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8 Auto-Reply Message Templates to Cut Response Times by Half

Set up fast, easy out-of-office messages or standard responses to common questions with these auto reply message templates.

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In our always-on culture, fast communication pays off.

Whether it’s through email or text, your customers expect a speedy reply when they reach out to you for answers or information. After all, no one likes to send a message that doesn’t get an answer.

You can meet that expectation easily with automated messages

Staying on top of your customer communication一even when you aren’t able to personally answer every message一 speaks volumes about your company’s customer service. It will also lead to repeat business. 

In this article we cover how to use both email and SMS auto-reply messages to avoid ever having your customers think you’re ignoring them.

What Is an Auto Reply?

An auto reply is a message that sends automatically when a user performs a certain action. 

That means that when a customer sends you an email or text message, it triggers your auto reply and they get an answer immediately, even if you’re not near your phone.

We’ll get more in-depth about why automatic responses are important. First, here are some templates you can use to set up your own email or SMS auto reply.

Auto Reply Message Templates

Use these auto response example messages to set up the perfect automatic out-of-office reply.

Email Templates

Here are three auto reply message templates with slightly different approaches. We’ve kept it simple and included only the necessary information. (No one wants an essay.)

Away message

Everyone needs time away from the office. When you know you’re going to be away from your desk, write a short, clear email with all the necessary information for anyone who needs help. Include the dates you’ll be away and how you can be reached in an emergency.

Hi [first name],

Thank you for reaching out! I’m not in the office right now, but I will be back on Monday, August 24th at 9 AM. I will have limited access to email, but if your message is urgent, please contact me at (855) 734-5627.


Ron James

Backup contact options

If customers have questions when you aren’t around, make sure to give them contact information for a colleague who can help. 


I will be out of the office from 9/16 to 9/19. Until then, feel free to contact our Help Desk at or our general manager Stacy Bryant at (726) 584-9268.

I hope to speak with you soon,

Linda Brown

Promote your content

It can be hard to spend the day away from your desk when you feel like you’re missing out on business opportunities. Use your auto reply email message to direct your customers to helpful content or give them a clear next action.

Hi there,

I’m away from my desk and will return on 7/13. 

We still have resources available to help you in the meantime! Check out our monthly newsletter at [link] for the latest updates, or reach out to the team at

I’ll be happy to respond to your email as soon as I’m back in the office.

Talk soon,

Dean Taub

SMS Templates

Text auto replies put crucial information through a channel that your clients and colleagues check frequently. Here are a few templates you can set up through SMS.

Set a simple away message

Away messages are useful over SMS, too. The setup is the same as it is on email一include the date you’ll return and how people can reach you if it’s urgent.

Hello! I’m out of the office today, but I will be back on 10/23. Until then, you can reach me at (692) 875-9231 in an emergency.

Give customers easy access to resources

For businesses like restaurants, real estate firms, and others with paper resources to give out, auto replies can be an efficient channel for sending along menus, current listings, class schedules, and more.

Hi there! Reply with SPECIALS to hear our current lunch specials.
Today’s lunch specials are clam chowder and baked cod. Come in and see us!

Communicate with your team

Customers aren’t the only ones who need answers when you’re unavailable. Keep your employees and coworkers in the loop and in contact with the right people when you’re not around.

Hey Todd, just touching base about next month’s project.
Hey! I’m currently out of office and will be back on 9/28. If you need help before then, reach out to Lisa or anyone on the sales team for support. Thanks, and I’ll see you soon!

Working on your request

When a customer sends a question your way, you may feel like you need to respond with the right answer immediately. Use this message to let the recipient know that you’re working on their issue一and give yourself enough time to find the solution.

I’m interested in upgrading my plan. Which upgrade do I need?
Hello! Thanks for your message. A member of our team will respond shortly.


Did you know that you can set auto-reply text messages to answer your clients’ frequently asked questions? Answering these questions individually can be time-consuming. Auto replies make the process much more efficient.

What are your business hours?
Hi there! We’re open Monday-Friday from 7 AM-6 PM, and on Saturdays from 8 AM-5 PM.

Why You Need Auto Replies 

Nothing frustrates your customers more than waiting hours, days, or weeks to hear from you. That’s why features like auto replies can make a big difference in your customer relationships and even your business’ reputation in the long term. 

The good news is that automated text messages are easy to set up through SimpleTexting. This article will help get you started.

For your email responses, you can even integrate your current apps and email platforms with SimpleTexting to make both your SMS and email channels work together.

Ready to add auto replies to your marketing strategy? Give SimpleTexting a try一get 14 days of full access for free.

Lily Norton
Lily Norton

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