Use Segments & Autoresponders to Create Drip Campaigns

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You've probably heard of drip campaigns from the world of email marketing. Now you can apply the same strategy to your text message campaigns, too.

The Next Level of Text Marketing Automation

What exactly is a drip campaign? Unlike a normal campaign which you have to manually schedule each time you want to send, a drip campaign sends automatically. Drip campaigns are perfect for welcoming new subscribers, educating customers or nurturing leads.

Once you create a drip campaign, it’ll run in the background and work even when you’re not. It’s almost like having a hard-working, campaign-sending robot that never misses a deadline. Aside from saving time and effort, drip campaigns are also effective at driving conversions.

By combining our autoresponder feature with powerful segments tool, you can create highly relevant drip campaigns that send to the right audience, at the right time.

Segments and Autoresponders Defined

Let’s cover the basics first. Before creating your first drip campaign, it’s helpful to understand what segments, autoresponders and data collection are.

A segment is simply a group of subscribers who have something in common. You can segment your audience based on location, opt-in date, opt-in keyword and more.

Autoresponders are a series of messages that are sent automatically after a subscriber joins your list. They can be spaced minutes, weeks, days or even months apart.

Data Collection
The data collection feature lets you send a text requesting additional info from subscribers such as first name, last name, location, product preference and more. This data can be used to segment your list.

Segmented SMS Drip Campaign Example

Imagine you’re the owner of a bookstore, and you want to inform your customers about new book releases and upcoming events. You wouldn’t want to text a history aficionado about a new romance novel. And you won’t want to inform a fiction lover that there’s about the biography buffs meetup. With our data collection feature, you could find out exactly what customers are really interested in reading.

With the data collected, you can organize your list based on customer preferences and send a relevant drip campaign to each segment. For example, you may send the following texts to someone interested in novels:

How to Create Segmented Drip Campaigns in SimpleTexting

Once you know how you want to segment your list, and what messages you want to send each segment, you’re ready to get started. Drip campaigns are surprisingly simple to set up. Just follow these steps:

First, Set Up Data Collection
1. Log in to your SimpleTexting dashboard and go to Subscribers. Click “Custom Fields.”

2. Select the type of data you’d like to collect: text, date, numbers, etc.

3. Give each new Custom Field a name

Then, Create Segments
1. Return to the Subscribers panel. Click “Add segment.”

2. Select the criteria you’d like to use to Segment your list then click save.

Lastly, Write Your Autoresponder

1. Go to the Autoresponders panel and click, “New autoresponder.”

2. Give your Autoresponder a name and enter your text in the message field.

3. Select the Segment you’d like your message to go to.

4. Schedule the message delay. Click save.

5. Create a new Autoresponder for every message in your drip campaign.

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