their email or product preferences. Use what you learn to refine your texts.

Send Photos, GIFs and Videos

Don’t limit yourself to words alone. Make your bulk SMS messages more engaging by attaching images, videos, links and more.

Personalize Your Bulk SMS Messages

Give your messages a personalized touch by segmenting your audience and including custom fields such as first or last name.

Track Your Campaign Performance

Find out exactly how your bulk SMS texts are performing. See the click-through rates of the links you send, and build segments based on click behavior.

Bulk Text Messaging with Two-Way Capabilities

Good business is built on good relationships. Our bulk SMS service helps enable, and maintain, your relationships with customers and stakeholders.

How Retailers Can Use Texts for Promotions
Customers can reply to your bulk SMS messages with questions and concerns. Our easy-to-use inbox makes replying a breeze.
Bulk SMS isn’t just for sending info, you can request info too. Ask your customers for details such as their emails, names, and more.
Proactively identify opportunities for improvement. Send polls through bulk messages to collect helpful feedback from customers

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