SMS or Text Message Surveys

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There's an easy, affordable, and crazy fast way to find out what your customers are thinking, and it's called an SMS or text message survey.

The Quick and Simple Way to Conduct SMS Surveys

An SMS or text message survey makes it easy to gather valuable feedback from your subscribers, improve your product or service, and ultimately grow your business or organization.

Think of an SMS survey as a really simple form of market research. With just a little bit of setup work, you can send your first text message survey and start reaping the benefits fast. Sign up and give it a try today!

Benefits of SMS Surveys

Here are some of the exciting features and benefits that you can expect from a text message or SMS survey.

  • Fast feedback
    90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes, so you know it won’t be long before the responses to your survey start rolling in.
  • Engagement at scale
    Make your subscribers feel valued and included by asking for their input and sending them the survey results.
  • Automatic responses
    Set up your SMS survey to automatically send out a thank-you text to everyone who participates.
  • Affordable info
    A text message survey will only run you a few pennies per text. Cost-effective consumer insights, anyone?
  • Simplicity all around
    Your subscribers will love how easy it is to take an SMS survey. And you’ll love how easy it is to set one up.

SMS Surveys with SimpleTexting

At SimpleTexting, there are a couple options for sending an SMS survey.

The first option is called Text to Vote. It’s used to encourage new people to subscribe to your SMS marketing list. To learn more, check out this video: How to Run a Text to Vote Campaign.

The second option is called Polling Subscribers, and you can use it to communicate and engage with your existing subscribers.

Of course, you can also create a survey with dedicated survey software like SurveyMonkey and then link to it from a regular old text message. 🙂

SMS Survey Ideas

Need some ideas for an SMS survey? Here are a few quick industry-specific brainstorms to help you get started.

  • Churches—Ask your congregation for input on the next sermon series.
  • Restaurants—Invite customers to vote on their favorite menu item.
  • Nonprofits—Encourage supporters to spread the word about an upcoming fundraiser.
  • Entertainment venues—Gather feedback and ideas from attendees after an event.
  • Schools—Send a job satisfaction survey to teachers.

Ready to get started with an SMS survey? Sign up for a SimpleTexting account and send your first survey today.

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