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How B2B Texting Can Enhance Your Communication and Boost Sales

B2B marketing has unique challenges and opportunities. Learn how to optimize your efforts and start sending smarter b2b communications.

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As a B2B company you’re the heartbeat of a lot of businesses.

You provide the materials that build their products and support their day-to-day operations. From specialized auto parts to basic paper products, you’re the bedrock across industries.

So, how do you strike a balance between managing accounts effectively all while providing a level of customer experience more commonly associated with B2C marketing?

With texting, it’s not a question of choice, but rather an opportunity for both.

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Common B2B Communication Pain Points & How to Solve Them With Texting

As a B2B marketer, you are in a unique position. Traditional marketing channels tend to generate little traction for you since they’re generally geared towards a customer centric audience.

Even fairly new digital marketing methods like social media have their challenges.

B2B marketing tends to be more of a numbers-based marketing method. “Buy our product because, based on these numbers, it will work for you…” While this certainly works to an extent, it’s a bit one-note.

Injecting the promise of a more personalized customer service experience into your marketing model on the other hand, will fill a demand that stays relatively unmet.

Not only will enhanced and efficient communication set you apart, it has a trickle down effect solving a variety of pain points common in the B2B sales industry.

We’ll break it down with some examples so you can see for yourself.

Connecting With Leads

There’s a fine balance between servicing your existing contracts and seeking new partnerships. You don’t want your efforts to result in wasted time, so finding a way to establish contact that lands will yield a far greater ROI.

With text messaging, you have message open rates around 98% compared to emails 20%. When it comes to reaching out to a lead, this 98% foot in the door makes all the difference.

The reality is, without a spam box, texting guarantees you direct access to your audience (as long as they have consented to receive your messages).

Once you set the snowball in motion you’ll witness your traction pick up rapidly. A great way to get going is by setting up a web sign-up form where visitors can get on your subscriber list.

From there, you can schedule and set autoresponders to reach out to your leads immediately eliminating the response waiting period that could cause a lead to slip.

Managing Orders

Staying on top of your inventory is crucial. Knowing what your customers order and when is just as important when it comes to customer retention.

With texting, you give customers a quick and easy way to communicate their needs to you. And nothing is more attractive to a business than an efficient and user-friendly ordering system.

Texting is a two-way communication process. This makes it ideal for both parties to reach out—them with their orders, and you with reminders and upselling opportunities.

By establishing a relationship with each client via SMS, your offers will be received more like a note from a friend, not a cold pitch.

Hi Tom, we need to place an order for 100 units of disc breaks. Please send an invoice and ship ASAP!

Collecting Customer Feedback

Bettering yourself as a business requires being in touch with customers’ needs. Similar to reaching out to leads, you don’t want to send out hundreds of surveys that go unanswered. Giving customers an easy way to send you their feedback will encourage more responses.

With polling features like Text to Vote Surveys, customers can give you their feedback to short surveys right there on their phones. With most text messages seeing a 90-second response rate, the odds are high you’ll collect lots of feedback, and quickly.

Hello Paycom customers, please take one moment to text us back your reply: Would you like to receive a monthly newsletter with relevant industry news?
A- Yes
B- No

Integrating with Your Existing Technology

In an ideal world, everything from your POS system to your email platform would work together with your CRM. This would keep you from duplicating efforts, or worse, letting valuable information fall through the cracks.

Thanks to Zapier, SimpleTexting easily integrates with thousands of applications commonly used across hundreds of industries.

Now, when a business places an order, you can automatically trigger a text message confirmation complete with an order tracking link. Small touches, but this kind of automation can be the difference-maker as a business decides between vendors.

Tips to Help B2B Text Marketers Increase Sales

As we already touched on, the most important aspect of business texting is letting people know that you’re text-enabled. The last thing you want to do is keep that information a secret!

Additional steps can then be taken that will help you make the most out of your SMS program. Some of these tips include:

  • Segment your audience so you send them the most relevant content
  • Offer an incentive for signing up for your text marketing list (a discount on their order, etc.)
  • Send out messages that would prompt a response. You want to make the most out of the two-way communication, relationship building aspect of texting. By sending messages that encourage recipients to share more about themselves, you deepen that B2B relationship.

50 percent of B2B buyers will probably buy from a company that they feel emotionally tied to

  • Stay in touch outside of just the sales context. Provide added value by periodically sending along relevant business material, articles, blogs, etc.
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The Wrap on How B2B Texting Can Enhance Your Communication and Boost Sales

As the B2B market continues to feel the effects of globalization, do your part to make the industry feel intimate. By making your customers feel like a valued partner, you will establish the emotional brand connection achieved by typical B2C marketing methods.

As the B2B industry continues to trend towards those kinds of strategies, you’ll be ahead of the curve thanks to B2B texting.

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

Meghan Tocci is a content strategist at SimpleTexting. When she’s not writing about SaaS, she’s trying to teach her puppy Lou how to code. So far, not so good.

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