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Why and How to Send Personalized Text Messages

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Make your business stand out by using personalized text messages for your marketing campaigns. Send personalized texts to match your customers' preferences.

Even if you send a bulk SMS campaign to thousands of people, it’s still possible to give each message a personal touch. It only takes a moment to insert a first name, last name, or custom field to your SMS messages. This doesn’t just make your audience feel valued, it also increases the effectiveness of your campaign. In this article, you’ll learn about how to send personalized texts messages and why they deliver better results than standard messages.

Why Send Personalized Text Messages?

Even when they’re not personalized, bulk SMS messages are a highly effective form of communication. In fact, 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. And 45% of them receive a response. These impressive engagement rates are even higher when the text messages are personalized.

According to the American Marketing Association, consumers are exposed to over 10,000 brand messages per day. Your audience is more likely to interact with a message that feels like it was written specifically for them. Customers want to feel like they’re being spoken to—not being spoken at—and this precisely what personalized text messages do.

Personalized Text Campaigns – Key Definitions to Know

If you’ve never sent a personalized text message before, there are a few important terms you should review before diving in.

Data Collection
This is a tool that lets you send a question to your subscribers and record their responses in a custom field.

Custom Field
A field is a piece of information about a subscriber. All SimpleTexting accounts include seven default fields: phone number, first name, last name, email, note, list name and birthday. You can also add an unlimited number of custom fields.

A list is a group of contacts, along with each of their default and custom fields. You can store your contacts in one master list or create separate lists for different segments.

How to Get Started With Personalized Text Messages

1. Import Any Existing Customer Information

First things first, you’ll need info with which to personalize your texts. There are two ways to get this information—you can either import it or collect it. If you already have customer data, perhaps from your existing CRM, you can easily upload it to our platform. If you don’t have any useful info about your subscribers, you’ll need to gather it. We’ll cover how to do this in the next step.

It’s important to note that you must have explicit written consent from your customers before you text them. We simplify this process for you by sending a free compliance message. Learn more about compliance here.

2. Collect Additional Information

It’s easier than you think to gather information from your subscribers. All you have to do is ask! Using our data collection tool, you can send your customers questions and record their responses automatically. As soon as a new customer opts-in using your keyword, they’ll receive your autoconfirmation message as well as a series of prompts to collect the info you need.

3. Segment Your Audience

This is an important, albeit optional, step. Separate your customers into lists based on the information you gathered using the data collection tool. For example, a gym may segment their audience based or exercise preferences of fitness goals.

4. Create and Send Your Personalized Text Messages

Now comes the fun part. Compose your message and click on the custom field you’d like to insert. Each field corresponds to a merge tag, which is a piece of text that looks like this: %%mergetag%%. Our platform will automatically replace this tag with the information stored for the corresponding field.

In the example above, the merge tag %%firstname%% will be swapped out for each individual’s name from your list.

Send 50 Free Personalized SMS Messages

Now you know how simple it is to create dynamic text messages that are personalized for each one of your customers. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and send out 50 personalized texts, on us.

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